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They are big, bold, and beautiful, and they always make a statement. There is more to nail art than you might think, and it is a great way to add some cheerful vibes to your manicure. We went through thousands of designs to find some of the best.

We have a lot of ideas to show your nail tech.

sunflower nail designThese beautiful sunflower spring nails are such eye candies. I love the shade of green so much and I like how it complemented well the bees and sunflowers on her ring finger. If you like this idea, you could combine this with other bee nail art ideas too!

sunflower nailsAdmit it, these nails are too awesome to not include on your list. The red nails balanced out perfectly with the gold glitters and the sunflower design.
sunflower nail designI am obsessed with those ombre accents. Who would have thought that grey can mix so well with yellow? Not to mention that those glitter effects and sunflower fill made these nails more outstanding.

sunflower nail design ideasLovely sunflower nails for a lovely pair of hands. The sunflowers are handpainted, by the way, and that amazes me even more.
sunflower nail designI am in awe of these nails. Look at how vivid the night sky on his middle and ring fingers are, and look at how dashing those sunflower paints on her pointing and pinky fingers are.

sunflower nail polish designWhere can I find these sunflower stamps? And, is that mulberry? I so love the combination of colors in this manicure!
sunflower nailsDid you know that sunflowers symbolize adoration and loyalty? Oh, what a lovely feeling to feel so loved and appreciated. So lovely like these nails with geometric lines and sunflower stickers on them!

sunflower nailsThis cute and charming set is perfect for those with petite hands. Never knew hot pink can look good with yellow.
sunflower nail design ideasHandpainted nails never fail. I am impressed with the way these sunflowers are so intricately drawn while perfectly matching turquoise.

sunflower nail polish designThis set reminds me of a dress I had when I was a child, polka dots with sunflower colors.
sunflower nail designsGlamorous hand-drawn nails for the lady with a flower-like beauty. That’s you, girl.

sunflower nail design ideasThese nails look so prestigious. Don’t you agree? They seem to be most suitable for our strong career women out there.
sunflower nail polish designHoney bee and sunflower coffin nails for those who like them long, square, and meticulously fabulous!

sunflower nail designDid you know that sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine? I just learned that today.
sunflower nail designsHere’s some freehand nail art inspiration for our DIY girls. You can use shiny matte polish just like how our artist did it here.

sunflower nail designs
sunflower nail designDoes it look like a stamp? No, honey, that’s handpainted using micro-detailed liners and brushes. They are so detailed that some people thought of them as stamps.
sunflower nail artWhile that plum-colored polish is gorgeous, what really caught my attention is the nail art on the ring finger. Nope, not the sunflower drawing. What I’m loving are the golden swirls that emphasize the flower’s beauty.

sunflower nailsSome sunflower nail inspiration for those with short nails. Bright and radiant!
sunflower nailsWell, sometimes you just like it simple and neat. Here’s a design you can try to imitate.
sunflower nail artLet’s take a break from the bright sunflower drawings. Here is something that looks so soothing to the eyes. I’m definitely adding this to my list of must-try!

We have some very cute and daisy nail art ideas if you like the flowery design.

sunflower nailsNow, here is some hot design for your fine-looking nails. I’m not sure whether the butterfly is a stamp or not, but the sunflower is definitely freehand. I love its zoomed-in effect, actually.
sunflower nailsVincent Van Gogh proved to us, once again, that his paintings are not just for museums. Did you know, though, that even if he painted tons, he never once named any of them as Sunflowers? Quite a mystery, huh.
sunflower nail designAre you currently in need of nails that shout vigor and courage? These nails are giving me the “independent woman” vibes.

sunflower nail designHow about sunflower nails that illustrate purity and dignity? I think this set would make the perfect wedding nails.
sunflower nail designColorless surface for those who like clear tones. They are clean and modest but those sunflower stamps are just too cute to ignore.

sunflower nail designsI’d say that silver may be an appropriate partner for the orange color. I wonder if gold glitters would produce a comparable beauty.
sunflower nail polish designIf you like nude, you can try this one out. It’s simple and you can do it yourself as long as you have sunflower and bee stamps.
sunflower nail polish designI love how those sunflowers are so embossed. They are a perfect enhancement to that ombre effect on the other nails.

sunflower nail designOrange and yellow nail polish to keep it smooth and innocent, but with a touch of sunflower stickers to keep it chic and posh.
sunflower nail design ideasThis particular nail polish is so refreshing to look at. Won’t you agree? And, looking at those sunflower drawings make me feel even calmer.
sunflower nail polish designAnother refreshing set of sunflower nails. Whoever said that sunflowers can only go well with yellow polish is definitely in need of nail art therapy.

sunflower nail artThe black matte finish always looks so magnificent, but those sunflowers make the entire design more superb.
sunflower nail artI wonder how many hours it took for these DIY nails to look so grand. I mean, although the sunflowers are stamps, those overlapping lines are too flawless.
sunflower nail designsI personally think that these nails would look so amazingly good on all our awesome mothers out there. Red is the symbol of love and strength, two of their best qualities as superwomen.
sunflower nail polish design

sunflower nail polish designI laughed at the caption of this photo, “Sunny with a Chance of Flowers.” Have you watched Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Such a nice movie.
sunflower nailsFilling your eyes with some yellow lovin’ from these sunflower nails!
sunflower nailsCreate a garden on your nails with this nail art design. There is no doubt, that’s definitely freehand. Can you do that, too?
sunflower nail design ideasOh, I do love the combination of colors on this one! Who said that sunflowers can’t be in other colors than yellow? And, wait for it… yep! These nails are handpainted. Now, that’s legendary!

sunflower nail designOnly nail art addicts would believe that these gems are handpainted. I am not kidding. These flowers that admirably complement the orange glittered surface were drawn using bare hands.
sunflower nail polish designI must say that these lines need impeccable concentration.
sunflower nail designAgain with the unbelievably straight lines. Do these nail artists know that they are geniuses? It takes a lot of effort to produce this kind of focus.
sunflower nail polish designGreen means go! Go for these nails while the spring season is at its peak. Grammy Spell, the nail polish specifically used for these nails, has green and gold glitter with red and aurora flakes.

sunflower nail artFreehand sunflower nails that have a bit of an abstract touch. Definitely my cup of tea!
sunflower nail polish designImagine the polka dots dress I was talking about earlier, except that it’s black and not white. Fancy!
sunflower nail designThe sunflower and polka decals are nailing the entirety of these hot pink, charming nails.

sunflower nail design ideasLooking for something playful? Here’s your treat! I’d love to have those nails on a cool yet sunny day.
sunflower nail designYellow in pastel shade is absolutely posh. I like that it has all the elements of a sunflower nail design, the flower, the leaves, the bee, and the honey.
sunflower nail design ideasWow! Can you tell how much time and effort were needed to produce these nails? This is the design to try if you want to take your sunflower nails to great lengths!
sunflower nailsFinally, a marble nail with a sunflower decal! There is no reason for you to refuse these nails. Put them on your list. Now!
sunflower nail polish design

Send me a photo of your designs and we will feature them here.

Our inspiration photos come from user submissions and open sources. The fantastic styles are owned by their respective owners. Drop us an email if we do n’t feature you or if we have a credit wrong.

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