A List of Flower Names From A to Z

There are so many different types of flowers that I enjoy.

Clockwise, zephyranthes, saffron, China aster, and King's Spear.

Clockwise, saffron, China aster, and King ‘s Spear.

Names of Flowers

We all like flowers. In our homes and gardens flowers are beautiful. In wedding and prom traditions, flowers are an important part.

There are so many different types of flowers that we have n’t heard of yet.

The following list of flower names might be useful if you ‘re researching flowers. If you ‘re looking for baby or pet name ideas, read on.

Flower names start with the letter A.

Acanthus mollis, commonly known as bear's britches or oyster plant. features smooth leaves and tall spikes of purple and white flowers.

Acanthus mollis is also known as bear ‘s britches or oyster plant. There are spikes of purple and white flowers.

by Dcrjsr, CC

  • Acanthus.
  • There is a plant called Socotrine.
  • Amaranth.
  • American ash.
  • There is a person named Angelica.
  • Anthericum is a plant.
  • Arum is a fly-catching character.
  • The trumpet-flower is ash-leaved.
  • The person is from China.

Flower names start with the letter B.

Bellflower, or campanula, grow in many areas of the world, with varieties in North America,  the Southern Hemisphere, and South Africa.

North America, the Southern Hemisphere, and South Africa have varieties of campanula.

Wikimedia has a public domain.

  • Barberry is a person.
  • Bellflower.
  • Bellflower is a pyramidal plant.
  • Bindweed is in a field.
  • Bindweed is purple.
  • Blackthorn is a tree.
  • Bladder, senna.
  • A bottle.
  • There is a person named Bramble.
  • The broom is prickly.
  • The broom is Spanish.
  • There is a form of rape called broomrape.
  • There is a Buck-bean.
  • There is bugloss.
  • Burdock is a bird.

The plant names start with the letter C.

Cinquefoil means "five petals." The plant resembles a strawberry plant and is sometimes known by the name "barren strawberry."

Cinquefoil means five petals. The name “ barren strawberry ” refers to the plant that resembles a strawberry.

by Phil Sellens, CC

  • It ‘s catch-fly, night-flowering.
  • The flower is great-flowered.
  • There is a Christmas aconite.
  • Thefoil.
  • Clianthus.
  • Clove pink.
  • There is a show called “ Columbine. ”
  • The Coltsfoot.
  • Coriander leaves.
  • Crowfoot, meadow.
  • Crowfoot, marsh.
  • The Crown Imperial.

Flower names start with the letter D.

This dahlia is called "Thomas Edison." Their deep purple petals grow to form a flower between 6 to 8 inches across.

“ Thomas Edison ” is the name of this flower. The deep purple petals form a flower between 6 to 8 inches across.

Mark Twyning is associated with Marktee1, CC.

  • There is a flower called Daffodil.
  • Daisy, double.
  • Daisy is single.
  • Daisy is wild.
  • Dandelion.
  • The date is plum.
  • A daylily is yellow.
  • Dittany of Crete.
  • Dittany is white.
  • There is a dragon plant.

Flower names start with the letter E.

Enchanter's Nightshade, or circaea, is named after the enchantress Circe from Greek mythology, who is supposed to have used enchanter's nightshade in her magic.

According to Greek mythology, the Enchanter ‘s Nightshade is named after the Enchantress Circe, who is said to have used it in her magic.

by jason Hollinger, CC The Enchanter ‘s Nightshade was uploaded by Amada44. License.

  • Momordica is elastic.
  • Enchanter ‘s Nightshade.
  • It is forever.

Flower names start with the letter F.

The fig marigold is native to South Africa and has thick, fleshy leaves and flowers in various bright colours.

The fig marigold is native to South Africa and has bright flowers.

by Okano, CC

  • Fieldrush.
  • There is a fig Marigold.
  • Foxglove.

Flower names start with the letter G.

All parts of Goat's rue, or tephrosia virginiana, are toxic to people and animals. The stems used to be used as fish poison.

The parts of Goat ‘s rue that are toxic to people and animals. The stems were used to make fish poison.

There is a CC by Fritzflohrreynolds.

  • Geranium was clouded.
  • Geranium rose.
  • Geranium, scarlet.
  • Gilliflower and Mahon ‘s.
  • Gilliflower is stock.
  • The goat ‘s rue.
  • There is a goosefoot.

Flower names start with the letter H.

Honesty flowers bloom in purple and white. When their summer bloom is finished, the flowers dry to become paper-thin, transparent, double-layered disks that enclose the seeds for the next year's flowers.

Honesty flowers are purple and white. The flowers dry to become paper-thin, transparent, double-layer disks that cover the seeds for the next year ‘s flowers.

Anne Burgess, CC, via Wikimedia Commons.

  • Hedysarum.
  • Helenium is smooth.
  • It ‘s called Hepatica.
  • There is a flower called Hibiscus.
  • Thebean
  • The root is hollow.
  • Hollyhock.
  • Honesty.
  • It is called honeysuckle.
  • There is a hornbeam.
  • Hortensia.
  • Hyacinth was expanded.
  • The garden has hyacinth.
  • The wild hyacinth.
  • The crinum is a hybrid.

Flower names start with the letter I.

Ipomea are also called morning glories. This particular color is "heavenly blue."

Ipomea are also known as morning glories. “ heavenly blue ” is the color of this particular color.

CC via Wikimedia Commons.

  • The cane is Indian.
  • Ipomea is tricolor.

Flower names start with the letter J.

  • Jamaica plum.
  • Japan rose.
  • Common white, Jessamine.
  • Jessamine rose.
  • Jessamine is Spanish.

