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There is a hero POV.

When she busts through the bedroom door, I ‘m ready because I caught most of what was said on the call and felt like it was puncturing my own heart. I hold her in my arms and let her cry until she starts to sleep on her own.

She said that it went exactly as she thought it would. I do n’t tell her that I heard every word because she recounts the entire conversation. She needs to replay it out loud in order to process everything. I do n’t understand how he can make this about you after everything I said. She looked at me with desperation, eager for me to help her understand it.

I ca n’t shake my head. I insist that it ‘s not logical. He is n’t coming at this from a place of reason. It sounds like emotion to me. You have to allow him to process everything if that ‘s the case. It ‘s new to your dad and you ‘ve been thinking about it for weeks. He exploded because he did n’t know what else to do. Give him time. He will come to see your side once he calms down. I smoothed her hair away from her face, still wet with tears.

She does n’t want to go home. He ‘s going to be a dick for the whole time I ‘m there. I was surprised to hear Charlie talk about her dad. She ‘s always spoken of him in a loving way, but this conversation feels like a complete 180. My fear is that I ‘m to blame.

I remind her that it ‘s the worst she ‘s going to feel. I ‘m sure your mother is talking to him and he ‘s starting to sort through everything you said. I tried to take away her pain by kissing the top of her head.

I do n’t want him to ruin the rest of my time here, she insists. My mom can deal with him. I do n’t know. When I return to New York, I will endure it.

I realized she was crying fresh tears when I felt my t-shirt damp. I told her to look at me and tilt her chin up to me.

Nothing. She does n’t want to leave. Not because of the fight with my dad. I like our life here and I do n’t want to be away from it. Even if it ‘s only for a few months. Her eyes are filled with tears.

I tightened my arms around her and felt the sting of her tears behind me. It wo n’t be that long. I confirm that I ‘m coming to see you in December. We can close on the flat by mid-January according to Daniel. In the grand scheme of things, that puts you back before February.

Hope regenerating in her voice, she says. I would like to be back here as soon as possible. Do you mean you ‘re not doing NY Fashion Week ?

I do n’t care. The thought had crossed my mind. I have to tell her soon as the designers choose their lead models, and I ‘m not walking without that distinction. I do n’t want that to dictate your timing. I ‘d rather you come to London if the flat is ready in January. Both of us ignore my reference to London as her home. “ Maybe you can come with me for a quick trip to see your parents if I do end up doing New York ? ” I pondered over in my head. It ‘s a good plan.

She traced the collar of my shirt with her finger. She shook her head as if to shake the sadness from her body. She needs a distraction.

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