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When the Fish Sunflower fields are in bloom, they are a hot spot for photographers and families.

The man behind the wildly popular Sunflower Project said he may shut things down early this year because of vandals, a lack of support and ballooning costs.

The mission of Fish Sunflowers is to spread inspiration, hope and joy. Johnny Fish offers free access to the public as a place where people can come and experience peace, hope and healing.

When the fields are in bloom, they are a great place to take a photo. Fish has said all are welcome, but those coming by simply have n’t lived up to the basics.

The Big Lake location was stated in a now- deleted Facebook post. Even though five additional fields are still awaiting bloom, the final field of the season will be. There are stories of selfishness that would make your blood boil.

My family ca n’t take it anymore because of the amount of abuse I ‘ve personally taken and the equipment has taken.

The cost of insuring fields, moving props and managing the rest of the season were cited by Fish Sunflowers. People who said they would support this season have n’t.

The door remains open despite the post being deleted.

Fish Sunflowers reminds visitors that many are on private property, so to remain respectful, and that each field has its own rules and instructions.

Many of the flowering fields ‘ fans were dismayed by the news.

People ca n’t be respectful and act like adults. One poster said that it was sad that people had to ruin it for everyone.

Despite all of the sad ugliness brought on by few. Johnny O has brought more sunshine and beauty. We are so grateful for that.

A GoFundMe started in the spring has seen a resurgence of interest. It ‘s not enough to cover a laundry list of items, including land leases, fuel, seed, spray, equipment maintenance, signage, videography, seed packets, hired help and more.

Fish told KSTP he needed to reflect on what ‘s next.

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