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stare /steə/

  • danh từ
    • sự nhìn chòng chọc, sự nhìn chằm chằm
    • cái nhìn chòng chọc, cái nhìn chằm chằm
    • động từ
      • nhìn chòng chọc, nhìn chằm chằm
        • to stare someone out of countenance: nhìn chòng chọc làm ai phải lúng túng
        • to stare someone in the face: nhìn chằm chằm vào mặt ai
        • to stare at somebody: nhìn ai chằm chằm
        • to stare someone into silence: nhìn chằm chằm bắt ai phải im
      • rõ ràng, rành rành, lồ lộ ra
        • the facts stare us in the face: sự thật đã rành rành trước mắt chúng ta
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) dựng ngược, dựng đứng (tóc…)
      • to stare down
        • nhìn chằm chằm trả lại khiến cho (ai) phải cúi xuống không dám nhìn mình nữa

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    Từ điển Collocation

    stare verb

    ADV. fixedly, hard, intently, unblinkingly I could see a man staring at me intently. | steadily | impassively | absently, blankly, blearily, blindly, dully, sightlessly, uncomprehendingly, unseeingly, vacantly She stared blankly at the brick wall in front of her. | dazedly, disbelievingly, incredulously, open-mouthed, wide-eyed, wildly I stared at him open-mouthed, unable to speak. | bleakly, gloomily, glumly, grimly, helplessly, hopelessly, morosely He stared at me bleakly and said nothing. | coldly, coolly, defiantly, fiercely, moodily, stonily She stared at him stonily as he came in. | curiously, quizzically, suspiciously, thoughtfully | silently, wordlessly | just, merely, simply | (for) a moment For a long moment they just stared at each other. | still He was still staring at himself in the mirror. | across, around/round, back, down, out, (straight) ahead, up She stared back at him. He stared straight ahead and did not move.

    VERB + STARE can/could only She could only stare at him with pain in her eyes. | seem to | continue to | turn to Everyone in the room turned to stare at her. | pause to, stop to

    PREP. across, after She stalked off, leaving them all staring after her. | around/round, at, in I stared in horror at his bloody mouth. | into, out of, through, with He just stared at her with disbelief.

    PHRASES sit/stand staring, stand/stop and stare It was too cold to stand and stare. | stare into space She was just sitting there, staring into space.

    Từ điển WordNet

      n .

    • a fixed look with eyes open wide

    English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

    syn.: gape gawk gaze glare look

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