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Gardeners love to grow sunflowers every year.

They are wonderful cut flowers, attract beneficial insects, and can provide temporary privacy. Big seeds are great for snacks and smaller seeds are preferred by birds and squirrels.

Big Smile'
‘Big Smile’

Choco Sun'
‘Choco Sun’

There are dwarf varieties.

Dwarf varieties are cute and add a punch to the border or containers.

  • A variety with 4-5 ” blooms has yellow petals and a brown center. Grows up to 18 feet tall. Plants produce one long lasting flower per plant when in pots. They will produce flowers in the ground.
  • The tall sunflowers are called Choco Sun. It ‘s perfect for 3-6 ” containers.
  • There are 4-5 red and gold flowers with a brown center. Well branched plants grow tall. It ‘s great for cut flowers, borders and containers.
  • Bushy, floriferous plants grow in Paquito Colorado mix. The petals range from lemon yellow to rusty bronze.
  • There are 6 ” golden-yellow flowers with pale centers on 14 ” tall plants.
  • Sunsation is a classic yellow flowers with brown centers.
  • Teddy Bear is cushion-like and has 4-5 ” golden flowers. Plants grow in containers and in the ground.

The cut flower varieties are red.

Cut flower varieties come in a wide range of colors. These varieties are multi-stemmed and have multiple flowers per branch.

Moulin Rouge'

‘Moulin Rouge ‘

The dark burgundy flowers shade the dark cocoa centers. The big, pollenless 3-4 ” blooms flower freely on multi-branching plants, providing an abundance of outstanding, dramatic dark flowers on long 30 ” stems, ideal for floral arrangements. Grows up to 7 feet tall.

Prado Red'

‘Prado red ‘

There are gorgeous red blooms with clear red petals around deep brown discs. The plants are sturdy and early- and long-flowering. If you pinch back the main stem, you can get up to 15 flower stems per plant. A flower that is popular in Europe. Grows up to 6 feet tall.

Bicolor cut flower varieties.


‘reFlonza ‘

A bright bicolor variety with bright red petals tipped with light yellow around a dark center disc. It ‘s ideal for the annual border or a focal point of large patio containers. It is an excellent cut flower due to its strong branching trait and large flowers. Grows 4 feet tall.

‘Ring of Fire ‘

Very uniform. Dark-centered blooms are 4-5 ” across with petals that gradually fade from a dark red base to golden-yellow tips. One of the best varieties for cut flowers has long side stems. Plants grow tall.

Ruby Eclipse'

‘Ruby Eclipse ‘ is a song.

There are pink and golden-yellow petals on this sunflower. They are great for encouraging birds into the garden because they have more than one flower head on each stem. Grows from 6 to 8.

The cut flower varieties are yellow.

Italian White

‘Italian White ‘

There is a hint of yellow striping on the ivory petals. This heirloom variety with a bushy habit blooms profusely over a long season and is ideal for the back of borders or as hedging. The blooms last a long time in a vase. Grows tall.

Starburst Lemon Aura'

‘Sunburst Lemon Aurora ‘ is a song.

There are many flowers with pale green centers on long stems of this novel border plant. Tall, well-branched plants provide a cheerful mass of color in the garden, and the 6-7 ” starburst-type blooms make a handsome cut flower. Grows to 6 feet tall.

There are cut flower varieties.

China Cat'

‘China Cat Mix ‘

There are rings of orange on the yellow petals of a multi-headed sunflower. It ‘s ideal for cutting because many heads are produced over a long season. Grows to 6 feet tall.

Double Quick Orange'

‘Double Quick Orange ‘

Unusual, light orange flowers with greenish centers make a cut arrangement. Grows 4-5 ‘ tall.

There are seed varieties.

Large seeds are great for snacking. The classic golden yellow varieties have large, single stems flowers that grow very tall.

When the green bracts on the back of the flower begin to shrink, it ‘s a good time to cut the flower heads. Allow to dry in a dry area.


‘Giganteus ‘

The golden yellow heads are produced by this huge single flowered type. You do n’t need to stake this one because the extra strong stocks are huge and can survive high winds. Grows up to 12 feet tall.

Mongolian Giant'

‘Mongolian Giant ‘

You can harvest the big, sunny yellow flowers for your own delicious, healthy, nutty snacks. When the green disc on the back of the blooms begins to turn yellow, cut the heads off and leave to mature in a dry, well-ventilated place. Rub with your hands to remove the seeds from the disc. Spread a single layer of roast on a baking sheet and toast in the oven for 10 minutes. When the seeds start to swell, they are ready to be eaten. Plants grow tall.

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