Sunflower House & Billings Farmstead Gardens – Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, VT

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Garden Shed

There are gardening programs in and around the garden shed. The herbs, heirloom vegetables, and apples that were grown here were preserved to last the winter. Herbal Tea Happy Hours are on the Garden porch.

The Billings Farmstead Gardens

Opening in June, the new 8,000 square foot Billings Farmstead Gardens will feature:

  • There are five distinct gardens in one experience.
  • The arches and tunnels will create a sense of magic and wonder where you can explore, relax, learn, gather, and play.
  • There are a variety of gardening methods that can be used in the home.

There is an heirloom garden.

The daughters of the farm manager planted and maintained a kitchen garden in the 1890 ‘s. Bull Noes Peppers, Bear Paw Popcorn, and Tall Telephone Peas are some of the heirloom plants selected from an 1886 Billings Farm seed order.

Victory Garden

Food was hard to find in the United States during WWII. There were few workers left to care for the country ‘s farms. The government encouraged citizens to plantVictory Gardens in their own backyards and in public places. People took pressure off farms and the canning industry by growing their own food. The United States had over five million Victory Gardens by the end of WWI. The number went up to 18 million during WWII. At one time, Victory Gardens produced 1/3 of the vegetables in the country.

When many of the laborers went to war, the “ Woman ‘s Land Army of Vermont ” sent volunteers to work the farm. The farmerettes helped keep the farm running. People were able to plant their own Victory Gardens on 3 acres of the farm during WWII. Locals harvest food on a farm.

There are replicas of the historic gardens of WWI and WWII in this area. The cycle of victory garden favorites can be observed. We will be growing sweet corn, lettuce, russet potatoes, onion, cucumbers, carrots, summer squash, green beans, parsnip, melons and cauliflower.

Pollinator Garden

The garden has plants and flowers that attract bees, butterflies, birds, and beneficial insects.

You can learn how to build bee houses, hummingbird feeders, and Damp salt lick for butterflies and bees. Bee balm, milkweed, butterfly bush, butterfly weed, oregano, borage, lavender, broccoli, fennel, nasturtium, and larkspur are pollinator friendly plants.

The garden is called the permaculture garden.

The balance and beneficial relationships found in nature are mimicked by the self-caring garden.

Chef ‘s and Pizza Gardens.

Fresh, healthy, home-grown meals can be made with delicious ingredients. You can find everything you need to make a pizza on a farm. Tomatoes become sauce, herbs and veggies become topping, and wheat gets ground into flour for the crust. The fields of hay feed our cows. We will be growing wheat, tomatoes, oregano, basil, bell peppers, onion, garlic and more.

The herb garden.

There is a garden filled with herbs for cooking, tea, and medicine.

Become a volunteer or give us a gift to complete the gardens.

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