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Choosing a baby name can be both exciting and frightening. We have put together a list of sun names people can use for their baby.

We found attractive options that meant sunshine, dusk, dawn, and more. Our sun-based baby names are good enough for your little star.

50 boy names mean sun.

Do you want your child to be a star ?

There is a person named Aditya.

Aditi is a Sanskrit word that means belonging.

The sons of Aditi were a group of sun gods called the Aditya. The use of the word came to mean sun in Hinduism.


An Ancient Roman name means sun.

The family name of the Roman emperor Hadrian was Aelius.

The Albanian name for dawn is Agim.

Agim is a word that is not a complete translation of a word in another language. The time when the sun comes to us early in the morning is the full meaning.


Albert is a German name that means noble and bright.

Albert was still chosen for 614 baby boys in the US, even though it was n’t as popular as it used to be. In 2019.

Altan means red dawn in Turkish.

The name Altan means golden and it can convey the beauty of the rising sun.

Amun is a hidden Ancient Egyptian name.

Amun was an ancient Egyptian god who was fused with another god. The god of the sun was Amun-Ra.


The name Anatoly means sunrise.

Considered one of the greatest chess players in history, Anatoly Karpov is a Russian chess grandmaster who was the World Champion of Chess from 1975 to 1985.


The name Antiman means condor of the sun.

The Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina use an-tee-MAWN. If you did n’t like the connotations of this spelling, you could use Anteemon or similar.

A Spanish name means sun or day.

The name day is January 17th in Estonia. It might be an excellent sunny name for a boy born on this day.

An Arabic name that means brighter is Anwar.

A professional boxer who was born in Syria moved to the U. He had a 20 fight winning streak.

The name Areg means sun.

Areg is pronounced ah-REHG in Eastern Armenia, but ah-REHK in Western Armenia.

Arki means descendant of the sun.

The Hindu god Yama is the son of the sun god Surya. Yama became the god of death as the first mortal to die.

The name Ataru means the sun.

Ataru is a sun-inspired name that could be a good choice for a Star Wars fan. The fourth form of combat with a lightsaber is called Ataru.


Auster means towards the dawn.

There is a glacier, a group of islands, and an emperor penguin rookery in the region. They were given the name because they were first spotted.

The name Baer means bright.

During the medieval period, Baer was a popular name. We now consider the borderlands of Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands to be the region.

The name of the boy is bright.

The last time Bert was used frequently enough to register in the U, it was an old-fashioned name. 83 boys were given this name in 1983.

It ‘s called Castor.

It ‘s a Greek name meaning to shine.

The sons of Zeus were Castor and Pollux. The constellation is named after the brothers.

The man is called Cuthbert.

It ‘s an English name that means famous and bright.

The History of Magic teacher at Hogwarts is a ghost in the Harry Potter book series.

The name Dai means to shine.

Dai is a stand-alone name that evolved from the Celtic word dei, which means to shine, but it is also used in Wales as a short form of David.


Dashinima means happy sun and lucky sun.

The double meaning for this name comes from the Tibetan words, or bkra shis, which means good fortune or good luck, and, or nyi ma, meaning sun, day.

Diell is an Albanian name that means sun.

Diell was going to be the Albanian entry in the contest. The song contest committee wanted to develop the music without the writer ‘s input, so they withdrew their permission to use it.

It ‘s a Spanish name that means sunset.

The correct pronunciation of this name is DEE-mah. If you choose this lovely name, be prepared to spend a lot of time fixing people.


Egbert means bright.

In Poland, people named Egbert celebrate their name day on April 24th.

The name Elio means sun.

Since 2001, Elio has become more popular in France, where it is in the top 100 boys ‘ names.

Enver is a Turkish name that means bright.

Enver is a popular boys name in Turkey, Bosnia, and Albania.

Ergn means soldier of the sun.

Ergn is connected to the sun and the armed forces, making it an exciting choice for families with military heritage.


A Basque name is Erlantz.

The Basque are an ethnic group from an area on the Atlantic ocean at the western end of the Pyrenees, making this a good choice for those who wish to celebrate their Basque ancestry.

The name Gnay means sun, moon.

Gnay is a gender neutral name. You can see the moon during the day.

The meaning of the name is sun or sunlight.

When Haru is written, the meaning of sun or sunlight is created. Other popular forms are, which means springtime, and, which means clear, sunny.

Haul means sun and is a modern Welsh name.

The spelling of this name may lead to a lifetime of U-Haul jokes.


Spanish and Portuguese names mean gift of the sun.

The ancient Greek writer was given this name because he was from a family of priests of the sun.


There is a Greek name for the sun.

Helios was the sun god who rode across the sky in a chariot. Selene was the moon goddess.


Hinata means sunny place in Japanese.

He trained himself to jump high to compensate for his short stature.

The name Hito means to the sun.

Hito was a professional wrestler. Mr is a professional wrestler by the name of Bret Hart. One of his greatest mentors was Hito.

It ‘s a Romani name that means sun.

