41 Memorable Sunflower Party Ideas

A sunflowers party is a great way to celebrate your favorite flower. We can offer planning tools for budgets, as well as gift ideas.


There are decorations for a party.

Sunflower Party DecorationsSource: Etsy

The centerpiece is a vase.

Wrap ribbons around the jar and fill it with water. You have the perfect centerpiece if you add your sunflowers.

There is a Banner.

You can use yellow construction paper to make a hole in the banner. Run a string through the sunflowers to make a banner.

There is a Garland.

You can use real or artificial sunflowers to make a garlands.

There is a hanging Sunflower Pom Pom.

Hang poms around the room to make it feel alive.

There is a photo backdrop.

You can arrange for a cute photo backdrop to capture all the fun moments at your party.

The prop is a photo stick.

A photo backdrop is incomplete without fun photo stick props.

There is a photo prop frame.

On top of the photo backdrop, add a cute sunflower photo prop frame for your guests to hold up.

There is a custom letter.

Cut out a letter from a piece of cardboard. Next, hot glue some artificial sunflowers around the letter to make it look full. You made your own sunflower letter, and every guest will love it!

There are balloons.

There are a lot of Sunflower balloons at a party. Throw in cute yellow or sparkle balloons to add variety.

There is confetti in the sky.

You can use confetti at any party. Spread confetti around tables for fun.

There are favors for the Sunflower Party.

Sunflower party favorsSource: Etsy

There is a Favor Bag.

A personalized sunflower party favor bag is a unique touch for any guest.

There is a face mask.

Adding face masks to your party favors is a great idea. The new normal is for guests to be protected by masks.

There is a Sunflower Keychain.

Every guest will love using a sunflower keychain. You should always keep a memory of your party.

The bracelet is made of sunflowers.

They will love wearing these around.

There is a packet of seeds.

Guests are allowed to plant and grow their own sunflowers at the party.

There is a crown.

Guests will love having their very own flower crown.

There is a notepad.

Party favors like notepads are great for guests to use after the party.

There is a sticker on the ground.

Give your guests stickers and they will love them.

There is a wooden pencil.

It ‘s a great party favor for a natural outdoorsy themed party. The wooden tree pencils are cute.

There are food menu ideas for a party.

Sunflower Party Food Menu IdeasSource: Etsy

The cupcakes are called Sunflower Cupcakes.

You can choose any type of frosting you want for cupcakes.

The cookies are called Sunflower Cookies.

Add yellow and brown sunflowers to the cookies.

There are cake pops.

After forming the cake pop, dip each into melted yellow chocolate and add some fun sprinkles.

The cake is made of sunflowers.

You can serve any type of cake you want, but make sure to add plenty of sunflowers for your party.

The fruit is shaped like a Sunflower.

You can serve fresh fruit at your party.

A treat made of puffed rice.

You can make fresh rice treats for your guests. Use colored sticks for each treat.

There are ideas for a Sunflower Party.

Sunflower Party Arrangement IdeasSource: Etsy

A simple bouquet of flowers.

Choose a simple bouquet with artificial flowers to save money, but still have a gorgeous display around to light up the room.

A floral arrangement.

This arrangement is perfect if you love flowers in general. You can combine any type of flowers with sunflowers.

The arrangement is rustic.

If you are planning a country themed party, choose a rustic sunflowers arrangement. Simple, yet classic designs can add small details.

The arrangement of spring flowers.

For a more spring feel at your party, add spring-colored flowers with your sunflowers.

There is a Mason Jar Sunflower arrangement.

There is a cute touch to any sunflowers arrangement. Use any size jar. The jar can be painted a solid color. Write the name of the person and the date of the event on a piece of paper.

Invitation ideas for a party.

Sunflower Party Invitation IdeasSource: Etsy

Our little sunflowers invitation.

If you want a colorful invitation for your child ‘s party, choose this one. The age, size, and color of the invitation should be changed. Online invitation options can also be explored.

You are invited to the Sunflower Invitation.

If you want a simple idea for a birthday party, choose this option.

Save the date

If you are planning a wedding or other type of event, this sunflowers party invitation is a great option.

A little peanut is on the way.

The invitation for the birthday party is cute.

Supplies for a party.

Sunflower Party SuppliesImage source Etsy

The napkin rings are made of sunflowers.

Adding napkin rings to silverware sets is a great idea.

The plates are made of sunflowers.

Everyone can eat from these plates.

The napkins are made of sunflowers.

The guests should be kept clean with cutely decorated napkins.

The Straws are from the Sunflower Party.

Guests can use the added sunflower details on straws. Check out these ideas.

There is a tablecloth.

Adding detail to your party is a great way to keep your space clean.

There are gold glitter cups.

glitter party cups can add shine and sparkle to your party.

The dish is made of sunflowers.

Simple serving plates can be used to serve your party foods.


The cute and creative ideas for your sunflower party theme will make your guests happy. We can help with more ideas for food, games, and decor.

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