Purple Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism (Royalty & Success)

The symbolism of purple roses is royalty, success, elegance, mysticism, peace, and calmness.

Purple Rose Flower Meaning & Symbolism

A flower with complex symbolism is the purple rose. There are different meanings for purple roses in different cultures. The symbolism depends on the hue, tone, and shade.

The symbolism is subjective. The examples below may not be the correct interpretations for you and your situation.

What does a Purple Rose Symbolize?

1. Purple Roses Symbolize Royalty

Purple Rose Flower

There are many occasions when purple roses are associated with royalty or dignified people. Due to the scarcity of purple flowers in nature, purple dyes and pigments were very valuable and expensive centuries ago.

Products made from purple flowers were often only available to royalty. Many societies reserved purple flowers for monarchs.

2. Purple Roses Symbolize Success or Achievement

Purple Rose Flower

In recent years, purple roses have taken on a new significance, including acknowledgment of accomplishment, achievement, or high honor.

If you want to show your respect and honor, a gift of purple roses is an excellent choice.

3. Purple Roses Symbolize Peace and Serenity

Purple Rose Flower

In the shade of lavender, the color purple represents peace.

lavender and passionflower are purple plants that are great for insomnia. They have calming effects.

The experts think violet is a good color for the bedroom. It calms the mind and reduces insomnia.

4. Purple Roses Symbolize Mature Romance or Lasting Love

Deep purple roses are a symbol of love and passion. It is an excellent gift for a wedding anniversary.

5. Purple Roses Symbolize Mystic Journeys

The symbol of sacred is purple. It is used by Catholic churches to represent penance and sacrifice. During Lent or Advent, they use it.

Purple Rose Flower

Easterners see it as a symbol of mysticism. The crown chakra is at the top of the head. It ‘s associated with purple.

There are seven energy centers in the body. Communication with higher dimensions can be achieved through the crown chakra, which symbolizes the connection with the divine.

There is a meaning to purple flowers. In nature, purple is a rare color. These flowers are seen as sacred.

For easterners, red is a sign of connection to the earth. Higher consciousness and spiritual realm are represented by purple on the opposite side of the spectrum.

6. Purple Roses Symbolize Love at First Sight

Purple Rose Flower

The symbolism of the purple rose is dependent on a number of factors. When the rose is lavender and not thorns, it means love at first sight.

It is a wonderful gift for someone you are starting to date. It is appropriate for any romantic occasion. There are roses that represent love and romance.

7. Purple Roses Symbolize Sophistication and Luxury

Purple Rose Flower

The color purple is elegant. Since purple roses and purple tints were very rare and expensive, they are a symbol of luxury.

It is possible to choose purple roses for your wedding day.

The Meaning of Purple Roses in Dreams

The meaning of purple roses depends on the dream you had.

There are flowers that represent virtues. There are many flowers in a dream.

The symbol of love and romance is roses. It is a symbol of marriage or a new relationship if you receive a rose in a dream.

It is a symbol of divine love. It is a sign of spiritual growth to see roses bloom. There is a connection between the divine and purple roses.

Success in your activities can be achieved if you dream with purple roses. Transition flowers are purple.

The Meaning of Purple Flowers in Christianity

There are different meanings to roses in Christianity. The crown of roses is a symbol of the rosary. The string of beads used to count the prayers are called the rosaries.

It is a form of worship for the Virgin Mary. The rose was associated with the Virgin Mary because of her purity.

The place where Jesus died was believed to be the location of a bush of roses. The rose is a symbol of sacrifice.

The meaning of purple or lavender roses is wonder, reverence, and positive transformation.

The soldiers put a robe on Jesus. The color purple is a representation of Christ ‘s sovereignty.

Christians use purple for liturgy. This color symbolizes mourning during funerals and is used as a symbol of penance in Advent or Lent.

Symbolism of Purple Roses in Ancient Greece

There are many myths about purple flowers in Greek mythology. The symbol of Aphrodite is the violet. The Greeks used to plant irises over the graves of their loved ones.

In ancient Greece, roses were a symbol of love. Aphrodite and Venus were connected with roses by the Greeks and Romans.

They used roses to transmit messages for hundreds of years. In ancient Rome, people put wild roses on the entrance of a room to discuss confidential issues. The Latin word for “ under the rose ” meant something hidden.

Social status and wealth are represented by purple. The society ‘s elite used to wear purple robes. Greek fabrics were prized throughout the Mediterranean.

The purple roses symbolize royalty, elegance, beauty, sophistication, love, and confidentiality.

Purple Roses as a Gift

As a present, purple roses are an excellent choice.

  • A wedding gift.
  • 25th anniversary gift.
  • For your boss, a company president, an elected official, or someone you respect.
  • As a Mother ‘s Day gift.
  • For a person who is elegant or sophisticated.
  • You value someone who is unique and creative.
  • To wish someone a happy birthday.
  • You want to bring calmness and peace to someone.
  • For a romantic occasion, lavender roses are perfect.

Pay attention to the hue, tone, and shade of the rose since they send a different message. There are many colors of purple available.

How to Interpret Spiritual Symbolism

Interpretation of symbolism and spiritual meanings is subjective. The symbolic meanings listed in this article are examples of potential interpretations, but might not be true for your situation.

You should meditate and journal about your vision. Think about what message you think is relevant to you right now.

This does n’t mean choosing the message you want to hear, but the one you think you need to hear at this point in your life It ‘s up to you to decide which meaning is right for your situation.

Everyone should have a dream journal.

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There are not a lot of purple roses. They are a special treasure because of their unique color.

The color purple is elegant. A symbol of royalty, sophistication, luxury, and high status is the purple roses.

Depending on the culture, there are different perspectives. Since purple flowers are rare, they are sacred and a symbol of spiritual enlightenment.

It means love at first sight when you receive a purple roses gift for someone you respect. It is a beautiful anniversary gift. It is a great choice for an elegant wedding or a meditation garden.


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