Kim Owens is an American singer-songwriter and producer. Live Out Your Love is on his latest album.

The Lairus.

He shines because he is a Latin name.

The Christian Bible states that Jairus was a man who asked Jesus to save his daughter ‘s life.

The man is named Lambert.

There is a German name for brightness.

The forename was often seen as a surname in English speaking countries. The recent trend for surnames-as-first-names has led to it being used as a forename.

The name Langa means sun.

One of the official languages of South Africa is the Bantu language Xhosa. There are 2 million people and 11 million who speak it as a second language.

The ancient Gaul name is light or brightness.

The god of commerce, merchants, and craftsmanship was named Lugus. He is similar to the Roman god Mercury.

It ‘s a Persian name that means friendship and sun.

The seventh month of the Solar Hirji calendar is called Mehr. The first month of autumn has 30 days.


Osbert is an Old English name that means brightness.

Biologia Centrali-Americana, an encyclopedia on the natural history of Mexico and Central America, and a book about the natural history of Pennsylvania were written by Osbert Salvin.

There is a person named Rashmi.

The meaning of the name is ray of sunlight.

The name Rashmi was submitted by the country of Sri-Lanka to the World Tropical Cyclone Committee. Rahmi was the name of the seventh tropical cyclone of the 2008 season.

There is a person named Ravindra.

It ‘s a Hindi name that means lord of the sun.

If you ‘re thinking of naming your son the Lord of the Sun, it ‘s a good idea to use a short form of the name.

There is a man named Samson.

It ‘s a Latin name that means sun.

There are 482 baby boys in the U. There was a slight decrease in the number of people named Samson in 2019.

Taner is a Turkish name meaning born at dawn.

A boy who is born as night gives way to day would benefit from this sun name.

It ‘s an Old Norse name that means shine or glow.

The tier was a god. We get the word Tuesday from his name.

The man is named Wilbert.

It ‘s a Dutch name that means bright will.

By the 1990s, the name had fallen out of favor. This is an uncommon name that is still familiar. Yours is likely to be the only one of its kind.


Willka is an Aymara name.

Willka Mayu is the name of a river in the Sacred Valley. It was thought to be a reflection of the Milky Way, and its course is followed by the sun.


Yo-Han means shine or sunlight in Korean.

The French version of Yohan is a form of John, which means God is gracious.

The name Zeus means shine.

Zeus was the most senior of the gods. He had control of the weather on Earth.

There are 50 girl names that mean sun.

Your baby girl is going to be great. 50 sun names for girls are our favorites.

An Ancient Roman name means sun.

The emperor Hadrian was a member of the Ancient Roman family named Aelia. Many Roman coins have Aelia in their name.

The name ine means radiance.

ine was said to control the sun. ine had a sister, Grian, and was sometimes represented by a red mare.

Akino means my rising sun in Japanese.

Akino Kawamitsu is an American pop singer from Utah and is the singer of a number of anime theme songs and soundtracks.

Alba means dawn in Spanish and Italian.

The feminine form of the Roman name Albus, meaning white or bright, is what Alba means in Spain, Italy, and Catalonia.


The name lfsl means elven sun.

Your child can only be given a name on the National Register of Names of Persons. One person was allowed to use an ancient name in 1998.

The name Anpao means sun.

Anpao was a spirit with two faces. She was said to dance with the spirit of darkness. The sun god was prevented from burning up the Earth by their dance.

The person is Apricia.

The Latin word for sunny is Apricia.

A few families have adopted the Latin word and used it as a name for their daughters. It ‘s also the name of a Japanese baby gear brand.

Arani means sun and is a Sanskrit name.

A name used across all regions of India has multiple meanings.

Are you from Arevik ?

The name Arevik means like the sun.

If you have a family with Armenian heritage, this could be a good sun name for girls.

The name is Hindi and means dawn.

A politician and engineer by the name of Aruna Miller. In January of 2011, Miller became a member of the Maryland House of Delegates.

A city named Aurora.

The Latin word for dawn is Aurora.

Aurora was the goddess of the dawn in Roman mythology. She was said to announce the arrival of the sun by running across the sky.


The dawn is the meaning of Austra.

Austra is an athlete. At an event in Columbia, Missouri, in 2005, she set the World Record for the women ‘s decathlon with a score of 8,358.


Beltane means bright fire.

Beltane is held in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man. The festival celebrated the beginning of summer with the bright fire meaning.

There is a person named Brigid.

The Irish name for the exalted one is Brigid.

The Irish goddess of poetry, fertility, and the dawn was named Brigid. This may be a good choice for your child with flaming tresses because she was said to be a passionate and fiery redhead.

The Old English word dgeseage means day eye.

The eye of the day is the flower daisy because it opens in the morning and closes at night.

The period between darkness and sunrise is known as Dawn.

In the U. Since 1971, the use of the name Dawn has declined. The last time it made the top 1,000 was in 2000.


It ‘s a name from fiction that means star sun.

The Lord of the Rings has a character named after a flower. The book has a definition of the name.

