Sunflower review: Sunil Grover shines in this half-baked ZEE5 show

There is a dead body and two suspects. There is the obvious one who looks guilty from the word go, and then there is the mysterious one with hidden motives. Are they involved in the murder or just the usual suspects ?

The latest ZEE5 web series, called Sunflower, pulls you in from the beginning. The police are investigating the murder of a resident of a suburban residential society.

The sales manager is the obvious suspect. Dr Ahuja is also on the radar for his suspicious behavior. The case gets more complicated with Kapoor ‘s wife entering the scene.

You ca n’t see the twists coming from a mile off in the best mystery thrillers. They hide their secrets, but at the same time, lets you solve crimes. You get bored if they make it too easy. It is not a smooth journey as Sunflower tries to walk this fine line.

In one of his interviews, before Sunflower ‘s release, he said he can not put the web series in a particular genre as it has “ thrill, humour and dark comedy. ” Sunflower ‘s character development is its strength, even though it does n’t fit into all these brackets. The character of Sonu Singh takes the cake. He is a perfect mix of quirkiness and innocence. He is not a colleague or neighbour. When you doubt his intentions, the next moment you sympathize with him. It is a pleasure to see Grover in a role.

You are intrigued by the fact that a school teacher is Mukul Chadda. He is short-tempered. He blames his wife for putting his life in danger because she did n’t fast on Karva Chauth. Things are not what they seem with him. You are left wanting because the suspense created through him does n’t pan out.

The character of Dilip Iyer is a candidate for Sunflower ‘s chairmanship. The makers took a subtle dig at the prejudices that still prevail in the society through him. His daughter Paddy Iyer gives an insight into a young mind and the apprehensions of a youngster ‘s life. The characters of Gurleen and Justina are examples of how women are stereotyped.

sunflower web series cast Actor Ashish Vidyarthi in a still from Sunflower. (Photo: ZEE5)

The actor is in a movie. ZEE5

Most of the characters and their subsequent plots do not add anything substantial to the main plot, thus leaving the series without any real purpose. The series intrigued me in the beginning, but never lived up to its promise.

An over stretched plot fails to keep us hooked on Sunflower, a ride that could have been a crazy ride with some quirky characters. It had a lot of potential that has been wasted.

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