5 Uses for Sunflowers You May Not Have Considered

5 Unusual Uses for Sunflowers5 Unusual Uses for Sunflowers
Aside from adding beauty, sunflowers have a number of uses in the organic garden. These striking, colorful flowers, which come in a wide variety of sizes, grow quite well under organic conditions, and some breeds are capable of reaching heights of six feet or more by summer’s end.

Five Uses for Sunflowers You Should TryFive Uses for Sunflowers You Should Try
Here are five uses for sunflowers and seeds that may surprise you:

There are butterflies and birds in the picture.

The showy flowers are beloved by both butterflies and birds, and for the latter, their seed heads can become a source of food later in the year. Birds will eat the seeds if you are trying to harvest them. If you want to protect the seeds, cover the head with a paper bag.

Plants as Botanical Screens.

They make great botanical screens because of their height. A circle of sunflowers planted around your compost pile will hide it from the view of the general public, and it will grow up strong and happy.

Coffee with seeds.

The coffee substitute can be used with the sunflower seed hulls. You can grind the seed hull. You can steep 1 cup of water for about three minutes. You can increase the amount of ground hull you want. Coffee sweetened with honey. Here is how to make Sunflower Seed Coffee from Old-Time Country Wisdom & Lore : 1000s of Traditional Skills for Simple Living by Jerry Mack Johnson.

Meal, Milk and Paste are made from Sunflower Seed.

It is possible to make high-protein sunflower seed flour, meal or paste from raw seeds. One cup of seeds makes one cup of flour. Almond meal is a cheaper substitute for sunflower seed meal. Some people make milk out of seeds.

Microgreens and Sunflower Shoots.

Try the microgreens with the seeds. Black Oil and Gray Striped are popular shoot and microgreen seed varieties. The microgreens have a nutty flavor and a thick texture. They can be added to salads, eaten on their own or thrown in smoothie and recipes. Shoots and microgreens will take about 7 to 14 days to grow. Sunflower shoots/microgreens are rich in a number of vitamins and minerals.

There is a PDF on Growing Sunflower Shoots and Instructions : Growing Microgreens in Soil from Oregon State University Extension.

Are you interested in learning more about using sunflowers ?

Here are some great resources:
Plant Guide: Annual Sunflower from USDA
Harvesting Handling Sunflowers from University of Illinois Extension
large sunflower with blue sky and text overlay surprising ways to use sunflowers and seedslarge sunflower with blue sky and text overlay surprising ways to use sunflowers and seeds

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