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A single pass saves you a lot of trips across your fields. If you introduce your farm to the Sunflower 6433 Land Finisher, you will be able to cut your farm input cost in fuel use, tractor wear, multiple implement cost and anti-compaction campaigns. SW : split wing folding. Three section field performance with five section folding for low transport height and narrow transport width. The disc gangs are loaded with features to help comply with today ‘s management requirements. The disc gang placement directs soil into the gang reels. The gang reels behind the disc gangs level the surface profile by preventing the movement of soil that would create ridges and valleys. The gangs are adjusted from 1 inch below to 5 inches above the sweeps. The adjustment can be accomplished with either a manual or mechanical feature. Disc gangs are protected from obstructions by heavy-duty spring-cushioned mounts. The gangs are allowed to penetrate more uniformly with the help of these mounts. The under-frame clearance is 25 inches. optimum trash flow is provided by point-load shanks on a five-bar cultivator placement. S-TINE SHANKSS-tine is 160 lbs. The heavier spring-tension shanks are not necessary if rocks and stones are not present. The 6000 Series Land Finisher has a high-residue six-row spike drag. The round design of the spikes is better for the environment than the square design. The number one attachment is drag in high-residue conditions because of the combination of individual spike placement and individual bars. The most maintenance-free finishing attachment is the five-row spike drag. The flexible bars of the unit are designed to conform to very irregular terrain, and its weight makes it aggressive enough to handle the toughest soil conditions. The 1 1/3-inch spike spacing effectively completes the seedbed by breaking clods, leveling and smoothing the soil. Each bar of the spike performs independently for maximum conformance to rough terrain in the three-row spike and reel combination. The soil is dragged in advance of the reel. The reel has six high-carbon spiraled blades, regreaseable bearings and no center shaft for better soil and handling capabilities. The seedbed is nearly perfect because of the aggressive action of this combination. The chopper reels are designed with offset blade sections to provide maximum residue management. The 16-inch-diameter chopper reel is used in combination with a three-row spike drag with 1/2 x 11-inch square spikes on 1 1/2 inch centers for maximum residue management and leveling of the soil surface profile in preparation for planting. The attachment has a three-row coil-tine section that can be adjusted for the desired pitch as well as height, tilt and spring-loaded down pressure adjustments. A smaller reel provides a more aggressive digging action for incorporating and preparing the seedbed. The reel has six high-carbon blades that spiral across the section. When not in use, the reel can be folded up and over. In addition to the featured model, similar models may be shown. Equipment can be shown with options. The specifications are subject to change without notice.

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