Sunflower Queen

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1300, 2000 and 3400 are easy.

A weapon.

The Royal Sun has a pulse.

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There is damage.

It ‘s called Impact.

They have the abilities.

Sun Gather Solar Cannon.

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A weapon.

The Royal Sun has a pulse.

There is damage.

It ‘s called Impact.

They have the abilities.

Sun Gather Solar Cannon.

This is a battle!

Battle THIS royale!

There is a splash screen in Plants vs. The zombies are fighting for Neighborville.

There is a boss in Plants vs. Plants vs. zombies The zombies are fighting for Neighborville. She is depicted as the queen of all Sunflowers, but with sharper petals, and is around five times larger. Her hands are spherical rather than flat.

Plants vs. There is a special boss variant in the Zombies : Battle for Neighborville game that appears in the Zombie Prepared mission.

Primary weapon

The Royal Sun pulse is Sunflower Queen ‘s primary weapon and it can reach a far range and deal high impact damage.


  • The Sunflower Queen had a melee attack. This attack is used twice in one sequence. Deals huge knockback.
  • The Sunflower Queen will soak up the sun for a short time. She is able to use Solar Cannon and a charged version of Vine Whip for a short time after she is done charging. When she is charging up, she will open the leaves at the bottom of her stem, exposing a core similar to the ones on the Mega Flower that will cause the Sunflower Queen to take critical damage. This can be taken advantage of by focusing on that spot.
  • Solar Cannon is only usable when Sunflower Queen is in the sun. Similar to Sunflower ‘s Sunbeam, the Sunflower Queen deals high damage and fires a constant laser.
  • Regular Sunflowers in Plants can be used to summon 3-4 mystic flowers. Support enemies in the zombie movie Battle for Neighborville. They will be able to heal her and each other.


Garden Warfare 2

Royal Sun Pulse

Weapon statistics.

The data is internal.

Rate of fire

Direct hit damage

Blast damage

Inner blast radius

Blast radius

Shockwave damage

Shockwave radius

Projectile speed

Projectile lifetime

Projectile travel distance

150 RPM 3 3 2.5 m (8.2 ft) 3 m (9.84 ft)
1 4.01 m(13.16 ft) 500 m/s(1640.42 ft/s) 2 s 1000 m(3280.84 ft)

Vine Whip

Weapon statistics.

The data is internal.

Rate of fire


Hitbox type


Near width

Far width


50 RPM 10 Trapezoid 6 m (19.69 ft) 3 m (9.84 ft) 4 m (13.12 ft) 3 m (9.84 ft)

Solar Cannon

Weapon statistics.

The data is internal.

Rate of fire


Projectile speed

Projectile lifetime

100 RPM 12 150 m/s(492.13 ft/s) 1 s

Super Mystic Wave

The slots will land on three Sunflower Queen icons. The regular hero plants are replaced by variant plants.

  • It ‘s easy : 1300Health.
  • 2000Health is normal.
  • It ‘s hard : 2700Health.
  • Horrified : 3400Health.


Despite her large head, Sunflower Queen does not take critical damage. No matter where she is hit, damage will be reduced. All damage done to this area will register as critical damage when she is charging up her Solar Cannon. The best way to take her out is by using Z-Mech, because of its high damage and powerful abilities. Z7 Mech is the best choice as it is able to damage her at a faster rate than other Mechs, negating her self-healing abilities, thanks to Z-8 Avenger ‘s fire rate and damage. Super Brainz is a good choice to take her out. Captain Deadbeard ‘s Spyglass Shot has a significantly longer effective range than her Royal Sun pulse, so do n’t worry about getting hit from afar, as Captain Deadbeard is just as good at taking her out. Do n’t let her hit you with her Vine Whip, as it will disarm the ability instantly, as Barrel Blast is also a good way to drain some of her health.

Immediately after she summons her flowers, take them all out. If not stopped, they can start healing the Sunflower Queen and each other and heal her back to full health. Z-Mech, Super Brainz, and Captain Deadbeard are the best choices for defeating the flowers, as Z-Mech ‘s Zomni-Blade, Super Brainz ‘s Super Ultra Ball, and Super Multi can all be used to defeat them.

While the boss fight at first seems like they ‘re just like any other Sunflower Queen, eventually she will reveal her gimmick, creating Sun Spots to become invincible, and there ‘s only a starting 21 seconds to get rid of them all. If they do n’t choose a fast but heavy-hitting character, they will get a huge power boost.

If all the spots are destroyed, there will be a moment where she is stunned, but be careful and pay attention when the time is over to avoid getting defeated. If not dealt with quickly, Sovereign can summon Sunflowers, which can heal her and even over heal her if not dealt with quickly. They should be prioritized over the Queen. The Wildflowers are more of a nuisance than threats.

Elite Wave

(Battle for Neighborville only)

The side quest of the Sunflower Queen Elite Wave is the same as that of Zombie Prepared. It ‘s easier than Bitter Dill. If the team does n’t know what to do, it can go very wrong.

The player will be attacked by Weeds, Wildflowers, and Peashooters during the wave.

She becomes unstoppable once she loses a fourth of her health. Sun spots can be seen around the map. They are usually spread out around the map here. A quarter of her health is lost. The timer is refreshed every time one is destroyed. The Sunflower Queen heals herself if the timer runs out. You have 10 minutes to defeat her. Failure to do so will result in a game being stopped.

Sunflower queen

The Sunflower Queen is in the game.


The queen is charging up energy.


The icon is of the Sunflower Queen.


There is a growing Sunflower Queen in the trailer.

Image grg

There is a super boss wave.

GW2 Sunflower Queen Idle

The queen is in the backyard.

Sunflower Sovereign BfN

There is an appearance.

Sunflower Sovereign charging

The Solar Cannon is being charged by the Sunflower Queen.


The sun cannon was disrupted by Zombomb.


  • She does n’t usually smile by default. Her boss icon shows her smiling, but in actual game she does not. She smiles whenever her Solar Cannon emits a laser, as well as grinning when she summons the flowers. The Sunflower Queen does not seem to be able to heal other plants. /li >
  • The first boss to be Sunflower-themed is this one. Both of them are also two of three female bosses. /li >
  • Most of her audio clips are similar to Sunflower ‘s, except her voice is lower-pitched, echo-like and deeper.
  • She might be referring to the Grass-type Pokémon move of the same name.
  • Her corpse has a very depressed expression, which is similar to other Sunflowers but more extreme.
  • She is one of eight flowers who use their arms to attack zombies. Match Flower is one of the others.
  • The theory of the Sunflower Queen being their Queen is supported by the fact that they prioritize her when choosing who to heal.
  • This is the only boss that appears when you get to the Landing Zone.
  • In some countries, they are referred to as the Sunflower Sovereign.

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