2022 SUNFLOWER 6830

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The high-speed, high-residue flow capabilities are not available with traditional shank equipped finishers. The Sunflower 6830 Series is completely void of sweeps and combines four types of rolling ground engaging tools into a three step process : spherical disc blades & reels, wavy coulters, and the Sunflower exclusive “ Rolling Spider Tines ” The Sunflower 6830 Series has a disc gang and reel bearings. A perfect seedbed can be built with this tool. The unique disc gang reel is located directly. The disc gang placement directs soil into the gang reels. The gang reels behind the disc gangs level the surface profile by preventing the movement of soil that would create ridges and valleys. Disc gangs are protected from obstructions such as rocks and stumps with spring-cushioned mounts. The gangs are allowed to penetrate more uniformly with the help of these mounts. Spring-CUSHION SHANKS have 25 inches of under-frame clearance. optimum trash flow is provided by point-load shanks on a five-bar cultivator placement. S-tine is 160 lbs. The heavier spring-tension shanks are not necessary if rocks and stones are not present. Some soils may require additional conditioning, and finishing reels may be an enhancement in some soil types to the performance of the 6830. They help in the final mixing of soil surface materials and the leveling of the soil surface. There is a choice of 14-inch diameter flat-bars or 14-inch diameter round bars. In addition to the featured model, similar models may be shown. Equipment can be shown with options. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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