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pleasure /’pleʤə/

  • danh từ
    • niềm vui thích, điều thích thú, điều thú vị, điều vui thú, điều khoái trá
      • a day of pleasure: một ngày vui thú
      • it’s a pleasure to…: thật là thú vị được…
      • to take pleasure in…: thích thú với…
      • with pleasure: xin vui lòng, rất hân hạnh
    • khoái lạc, hoan lạc; sự ăn chơi truỵ lạc
      • a life given up to pleasure: cuộc sống ăn chơi truỵ lạc
      • a man of pleasure: một người ưa khoái lạc, một người ăn chơi truỵ lạc
    • ý muốn, ý thích
      • what’s your pleasure, sir?: (thương nghiệp) thưa ông muốn mua gì ạ?, thưa ông cần gì ạ?
      • I shall not consult his pleasure: tôi sẽ không hỏi ý muốn của hắn ta
      • at pleasure: tuỳ ý, tuỳ ý muốn, tuỳ ý thích
      • at someone’s pleasure: tuỳ ý muốn của ai
      • that can be postponed during our pleasure: việc đó có thể để chậm lâu chừng nào tuỳ theo ý muốn của chúng ta
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm vui lòng, làm vui thích, làm vừa ý (ai)
    • nội động từ
      • (+ in) thích thú với, vui thích với, thú vị với
        • to pleasure in something: thích thú với cái gì
        • to pleasure in doing something: thích thú làm cái gì

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    Từ điển Collocation

    pleasure noun

    1 enjoyment

    ADJ. considerable, deep, enormous, great, intense It gives me enormous pleasure to welcome my next guest. | genuine, real | pure, sheer | quiet The audience nodded with quiet pleasure at her remark. | obvious | endless Children find endless pleasure in playing with water. | malicious, perverse, sadistic | vicarious He gained vicarious pleasure from watching people laughing and joking. | aesthetic, physical, sensual, sexual

    VERB + PLEASURE bring (sb), give (sb), provide | derive, find, gain, get, take My grandfather got immense pleasure out of life until the end.

    PREP. for ~ Some people read for pleasure, and others read to study. | with ~ His eyes lit up with pleasure. | ~ at He beamed with pleasure at seeing her. | ~ from She was deriving a perverse pleasure from his discomfort. | ~ in They took great pleasure in each other’s company.

    PHRASES business and pleasure I often meet useful people at parties, so I combine business with pleasure. | have the pleasure of sth May I have the pleasure of the next dance?

    2 sth that makes you happy

    ADJ. great | doubtful, dubious the dubious pleasure of growing up in the public eye | little, simple one of life’s little pleasures | fleeting, momentary, temporary

    VERB + PLEASURE have (formal) I hope to have the pleasure of meeting you again. | enjoy | forego

    PLEASURE + NOUN boat, craft

    PHRASES the pleasures of life She enjoys the simple pleasures of life. | the pleasures of the flesh Priests promise to forego the pleasures of the flesh.

    Từ điển WordNet

      n .

    • a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience; pleasance

      he was tingling with pleasure

    • something or someone that provides pleasure; a source of happiness; joy, delight

      a joy to behold

      the pleasure of his company

      the new car is a delight

    • a formal expression

      he serves at the pleasure of the President

    • an activity that affords enjoyment

      he puts duty before pleasure

    • sexual gratification

      he took his pleasure of her

    English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

    ant.: displeasure

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