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The first version was featured in the previous post. Adding two extra folds to the petals is how this variation is made.

The multi-piece sunflowers are based on a traditional six-petal flower. There are twenty fourpetals, each made with a few extra folds.

I used a piece of paper and a piece of wire to make an octagonal center for the models. I designed a leaf to be attached to the stem to complete the model.

The following video shows how to make this variation. You will have to refer to the Sunflower 1 video if you are making this for the first time.

There are materials to make an animal.

  • There are six squares of yellow paper.
  • There is a dark paper for the center.
  • There is one square of green paper for the leaf.
  • A piece of wire.
  • Florist tape is about 12 inches per flower.
  • A small clothespin is a tool.

There are tips and suggestions for making the sunflower.

  • The yellow squares will be cut in half to make twelverectangles.
  • The kami paper is used in the video to demonstrate the sunflower.
  • Regular office paper such as “ Tant ” is a good choice to make the sunflower.
  • There is no need to use paper with different colors on each side. Only one side of the paper is shown.
  • The paper for the leaf is green on both sides.

The bird can be used as an ornament, attached to a hat, or worn as a hair piece.


The flowers can be presented alone or in a floral arrangement.


The variation of the sunflower has fewer petals, folded in a slightly different way. This is the first version of the bird.

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