The Beach Boys – Sunflower

streetmouse Dec 16, 2018

3 years ago

The Beach Boys seemed poised to release an album that could fill a huge space, provided that there was a supermarket or a confined space that needed some mindless entertainment. The majority of the album is composed of love songs with varying degrees of effortlessness, airy dreaming and mindless intoxication. With Brian continuing his own personal exploration of what makes up a good song, he has stepped deep into the contemporary mellow soft rock California realm of all things pleasant. In 1970, the album and the band were irrelevant due to the self-conscious homogeneity of the affair. The Boys have finally given us an album of original material and let the record label sort the mess out. Of course, in the end there is a warm feeling to the record, and certainly the production and engineering are flawless, yet it all comes across as quite mindless and out of focus, where again, the Beach Boys manage to create. The single “ Add Some Music To Your Day ” was the record ‘s saving grace, where it was responsible for nearly all the album sales. With Brian hopelessly addicted to cocaine at this point in time, he ranted to friends and the music press that the band was broke, that their funds had vanished and they were considering filing for bankruptcy. The most compelling aspect of this is that so many critics claimed that the album was great, yet their claims were never substantiated, with those claims comparing Sunflower to other failed adventures by The Beach Boys. Yet again, when you listen to people talk about this record, they point to this minute, or that aspect, or how this chord transitioned into these harmonies, but no one says that Sunflower is the greatest album of all time. Pepper. There are a number of songs that hold up as well as the slow dance number “ Surfer Girl ” if you discount “ Add Some Music To Your Day ”. Even with all their studio double tracked double vocals, spilt stereophonic textured effects, and considered harmonic balances, this is nothing more than a late summer bit of interlocking playfulness. The Beach Boys have always been larger in my mind than they were on records, they never transitioned into the hazed 60 ‘s, and they were n’t really good at this whole easy going concept thing either. If you think along the lines that I do, but have never given voice to those thoughts for fear of being criticized, get yourself a Greatest Hits album, I promise, you will be much happier. The working titles for the album were as follows : Reverberation, Sun Flower, and Add Some Music. The review was written by JenKeslerell.

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