The name lia means sun.

lia is a popular name in Italy, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and all across Spain.


liane means sun in French.

liane is a popular girls name in France during the 1940s and 1950s.


adaoin is an Irish name that means passion.

The modern Irish spelling of tan is adaoin. Some scholars believe that tan was a sun goddess.


ostre means to shine.

The ancient goddess ostre was worshiped in northern England. The name evolved into many place names.

The name Grian means sun.

In Irish mythology, Grian is thought to be the sister of ine, making her a pair of sunny twin girls.

The meaning of the name is dawn.

Gry is not an ancient name and it is relatively modern. The first recorded was in Norway in 1897.

The Latin halos mean disc of the sun.

There was a sudden increase in the number of baby girls. There were over 200 newborn girls given the name that year.

The meaning of the name is light or sun.

Haru means light, sun and male in Japanese. The feminine use of the name is more common in Japan.


The house of Horus is where the Ancient Egyptian name Hathor comes from.

The goddess of the sun was referred to as the Golden One in Egyptian mythology. Her rays are said to illuminate the entire Earth.

Helie is a name meaning the sun.

Helie was one of the seven daughters of Helios, who were collectively known as the Heliades. She was the daughter of the sun and her name reflected that.

There is a person named Helene.

It is an Ancient Greek name that means shining, bright, or radiating.

The modern and more popular form of Helen in Germany, Sweden, Norway, and Danes is named after Ancient Greek.

Helianthus is a flower.

The Greek word for sunflower is hilanthus.

The common sunflower is one of the 70 species of Helianthus. It ‘s part of the scientific name of the Jerusalem Artichoke.


Hemera means day in Greek.

Hemera was the daughter of Erebos and Nyx, who were darkness and night, in Greek mythology. Her brother was Aether, meaning light, so this could be a good brother/sister name combo.


Hesperia means evening in Spanish.

The Ancient Greek name for Italy was called Hesperia and they referred to it as the land where the sun sets.


Heulwen means sunshine.

The pronunciation of this name depends on what part of Wales you are from. While in the south you will hear HIEL-wen, in the north you will hear HAYL-wen.


The name Marici means ray of light.

Marici is on the path to Buddhahood in Buddhism. She has three faces and multiple arms. She has different weapons in each hand.

Olwen means white footprint.

Olwen was referred to as the flower-bringing golden wheel of summer. She was referred to as the sun or the golden wheel of summer.


The meaning of stara is to shine.

One of the months that the Germans had their own calendar was called Ostermonat. The name evolved to mean Easter when they celebrated the spring equinox.

There is a person named Roxana.

An Ancient Greek name means bright or dawn.

Alexander the Great fell in love with the Princess of Bactria at first sight. Alexander defeated her father at Sogdian Rock.

Saul means sun.

Saul can be either SOW-lay or sow-LAY. Without the accent above the e, Saule means ray of light or sunbeam and is pronounced SOW-la.

Shams means sun in Arabic.

Shams was the patron goddess of the Himyarite Kingdom and a pre-Islamic Arabian sun goddess. This is where we now call Yemen.

Shemesh is a person.

Shemesh means sun.

Shemesh was a sun goddess worshiped by the Canaanites, a group of settled and nomadic ethnic groups who lived in the Eastern Mediterranean before the Iron Age.

There is a person named Sienna.

There is an English name for orange-red.

The name of the town where the red-orange clay is found is Siena, Italy.

Sol is a Spanish and Portuguese name.

Sol was a popular name in the U. During the early 20th century.


Solana is a place that is exposed to the sun.

shepherds and early settlers used a well in Spain to make La Solana. The well was named after it because it was on the sunny side of the hill.


The Swedish name for the sun is Solbritt.

This name was first used in Sweden in 1909 and was created by combining the Swedish word for sun, which is sol, and the Swedish form of Bridgit.

Sole means sun in Italian.

Sole was only used with Maria until the 1990s. It has exploded in popularity since it was used as a stand-alone name by a European celebrity couple.

The name is Soleil.

The French word for sun is Soleil.

In France, the word for sun is not commonly used as a name. In the U. Around 100 girls are named Soleil each year.

Sley is a name fromIceland.

Sley is on this list because the word for buttercup is actually a synonym for a small island of sun.


The name Solfrid means beautiful sun.

The earliest documented use of Solfrid was in 1891. The name fell out of favor in Norway in the 1960s.

The woman is named Solvita.

The name Solvita means life-giving sun.

The new life brought into the world on the first day of a new year is called Solvita in Latvia.

An example of an English word being used as a name is Sun.

Sun does not have a strong history of being used predominantly for either boys or girls. 5 girls and 18 boys were named Sun. The more popular name is Summer, which conjures up images of sunny, warm weather.

Tesni means warmth from the sun.

TESS-nee means Indian Summer and could be a great sun name choice for a family with Welsh ancestry.

There are baby names for your Ray.

It was easy to find baby names associated with the sun. The list of 50 names that mean sun for boys and 50 names for girls was difficult to cut down on.

Maybe one of the names on this list is the right one for your new edition.

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