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Ray Florets

The flowers present in the capitulum inflorescence are called Ray Florets. It is a characteristic of the Compositae family of plants. There is a flower called helianthus annuus.

There is a capitulum.

The capitulum is a type of racemose inflorescence. The capitulum is a characteristic of the family. There are small flowers arranged on a receptacle in the capitulum. The younger flowers are present at the centre of the centripetal arrangement.

The flowers are bracteate and the inflorescence is surrounded by two to three whorls of bracts. There is a group of flowers on the receptacle. Tagetes erecta, Helianthus annuus, etc.

There are flowers that are sessile. They are either bisexual or sterile. There are two types of flowers, the disc and ray. There are inferior ovaries for Ray florets and disc florets.

The florets are actinomorphic. I ‘m either symmetrical or zygomorphic. symmetrical with five petals.

The capitulum head is made up of different types of flowers.

  • The radie head contains both disc and ray florets. The discs are centrally placed and surrounded by rows of rays. The flowers are either female or sterile. The discs are usually bisexual or staminate.
  • The discoid head has only disc florets. Florets have both male and female reproductive parts. bisexual
  • The disciform head has both disc and ray florets, but they are not present in this type of head. There are flowers at the outer margin.
  • The ligulate head has flowers. They are similar to ray flowers but different in that they are bisexual and sterile female flowers.

Ray Florets

The Ray florets are strap-shaped. It is divided into 3 parts. They are mostly zyomorphic. There are fused and tubular corollas. The tongue of the corolla is strap-shaped. Normally, ray florets are sterile. There is a vestigial ovary in the sterile female flower.


There are discs in the center of the head. They are actinomorphic. The flowers have corollas. The petals are fused. There are a few apical teeth at the top of the petals. Disc florets can be bisexual or unisexual. They are usually complete and fertile.

This was all about the Ray Florets. Only BYJU ‘S can you learn more about other related concepts.

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