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opportunity /,ɔpə’tju:niti/

  • danh từ
    • cơ hội, thời cơ
      • to seize an opportunity to do something: nắm lấy một cơ hội để làm việc gì
      • to miss an opportunity: để lỡ một cơ hội
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) tính chất đúng lúc

 cơ hội
  • opportunity cost: chi phí cơ hội
  • opportunity study: nghiên cứu cơ hội
  • richness of opportunity: sự phong phú cơ hội
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    Từ điển Collocation

    opportunity noun

    ADJ. ample, considerable, plenty of We’ll have plenty of opportunity to talk later. | limited, little, not much | excellent, favourable, golden, good, great, marvellous, tremendous, welcome, wonderful a golden opportunity to invest and export into new markets | exciting | ideal, perfect | suitable | reasonable We need to give them a reasonable opportunity to look at the display. | available | every Students should take every opportunity to widen their experience. | historic, once-in-a-lifetime, rare, unique, unparalleled, unprecedented, unrivalled | lost, missed, wasted | career, educational, employment, job, training | business, commercial, economic, investment, market, sales a missed sales opportunity | photo (= an opportunity to take photographs of famous or important people) | equal opportunities (= the principle of treating all people the same, regardless of sex. colour, etc.) an equal opportunities employer

    VERB + OPPORTUNITY have | find, get We didn’t get much opportunity to swim. | afford, create, give sb, offer (sb), open up, provide (sb with) to provide better educational opportunities | grasp, seize, take (up), take advantage of May I take this opportunity to congratulate Ruth on her promotion. | lose, miss He lost no opportunity to vent his anger on those around him. | pass up

    OPPORTUNITY + VERB exist | arise, come, occur, offer When the opportunity came, I seized it with both hands. (formal) The company aimed to expand as and when opportunity offered.

    PREP. ~ for The job will offer you excellent opportunities for promotion.

    PHRASES at the earliest/first (possible) opportunity, at every (available) opportunity, equality of opportunity, the opportunity of a lifetime, a window of opportunity The ceasefire has created a window of opportunity to rescue the peace process.

    Từ điển WordNet

    English Synonym and Antonym Dictionary

    syn.: chance occasion opening spell time turn

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