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Plant with the new 6630.

Larry Kuster admits that Sunflower was a latecomer to the vertical tillage market. The 6630 vertical tillage system was introduced this past fall. It was better to wait until the problems were fixed so that Sunflower could offer a better product.

blades that quickly became dull, affecting the machine ‘s performance were some of the problems we saw with the machines that were on the market. We did not want to introduce our system until we got it right.

Producers can plant up to 10 days earlier in the spring with the 6630, which is available in five models ranging from 21 to 32 feet. The 6630 has the advantage of the patent-pending Saber blades, which feature a unique fluted wave pattern that incorporates 25 flutes with a 112 inch concavity into the 22-inch blade. The blades are easy to cut through and provide an extremely long wear life.

After covering more than 5,000 acres, we have had prototype machines that are still performing like new, thanks to the unique design of the Saber blade.

Farmers using competitive machines were having problems blowing or washing away the leftovers after they had been sized. The front and rear gangs were set at an angle of 18 degrees.

The depth of the tool can be changed to control the ratios. An operating depth of 1 to 2 inches will size the crop and mix it with just enough soil to anchor it and protect it against erosion. The operator can simply drop the operating depth to 3 or 312 inches.

Mark Eddelman is a corn grower. He used the Sunflower 6 630 in corn stubble this fall and was very pleased with it.

You could still see where all the rows had been when he was done with the machine. The 6630 lightly tilled the ground after sized the stalks. The root balls looked like they had been pulled out of the ground. If I wanted to, I could go into the field with the planter.

Visit www to learn more about the system. It ‘s called sunflowermfg.

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