Build a Sunflower House With Kids — The ULTIMATE Kids’ Garden!

If you want to plant the ULTIMATE kids garden with your children, you need to get step-by-step instructions.

I double-dog dare you to read this post and not add this sunflower house idea to your summer to-do list.

I did not know that the garden would be a source of joy for the entire summer. In the past, we have grown potted planters and raised vegetable gardens with our kids, but after a week or so, they forget. The experience of building a sunflower house has been completely different. The kids garden will foster lifelong memory.

A children ‘s garden that is also a magical living fort can be created by building a sunflower house.

Your kids ‘ garden becomes a playhouse during the summer. Suddenly, your children ‘s garden becomes a secret hideaway, an outdoor fort to share with neighbors, and a private reading Nook.

Napoleon Hill writes.

The most powerful force in the world is imagination.

You will foster a love of science and creativity with this garden. As the sunflowers grow, they produce leaves the size of their hands, and eventually gigantic blooms thattower over the heads of the adults in their lives. As the sunflowers bloom in the summer and birds pick out the seeds in the fall, they will notice butterfly and bumble bees.

The fort is a gratitude garden and goes beyond creativity and science. The diversity of the sunflowers will be noticed by your children. The smaller sunflowers are great for creating bouquets and giving you the chance to write a kind note or draw a picture.

Are you ready to start building your family ‘s house ?

The best way to grow a garden is to build a house.

How to Create a Sunflower House *This garden fort is awesome. Saving this for later.

The directions for this house are very easy.

Pick a spot for your garden and dig the outline.

If you want to build a fort, you need to find a place that gets a lot of sunshine. After all, we are planting sunflowers!

Pick out the shape of your children ‘s garden fort. We used a swimming pool as our backyardfort guide because circles are more fun than squares. When we dug what appeared to be a random circle in our front yard, I got a lot of random comments from my neighbors. Everyone came around with kind comments about the beauty of the sunflowers.

The entrance to the sunflower house is easy to access if you leave a small gap.

Use a wide variety of flower seeds to build privacy for your kids.

While the giant sunflowers are fantastic, it is important to plant smaller sunflowers as well. A sense of privacy is created by the variety in size.

This children ‘s garden fort has the best flowers for kids.

  • American Giant Sunflowers are up to 16 feet high with 10-inch blooms.
  • It ‘s 9 to 12 feet tall with 12-inch blooms.
  • The Red Sun Sunflowers are 5 feet tall with 3-inch blooms.
  • The Dwarf Sunflowers are 18 inches tall with 10-inch blooms.

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You will want to get a variety of seeds. If you do n’t want to buy four different packs of seeds for your house, you can get a mixed variety pack at your local garden store. Variety packs are great.

Remember, the purpose of this unique fort is gardening with kids, so be sure to get your children involved in the seed planting. Children are allowed to sow their own seeds with their gardening tools.

The giant and mammoth sunflowers were strategically placed to ensure they had room to grow, but we chose to place them every 12 inches instead of the recommended 24 inches. The planting strategy helps ensure a sense of privacy for the kids.

After your region is frost-free, you can plant your kids garden. The larger seeds can take up to twenty-one days to grow, while the smaller seeds can take two weeks to grow. We usually plant late May for early June plants. If there is n’t enough rain and the soil is dry, encourage your kids to water the outdoor playhouse.

The house is called GROW, GROW, GROW.

You can watch the fort grow all summer and enjoy the birds who feast on the seeds in the fall.

Before heading off to summer school to check on growth, it is a good idea to slow down in the morning and create a kids garden.

We encourage you to take a photo, check the height of the house, or just dance around in the awesomeness of it all.

If anyone in your family has an allergy to bees, I do n’t recommend growing a sunflowers fort for your children. We played in our fort all summer without any issues. It was n’t an issue for our family because the bees seemed to favor the taller sunflowers. Common sense should be used when planning summer activities for your kids.

The girls immediately added a gate to their private space. They would play in the fort. The plants were only a foot tall, but they felt like they were separate from the rest of the world.

The girls dragged their slide over to the entrance to make it a kids only zone.

You and the kids will have fun growing a house. It is guaranteed that there will be smiles.

Gardening with Children: Create a Sunflower House for Kids *We are so making this sunflower fort!

The video of our adventure is here. I know it ‘s long, but sometimes I ca n’t get rid of the excess ; each photo, each twirl, each phase is precious to me. I know you understand!

Do you like the cello music in the video ? The music of one cello is looped and layers. You can keep your curiosity alive by listening to the Radiolab. You will not regret it. Let me know which episodes floor you once you subscribe.

There are additional kids in the garden.

There are a couple of other fun kids gardening ideas, activities, and resources if the fort is not going to happen.

It would make our week if we shared this idea.

It would make our week if you shared this idea. We know we are on the right track when we see you sharing our stuff.

Gardening with Children: Create a Sunflower House for Kids *We are so making this sunflower fort!

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Thank you to the man who made the beautiful sunflowers at the start of the post.

This kid has a garden idea.

Gardening with Children: Create a Sunflower House for Kids *We are so making this sunflower fort!

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