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Hello farmers, we are back with information on Sunflower cultivation income, yield per acre, net profits, project report, and cost of cultivation. The most popular oilseed crop in the family is sunflowers. There are little irrigation facilities that can be used to grow sunflowers. The major sunflower growing states in India are Maharashtra, Bihar, and Tamil Nadu.

A guide to sunflower cultivation income, project report, and yield

It requires around 2. There are 5 to 3 kilograms of seeds to cultivate. A farmer can get a yield of 8 to 9 quintals from a single field. The average market price is Rs. 3000-4000 per quintal. Depending on the variety, the crop duration is between 3 and 4 months.

Sunflower hybrid varieties for commercial farming

  • The number is 44.
  • The NDSH is -1.
  • The rate is DRSH -1.
  • There are other hybrid varieties of sunflowers.

The cost of cultivation for 1-acre Sunflower

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The Cost of Cultivation of Sunflower.

Land preparation costs.

Farmers need to spend around Rs to cultivate one-acre land. To prepare irrigation channels, as well as to plow the field with a tractor. One man needs to work for the farmer. The cost of labor for men will be Rs. 300 per day.

The cost of seeds.

A seed rate of 2 is what we need. There are 0 kilograms of seeds to sow. The price of a kilo of good quality Sunflower seeds is Rs. Farmers need to pay around Rs to purchase 3 kilograms of seeds. Depending on company and quality, the cost of seed material may vary.

The cost of seed treatment.

Chemicals like imidachloprid should be used to treat the seeds. Around Rs is the cost of a seed treatment. 160 to 180.

The cost of sowing a crop.

The cost to sow one-acre sunflowers is Rs. It takes 2 human labors to sow a one-acre field. 150 per head.

The cost of food.

A human labor should be used to remove over crowing seedlings after 10 -15 days of operation. The amount of money spent on thinning operation is Rs.

The cost of food.

Fertiliser management in a one-acre field costs around Rs. Around Rs. The money was spent to apply farmyard manure. It was used to spray chemicals.

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The cost of removing weeds.

Weeds should be controlled by spraying and practicing little inter-cultivation. Weed management can cost up to Rs in a one-acre field. The cost of inter cultivation was included.

The cost of plant protection.

Tobacco caterpillar, Bihar hairy caterpillar, Jassids, rust, charcoal rot, stem rot, and head rot are some of the major pests and diseases of Sunflower. It costs around Rs. There is a one-acre field for the management of pests and diseases.

The Plant Protection Measures of Sunflower.

The cost of things other than activities.

Irrigation charges and electricity charges are included in the depreciation cost. A person is involved in one-acre Sunflower farming. The cost may go up to Rs. Averagely, 830.

The cost of harvest.

Harvesting should be done immediately when the crop is mature, otherwise lodging and attack will reduce the yields. Harvesting costs Rs for 3 human labors per acre. 450 is the amount of money to be paid to the laborers.

The cost of food preparation.

It can be done manually or with the help of power operated thresher after separation of heads.

The cost of packing and cleaning.

Before packing, produce needs to be cleaned. 2 human laborers are required for this operation. It needs Rs. To pack the produce of one-acre Sunflower.

The yield from a small farm.

A farmer can get around 8 to 9 quintals of yield if he cultivates Sunflower in one acre of land. There might be little differences in yields depending on a number of factors.

The cost of transportation.

Farmers need to transport their produce to the market. We need to pay for this transportation.

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The total cost of 1-acre Sunflower farming

Rs is the cost of land preparation. 900 + Rs.

Rs is the cost of seed material.

Rs is the cost of seed treatment.

Rs is the cost of sowing.

The cost is Rs.

The cost ofFertilizer 800 + Rs.

Rs is the cost of weeding.

Rs is the cost of plant protection.

Rs is the cost of some activities.

The cost of harvest

Rs is the cost of threshing.

Rs is the cost of cleaning and packing.

Rs is the cost of transportation.

The price of 1-acre Sunflower farming is Rs. 9, 890.

There is an extra 10 % of the total cost.

Rs is the total cost of 1-acre Sunflower farming. 10, 884.

The total cost incurred in 1-acre Sunflower cultivation

The total cost of cultivating one-acre Sunflower is Rs. 10, 884. Various factors like pest and disease incidence and weed incidence can affect the cost of cultivating Sunflower.

The total income from 1-acre Sunflower cultivation

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The Total Income from Sunflower Farming.

The market price is Rs. There is a price of 3, 745 per quintal at the market. For selling 8 quintals of Sunflower farmers will get a gross amount. 29, 960

The net profit from 1-acre Sunflower farming

There is a net income involved in 1-acre sunflowers.

Rs, 29, 960 Rs is 10, 879. 19,081.

The farmer will get an average net return of Rs if he cultivates Sunflower in a one-acre area. 10, 884.

Farmers can get good returns by growing Sunflower during the time of late showers as the water requirements of the crop are less.

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