How to Draw A Sunflower – A Step by Step Guide

It would be hard to see every type of flower in nature.

Some flowers are more beloved than others. Millions of people worldwide love sunflowers, as they are one of these flowers.

You might have wondered how you can learn to draw a sunflowers. You are in the right place if you have.

We created a step-by-step guide on how to draw a sunflower in 10 easy steps to make learning to draw one of these flowers easier than ever.

how to draw sunflower in 10 steps

How to Draw a Sunflower – Let’s get Started!

sunflower coloring step 1

The first step in learning how to draw a sunflowers is very simple. Draw a small circle.

The circle does n’t have to be perfect, so you can use your pen to draw it.

sunflower coloring step 2

Draw in the next circle.

You can draw in another circle around your first one. As you can see in the reference image, it is not a perfect circle and will be much bigger.

It is made up of many small curved lines in order to make the center of your drawing look like the center of a real sunflowers.

sunflower coloring step 3

Draw in the start of the petals.

You will start on the petals for the third step of your drawing.

As you draw in some thin triangle shapes along the outer edge of the sunflower center, you can use the reference picture as a guide.

If you can, try to make sure they are all around the same size and length.

sunflower coloring step 4

Draw in some more of the petals.

As you can see in the picture, your drawing is starting to take shape.

This will make the sunflowers look bigger.

sunflower coloring step 5

Next, you will add detail to the center.

We will be keeping it simple in the next step of this guide. Adding some dots to the inner circle of the sunflowers center is all that is needed for this step.

This will give you a textured look in your drawing.

sunflower coloring step 6

Next, you will add more center details.

You can add some nice details to the rest of the flower if you add some detail to the center.

We will be drawing in some lines that look like half circles. Try to add a lot of these little lines to the outer circle.

sunflower coloring step 7

Draw in the details.

The center of your drawing is looking great, so we will be adding some detail to the petals.

As you can see in the reference image, you can add some lines to the inner and outer petals. This will add some texture to the look of your flower.

sunflower coloring step 8

Step 8 is to add the stem of your flower.

We will add a stem in this eighth step of the guide on how to draw a sunflowers.

Once you are happy with it, I would recommend using a pencil for this step.

Make sure that the two lines are close together by drawing them down from the bottom of the sunflowers.

Leave a small gap on each line for leaves to be added if you are drawing in pen. If you use a pencil, erase the two gaps before you draw.

If you use a pencil, be sure to let the pen ink dry before you erase it.

sunflower coloring step 9

Draw in the leaves.

You can add some leaves to your drawing after your stem is drawn in.

To recreate the look of the leaves in the reference picture, you can use a variety of curved and straight lines.

Each leaf has its own stem from the main stem of the drawing.

sunflower drawing step 10

Finish it off with some color.

I bet that your drawing is amazing, and you just need one more thing to finish it.

If you add in your colors, this should be a beautiful picture to behold.

You can use a variety of different colors in your drawing.

Incorporating different types of paints, watercolors, colored pens and pencils can bring a new color element to your picture.

It can be fun to try out lots of new colors. We ca n’t wait to see how you finish your drawing, the only limit is your imagination.

5 Tips To Make Your Sunflower Drawing Even Better!

5 amazing tips for creating floral artwork with this sketch!

The design of the sunflower is gorgeous, but you could add some small details to make it feel alive.

These could be bees buzzing around it, or a cute mouse at the base of the flower. To add a touch of warm red to the image, you could draw a small ladybug on the sunflowers. What small creatures do you want to add ?

A sunflowers field is a beautiful sight, and you could recreate it for a drawing. You can add as many flowers as you want.

You can create a beautiful sunflowers field by following the steps again and changing some small details.

One idea is to create a field of sunflowers. You could leave the sunflowers alone and draw a farmhouse in the background.

You could draw a cartoon character looking at the flower. There are a few ideas, but what else could you do ?

Depending on how you want this drawing to look, you have options for art tools and medium.

If you want it to match our example, you could use colored pens or markers. Colored pencils and watercolor paints are the best for a more subdued approach.

Another way to present this flower is to remove the stem and put it on something else.

The flower could be stuck to the band of a hat for an accessory.

You can present this flower in many different ways.

Your Sunflower Drawing is Complete!

We hope the guide on how to draw a sunflower in 10 easy steps is helpful and fun for you to use.

It seemed like an intimidating task to learn how to draw a sunflowers.

It does n’t have to be hard when you break it down into lots of easy steps.

We want you to share your drawings on our Facebook andPinterest pages so that we can see them.

We ca n’t wait to see your drawings, we love to see your artistic creativity.

how to draw a sunflower in 10 easy steps

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