25 Sunflower Rainbow Mix Sunflower Seeds – TOADSTOOL SEEDS

There is a description.

There are seeds of sunflowers.

The color of the petals is a mixture.

The face color is mixture.

There is no pollen.

The stem type is mixture.

The maturity is between 50 and 55 days.

The height is 3ft ( 90 cm ) to 6ft ( 150 cm ).

  • Zone 3-9
  • Full day
  • Medium size plant.
  • The seasons are spring, summer and fall.
  • Plant height is 3′-12 ‘.
  • The use is ornamental.
  • Features attract bees and butterflies.
  • The life cycle perennial.

One of the easiest flowers to grow in the garden is the sunflowers. They are so easy to grow that they are often used to introduce young gardeners to the joys of gardening. Many gardeners fondly remember planting the black and white seeds of giant sunflowers and watching as they grew to tower into the sky. Just because they are easy to grow does not mean that they should not be in the garden. The variety of sunflowers available to the home gardener is amazing and, as an added bonus, can help attract some local birds to your garden.

Sunflowers are growing.

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind if you decide to add sunflowers to your garden.

For a reason, sunflowers are called sunflowers. They need the sun. The location for your sunflowers should get full sun. You do n’t need to worry about soil too much. The plants are not picky about the conditions of the soil. They will do better in the soil. There is a substance in the seeds that is toxic to grass. If you want to plant your sunflowers in a location where you do n’t mind the nearby grass being killed, you will need to harvest the sunflowers before the seeds fall out. You should keep in mind the height of the sunflowers you have chosen. There is a giant, twelve-foot. Variety will act like a small tree and shade the surrounding flowers. sunflowers can be used to attract birds to your garden. When the growing season is over, you can use some of the seeds to feed the birds in the winter. You can use the seeds to feed the birds or not. The first thing you can do is leave the heads outside for the birds. The birds will make a mess if you pull the seeds out of the head. You can remove the seeds from the head and put them in the bird feeders. The method will be neater in the long run because it is a little more work. The birdfeeder will be out of reach of many of the animals that eat birds if you put the seeds in it. While you may have fond memories of planting tall yellow sunflowers as a child, give this old garden favorite a new try and rediscover the world of sunflowers.

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