It’s the Year of the Sunflower: 2021

The year of the flower.

It ‘s easy to grow, healthy to eat and uplifting to see. The National Garden Bureau named the year after the challenges of 2020. It is almost impossible to not smile, relax and think of sunny days when you are in their presence.

The faces of sunflowers follow the sun from east to west each day.

These flowers are easy to start from seed. Purchase a packet of seeds, select a spot with full sun, and plant directly in the ground about an inch deep and a foot apart. New plants need regular watering for a couple of weeks, but since they are tolerant of the heat, you can back off the watering as they grow.

It is not too late to add flowers to your landscape. You will have bloom by July or August depending on the variety.

This time lapse video shows the life cycle of a bird.

Selecting seeds.

A host of insects, birds, and small mammals can be found here in southeast Texas. Many native bees feed their young with sunflower pollen. Check the information on the packet to be certain the variety is open-pollinated. The flowers will produce a lot of pollen. There are two native varieties that are easy to find.

Birds use seeds for energy production and body maintenance. Finches, pine siskins, chickadees and nuthatches can be found in your garden during the winter. Many small mammals get their food from dried sunflower stalks and leaves.

Birds are not the only ones who love a good seed. If you want to harvest them for your dinner table, try one of the following varieties : Black Russian, Lemon Queen, or Great White Seeded. Growing your own sunflowers is a great way to add to your diet. The National Sunflower Association has some great recipes.

Give your landscape a happy focal point this summer by celebrating the Year of the Sunflower. The benefits are plentiful for you and the environment.

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