Tall and Tiny Sunflower Varieties

From Dwarfs to Giants, Sunflowers Fit Any Garden Space.

Whether you ‘re trying to squeeze a few plants into a corner of your yard or you want something big enough to hide an ugly shed, there ‘s a tall or dwarf sunflowers to fit your needs. There are shades of gold, yellow, cream, red and chocolate brown. There ‘s a rosy- pink flower. These plants are easy to grow and do n’t require a lot of care.

Dwarf sunflowers are usually three feet tall and do n’t need staking. They ‘re great for small outdoor spaces. Big sunflowers can top out at more than 15 feet. The giant varieties can be planted to create a living fence or screen. There are different heights, flower shapes and colors in the pictures.

Growing Sunflowers : when to plant and how to grow them.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Little Becka ‘.

It grows just 3 feet tall in small garden spaces. There are glowing yellow “ halos ” surrounding the deep red flowers. In a bed of cutting flowers, this dwarf bicolor works well. It should be given full sun and well-drained soil.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Sunforest Mix ‘.

You can grow a playhouse for your children to enjoy. The stalks of the ‘Sunforest Mix ‘ sunflower can reach up to 40 inches across. To create a living maze, plant the seeds in blocks and leave 3 to 4 feet between them. The blooms measure a foot or more.

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The shortest sunflowers ever bloom for a long period of time, with bright gold 4-inch blooms atop 16-inch stems. Try them for a children ‘s garden. They will attract butterflies to your garden.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Soraya ‘.

The bright orange-gold flowers with dark brown centers of ‘Soraya ‘ are the first to receive an AAS ( All-America Selections ) Award. Even though they grow to 6 feet tall, the plants do n’t need staking. The flowers are great for cutting and are attractive to birds and butterflies.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘American Giant ‘.

“ Giant ” is the correct name for these sunflowers, which grow up to 14 feet in height and have bright yellow faces that measure up to a foot across. Try to block the view with a hedge or border. They are among the tallest of the flowers.

“ ‘Pacino ‘ Sunflower ‘ is a HeadlineText. ”

Perfect for pots, ‘Pacino ‘ has bright yellow sunflowers that are 24 inches tall.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Zohar ‘.

‘Zohar ‘ has orange-gold blooms with dark brown centers held on single stems. The plants bloom throughout the summer.

There is a photo of a baby bear.

The golden heads of the ‘Baby Bear ‘ sunflowers remind you of a teddy bear. The blooms are packed with petals and measure about 8 inches across. This variety can be used in full-sun beds or containers.

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When you ‘re looking for a compact sunflower with bold color, think ‘Elegance ‘. These plants reach 30 inches high, but offer lots of flower power with their gold petals and deep brown eyes. The flowers on the long stems of the plants are good for cutting.

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There are salmon pink and pale yellow blooms. The flowers are pollen-free, so they wo n’t stain your hands or clothes, and they ‘re produced in thick clusters. Plants that grow to 3 feet tall can be used in beds or containers.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Russian Mammoth ‘.

Gardeners who compete at county fairs and flower shows grow ‘Russian Mammoth ‘, a hard-to-beat beauty that towers 9 to 12 feet high. The heads can be dried for their thin-shelled, striped seeds, which are popular with birds and other wildlife. The easy to grow favorite attracts butterflies.

There is a photo of aSunflower ‘Frilly ‘.

The flowerheads are made up of narrow, raggedy-looking petals. There is a fringe around the dark center disk. This one can be grown for cutting or as a novelty. The plants are 5 to 6 feet in height.

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Up to 20 blossoms are produced in three successive waves of blooms. The 20 inch plants are a great choice for containers and window boxes. The yellow-gold flowers have black centers. The All-America Selections winner is this variety.

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