Flower names start with the letter K.

The King's Spear stalk can grow up to 4 feet (1.22 m) in height and is covered with bright yellow flowers.

The King ‘s Spear can grow up to 4 feet. It is 22 m in height and covered with bright yellow flowers.

CC via Wikimedia Commons.

  • King ‘s Spear.
  • There is a dog
  • Kaffir ‘s name is Kaffir.

Flower names start with the letter L.

Lady's eardrops, or fuchsia, bloom in a vibrant array of colours from deep purple to red and pale pink.

Lady ‘s eardrops bloom in a wide range of colors from deep purple to red and pale pink.

by Poco a poco

  • Laburnum.
  • Lady ‘s bedstraw.
  • Lady ‘s eardrop.
  • The city of Larkspur.
  • Laurestine.
  • There is lavender.
  • There is a white and a Lilac.
  • It ‘s Lent.
  • There is a girl in the valley.
  • The city of Lucerne.

Flower names start with the letter M.

A root for the common marshmallow flower was the original source for the flavor of marshmallows.

The root of the common marshmallows flower was the original source of flavor.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • Madder, yellow.
  • Manchineel
  • Mandrake.
  • There is a cape.
  • There is a garden.
  • It was marshmallows.
  • There is a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about a comic book about
  • Meadow was saffron.
  • Meadowsweet.
  • Mezereon.
  • There is milfoil.
  • There is milkwort.
  • Mistletoe.
  • Motherwort is a plant.
  • There is a mugwort.

Flower names start with the letter N.

Nightshade plants are used to create staple foods for many cultures, as well as medicine.

Many cultures use nightshade plants to make staple foods and medicine.

Wikimedia has a public domain.

  • White Narcissus.
  • Nightshade.
  • There is a person named Nosegay.

Flower names start with the letter O.

The flower osmunda is actually a cluster of fern fronds, tightly wound, about to unfold.

The cluster of fern fronds is about to unfold.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • Fly orchid.
  • The orchid is a spider orchid.
  • There is orange blossom.
  • Osmunda

Flower names start with the letter P.

  • It ‘s called Parsley.
  • The flower isasque.
  • A flower with passion.
  • The scent of mint
  • There is a person named periwinkle.
  • Persian candytuft.
  • There is a pheasant ‘s eye.
  • The Pimpernel is red.
  • Pink Musk.
  • Polemonium is a musical instrument.
  • There is a fruit.
  • There is a prickly pear.
  • There is a prickly flower, white.
  • There is a person named Primrose.

There are flowers that start with the letter Q.

  • She is named Quesnelia.
  • The Queen ‘s Cup is a trophy.
  • The Queen of the Meadow.

There are flower names that start with the letter R.

The round-leaved sundew is a carnivorous plant. This one is bending to capture and eat an insect.

There is a plant called the round-leaved sundew. This one is trying to eat an insect.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • Restharrow.
  • A hundred-leaved rose.
  • There is a willowherb named Rosebay.
  • Rosemary.
  • The sundew is round.

Flower names start with the letter S.

The bright red stigmas of the saffron crocus are dried and used to produce the cooking spice saffron.

The saffron crocus has bright red stigmas that are dried and used to make saffron.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • There is Saffron.
  • Sea lavender.
  • The plant is sensitive.
  • The plant is called silverweed.
  • There is a snowball.
  • There was snowdrop.
  • Southernwood.
  • Speedwell.
  • The star of Bethlehem.
  • The star of Bethlehem is pyramidal.
  • There is a starwort.
  • Succory.
  • There is a vegetable called Sunflower.
  • The Sultan is yellow.
  • Sweet William.
  • The word “ syringa ” is derived from the Latin word “ syringa. ”

Flower names start with the letter T.

  • The word toflax is derived from the Latin word toflax.
  • Touch-me-not.
  • Tuberose.
  • Turnsol.

There are flower names that start with the letter U.

  • Uva Ursi.
  • There is a person named Ursinia.
  • There is a plant in an urn.
  • Ulex-Gallii.
  • The plant has umbrellas.

Flower names start with the letter V.

Venus' looking glass is an herb that was used by Native Americans to treat indigestion.

Native Americans used Venus ‘ looking glass to treat indigestion.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • Valerian is red.
  • There is Venus ‘s looking glass.
  • Vervain.
  • There is a woman named Violet Ivy.
  • The girl is sweet.
  • White, violet.
  • The Virgin ‘s Bower.
  • Virginia Cowslip.
  • The spiderwort is from Virginia.

Flower names start with the letter W.

Wood anenome is a spring-blooming flower that is also called windflower.

Wood anenome is a flower that blooms in the spring.

The public domain is used by Wikimedia.

  • Wake-up.
  • The flower is Wallflower.
  • There is a water lily.
  • Water lilies are white.
  • Water lilies are yellow.
  • The willowherb is purple.
  • Wood Anemone.
  • The sorrel is made of wood.
  • There is a Wormwood.
  • There is a wreath of roses.

There are flower names that start with the letter X.

  • There is a plant called xerophyllum.
  • Xeranthemum.

Flower names start with the letter Y.

The yew flower is actually the cone of the evergreen yew tree.

The cone of the yew tree is the yew flower.

There is a CC by the name of Didier Descouens.

  • There are yellow waxbells.
  • There is a yellow root.

Flower names start with the letter Z.

Zephyranthes is also called rain flower and fairy lily.

It ‘s also called rain flower and fairy lily.

CC, via Wikimedia.

  • The Zephyranthes.

There are beautiful flower names for babies.

Names for GirlsNames for Boys

For Sweet William!


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