28 Stunning Sunflower Wedding Invitations To Send Out

Is it time to send out wedding invitations ?

By now, you should have figured out your wedding colors, general theme, and flowers. If you are one of the brides who look towards flowers for inspiration, you are in luck.

The sunflower is large and in charge. Be sure to tie in the happy vibes to your wedding invitation suite so you can share the love before the big day, if you feature these big blossoms on your wedding day.

Guests will take cue from your wedding invitations to figure out their dress code and level of formality, but there are also loads who keep wedding invitations as a memory of a good time!

These wedding invitations are bright.

There is a symbol of Sunflowers.

The lovely sunflower has many symbolic associations, no matter where you are from. One look at a bright yellow sunflowers can lift the spirits, so these depictions are mostly positive.

In some countries, sunflowers symbolize long life, good luck, and health. They represent loyalty, joy, and faith in others.

The promise of plentiful crops is what the sunflower heralds in autumn for countries with major harvesting seasons.

Why are Sunflowers so popular ?

One of our favorite theories about sunflowers is that they face the sun as they grow and develop. This flower is an easy favorite for many.

In pop culture, sunflowers are a big draw for people who want to take selfies. With their large heads, sunflowers remind us to look at the bright side.

Is there a time when sunflowers are in season ?

Many varieties of sunflowers bloom throughout the summer and into the fall. sunflowers are sure to be abundant if you have a summer wedding planned.

sunflowers are an icon and even if they are not available for your wedding season, there are lots of ways to incorporate them into your wedding decor.

There is a wedding invite made of recycled card stock.

With all the detail that needs to go out to the guests, you can have everything packed up in one long card without worrying that you might have forgotten to stuff the RSVP insert!

This sunny invitation is made out of recycled card stock. It ‘s good to be eco-friendly!

Invitation template for Burgundy and Sunflower.

Burgundy and bright yellow are a match made in heaven when it comes to wedding floral colors. Adding a darker red flower to your sunflowers theme will add some contrast to your invitation cards.

Cafe Lights, Sunflowers, and Mason Jar Invitation.

No wedding would be complete without some beautiful ambient lighting- whether it is a scattering of tealight votives, lanterns, or charming cafe string lights! When the decor is included on the card, the guests will know what to expect.

There is a Geometric Sunflower Wedding Invitation template.

The yellow and gold combination is perfect. These are the invitations you need if you want to incorporate some elegant geometric elements into your wedding decor.

There are flowers and a wedding invite.

When placed with violets and orchids, the bright sunflowers pop because they are opposites on the color wheel. The wedding invitation is purple and yellow.

There is a laser engraved Birchwood Invitation.

If you are looking for something unique, check out these laser engraved wooden invitations. How cute is the addition of a flower ?

There is a printed wedding invite.

The navy blue background on this invitation really makes the flowers pop.

There are wedding invitations with wrapped lace.

The wedding invitations have a sweet look with the ribbon. The lace insert is clever. The ability to scale up or down is the best part of wedding invites.

Remember, every little detail you and your partner put into your wedding invitations says something about you as a couple to your guests, so why not be a little extrain anticipation for one of the best days of your life ?

There is a wedding Invitation Suite.

The warm tones on this wedding invitation suite give us the feeling of early autumn days, when the golden hour seems to go on for ages and everything is drenched in the late summer sun.

We love the shimmery gold ink, as well as all of the accessories for the entire set that is available to purchase. They will print invitations in another language for free.

There are laser cut wedding invitations.

A modern take on the sunflower theme, this gate-fold sunflower silhouette wedding invitation keeps it simple with a yellow and blue combination. In a clean and organized format, the actual invite lays out all your information for the big day.

A retro wedding set.

We love that the reply card has a song for the dance floor, and we ca n’t get enough of how cute this wedding invitation is.

The wedding invite is realistic.

The wedding invitations feature big heads of sunflowers and trailing greens.

echo this lovely depiction with similar greens for a “ hanging ” effect if you are planning on having sunflowers in your bouquet.

Invitation template with rustic rose and sunflowers.

The roses and sunflowers evoke a sense of romance, and the cafe lights across the invitation make it feel like an intimate event.

There is a wedding invite for country boots and barrels.

This wedding invitation features a pair of cowboy boots and an adorable barrel with your initials on it and is printed in bright colors.

The Sunflower Invitation is minimalist.

Are you a fan of sunflowers but do n’t want them to take up the entire aesthetic ?

There is a wedding invite template.

This adorable gingham and sunflower wedding invite set evokes ultimate barn wedding vibes… so there better be some gingham decor at your wedding!

There is a wedding invitation set.

The sunflowers on the wedding invitation make us feel like we are standing in a field filled with them.

If you have another wedding color that is being featured along with the sunflowers, there are 12 options for envelope colors.

Invitation with Vellum jacket.

This wedding invitation is made of Vellum, which adds a touch of femininity and softness that you do n’t get with opaque paper. If you want to get really fancy with it, you can add a ribbon or wax seal.

There is a wedding invite set.

A half-sunflower is featured prominently in this five-piece invite set. There will be a lot of big sunflowers at your wedding.

Invitation for a country wedding.

This invite features all the information your guests will need on a cute mason jar, and plenty of room for a couple of adorable pictures of you two lovebirds

There is a wedding Invitation with Twine.

If you are planning on having a countryside wedding, you will need these aged cardstock invitations. The twine-tied set looks so cute with the little sunflower.

There is a fresh springtime wedding invite.

If you do n’t believe us, look at this bright, punchy wedding invitation that features some sparkle and springtime whimsy.

The watercolor wedding invitation suite is artistic.

You will appreciate these watercolor invitations. You can get a wedding invitation suite in no time at all with three easy ordering options.

There is a wedding invitation with flowers.

There is a bouquet of white roses, lavender tendrils, and a cluster of berries on the wedding invite. This may be the wedding invitation suite you need if you are a bride who loves detail and little surprises.

There is a wedding invite suite.

This handcrafted set is sure to impress your guests and is simple to make.

There is a country wedding invite.

Your guests will know what to expect when they open your wedding invitation.

Continue the theme on your wedding day with some similarly styled centerpiece, which can be easy to make.

The wedding invitation is printed on wood and lace.

The woodgrain and lace wedding invitation has country vibes with ornate lace detailing. The big, bright sunflowers are so welcoming and will make your guests smile.

You can easily carry this theme over to your wedding decor with similar decorations.

There are seeds in the Mason Jar Invite template.

A picnic on a sunny summer day is what we think of when we think of flowers in mason jars.

If your wedding is in this season, you will want to pick up these invitations, which feature a cute drawing of sunflowers in mason jars.

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