Sweet Little Sunflower First Birthday Party Inspiration

I am looking forward to the warm days of summer. I came up with a sunny Sunflower-Themed First Birthday Party using a yellow and pink color scheme. This sweet party theme can be adapted for a birthday party for any age, or even a shower, but I think it ‘s perfect for parents celebrating their little sunshine ‘s first year. I ‘m going to show you how I set it up.

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How to organize a birthday party.

The balloon dropped.

I made a pretty balloon garlands out of pink and yellow balloons. Some of the yellow balloons had printed on them, but I added some extra sunflower goodness by attaching faux sunflowers and paper cutouts throughout.

I filled a stack of giant white blocks with yellow balloons on the floor. I added a few more flowers.

There is a dessert table.

I hung a cutout of a sunflower. It was the perfect backdrop for my dessert table. I used a white table with a pink gingham runner and clear stands. There were cupcakes, jars of yellow candy, and a cake.

Smash cake and party favors.

To the side of the dessert table, I put up a high chair with a smash cake on it for the guest of honor. I put a flower crown on her to wear for the inevitable photos.

The table setting is for adults.

I used disposable plates and napkins for my big table. The packets held utensils. Each place received a plastic wine glass and a little treat box. Next to each place setting, I set a small flower arrangement.

There is a kid ‘s table.

The kids have their own table. I used matching paper cups instead of wine glasses. I gave each child a flower crown, a cupcake, a pink striped bag of treats, and a lollipop. I made a small balloon bundle to sit behind the table and spread felt sunflowers in the center of the table.

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Happy partying!

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