Velvet Queen Sunflower: An Heirloom Burgundy Variety

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Sunflowers are easy to grow. With so many different varieties to choose from, how does the velvet queen stand out, and why should you choose this queen to grow in your garden ?

They are about five to seven feet tall and have a deep red and orange color. They are multi-branching annual sunflowers. They should be planted in the spring. The Velvet Queen Sunflowers bloom in August and September.

One of the few non-yellow sunflowers are these flowers. If you want to learn more about them, keep reading.

Velvet queen sunflowerVelvet queen sunflower

The basics of Velvet Queen Sunflower.

The velvet queen sunflowers have rich burgundy flower petals. These flowers have been grown in gardens for decades.

They are not yellow like most sunflowers. They sport a dark burgundy color at the center of the petals that fades into light orange at the tips. The brown disc has a ring of yellow inside the dark seeds, which makes it stand out even more.

They are not the tallest sunflowers out there, but they are definitely not the shortest. They grow to seven feet. Half the diameter of the largest sunflower, the flower head can be up to eight inches in diameter.

They are multi-branching flowers. If you plant one seed that grows, it will bloom four flowers. The average is four to seven blooms, but you can get more to grow. According to Guinness World Records, the world record for most sunflowers on one plant is 837, so seven is definitely not the limit.

It sounds like they bloom every single year, but that is not the case. Perennial flowers bloom every year. Annual flowers only bloom once a year. You have to replant these flowers every spring if you want to keep them in your garden for more than a year.

velvet queen sunflower seedsvelvet queen sunflower seeds

How to plant flowers.

Plants that bloom in the summer need to be planted in the spring. Do n’t plant them too early in the spring. The best time to plant these is mid to late spring.

Sometimes seeds can survive light frosts, but they do n’t have the same tolerance for deep cold as sunflowers. They might freeze if you plant them too early.

Some seed companies offer Velvet Queen Sunflower seeds.

You can grow these flowers in pots until they grow, which is when you can replant them in your flower garden. You ca n’t grow these flowers indoors for the whole year. They need at least six hours of direct sunlight to survive, so they do n’t do well as houseplants.

To get the sunlight they need, plant them in the sunniest spot of your garden. They do n’t do well in shade, so do n’t worry about them getting too much sun. Even if they are in the sunniest spot, they might not get enough.

The eighteen-inch spread of these flowers will give each plant plenty of space to grow and spread out, so they should be planted at least two feet apart. When planting seeds, dig a hole that is half an inch deep. Place one seed in the soil.

There is a way to grow velvet queen sunflowers.

The Velvet Queen Sunflowers grow fast. It takes about ten to fourteen weeks to bloom. Since they are annual flowers, they will bloom in their first year, instead of taking a few years to bloom, like many perennial flowers.

Sunlight and watering are the most important parts of growing plants. Remember to water them at least once a week if they are in direct sunlight for at least six hours. You need to deep water them. Shallow watering makes the roots grow on the top level of soil, which does not allow for them to get as many nutrients and they are more likely to be ripped out of the ground by animals or strong winds.

Deep watering is done by pouring water into the soil in the same spot for a long period of time, which sinks the water deeper into the ground. It is necessary to deep water them at least once a week.

You wo n’t have to fertilize your flowers if the soil is healthy. If they are growing slowly with drooped leaves, it is a sign that you should add some food to their diet.

You should dig up the plants after the season is over. You do n’t want dead flowers in your garden when you can just plant a new set, and they wo n’t last longer than a year.

There are reasons to grow velvet queen sunflowers.

Any bouquet or garden can be adorned with Velvet Queen Sunflowers. They ‘re not bright yellow, so they pair well with darker, more mature color schemes and they ‘re not too big that they wo n’t fit in the bouquet. They add a nice contrast to the yellow sunflowers.

When added to bouquets, Velvet Queen Sunflowers have a slightly different meaning than bright yellow sunflowers. Burgundy sunflowers represent loyalty and support, and bright orange sunflowers represent passion and strength. The meanings for both colors can be found in the flowers.

They attract a lot of different animals, including butterflies and bees, but birds are their number one fan. If you want your garden to be more frequent, you should grow some velvet queens.

The seeds of Velvet Queens are useful for more than just birds. Historically, they were used to make oil for cooking. The plant was used for dyes and even for medicine. You can take comfort in knowing that the flowers you are growing are useful, even though you do n’t need to harvest them anymore. You will have food and medicine in your flower garden if the apocalypse happens.

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