36 Best Libra Tattoo Designs (and What They Mean)

Zodiac tattoos are popular among celebrities who are role models for many people who get the tattoos after them. There are different ways to tattoo the 7th Zodiac sign, and it ‘s popular because of it. The goddess of balance and equilibrium is often referred to as a goddess holding the scales in her hands. There is more to the tattoo concept than just that.

Many people do n’t believe in the depth of horoscope meanings, but they are still willing to get a tattoo of their zodiac sign to manifest their most prominent traits That is the reason we wrote this article.

If you are looking for the meanings behind the Libra zodiac that will perfectly represent your upcoming tattoo, regardless of its shape, you should continue scrolling through this article and learn about the detailed meanings behind this tattoo. It is a popular option because zodiac tattoos are small and great for people who do n’t want them to stand out too much.

The meaning of the tattoo.

Libra Tattoo MeaningsLibra Tattoo Meanings

The zodiac sign that reigns from September 23rd to October 22nd is one of the reasons why people get a tattoo. The air element is represented by the 7th sign of the Zodiac. Other air elements are also called air elements. There are many different meanings to the Libra Zodiac, as well as a personal concept.

People born in the sign of Libra are often social and innovative. They are easy to fall in love with. They can be quite rational when it comes to making the right decision even though they think with their heart. In order to reach the ultimate equilibrium, they weigh the good and bad in certain things.

Being in the public eye makes it easier to find friends. They feel comfortable with other people and have good communication skills. When it comes to making important decisions and being just and righteous, they will make anyone respect them because of their rationality.

The epitome of equality is what makes this symbol so popular in tattoos over the past few years. The truth and unification with nature are sought by the Libras. Love, peace, balance, honesty, and the positive energy are all represented by libra.

There is a myth about a woman in mythology.

The goddess Themis was worshiped by people in ancient Greece. The Goddess of justice was depicted holding scales to represent the balance of good and justice.

The scale being held by the Greek Goddess makes the Libra tattoo more popular among females. The scale is one of the most important symbols of justice and righteousness.

There are different types of tattoo.

The keywords that represent Libra are peace, balance, beauty, harmony and creativity.The keywords that represent Libra are peace, balance, beauty, harmony and creativity.

There are different ways to get a tattoo. Some people want a simplistic approach to the Libra ‘s zodiac symbol, while others want to get larger and more detailed tattoos. Those who tell a story.

Before listing the most popular Libra tattoo designs, let ‘s see to detail some Libra tattoo types that will help you get the right tattoo for yourself.

The most popular idea is its zodiac. It is supposed to represent the beginning of the new day and the sun rising. Because of that, the balance between the sky and earth, and the details that one can not exist without the other, is called Libra.

Scales are the second most popular representation of the zodiac. They are often depicted in more illustrated versions of the horoscope readings. It is the symbol for balance, justice, and equilibrium. The importance of finding balance in everyday activities is emphasized.

The goddess Themis is thought to have first appeared in the Greek mythology, holding the scale and symbols that represent justice and righteousness. The equilibrium between good and evil is represented by them.

The popular Libra constellation consists of only four stars, which is less than other constellations. Only one of the four stars is bright, while the others are faint. They can be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. They can be seen in areas that do n’t have a lot of light pollution. The stars making it are alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha, alpha The Latin word for weighing scales is libra.

There are 36 best Libra tattoo designs.

Being one of the most gracious and popular zodiac signs, we are sure that there are plenty of tattoo design ideas that you will like and get inspired from when making your tattoo come to life. Check out the designs.

There is a tattoo for females.

Libra Tattoo For Females 1Libra Tattoo For Females 1
Libra Tattoo For Females 2Libra Tattoo For Females 2
Libra Tattoo For Females 3Libra Tattoo For Females 3

The tattoo and libra zodiac are more popular among females than males. When it comes to choosing a tattoo, females are more creative than males. Regardless of whether you choose the regular scale or zodiac tattoo, there are a lot of design options to choose from.

Female tattoos usually use gentle tones, gentle width of the brush, and additional symbols like stars, moon, planets, as well as flowers. It implicates how we hold the balance with the scales if we tattoo it in the arm area.

There are other options like the libra goddess or the zodiac. You are open to using different symbols that are more useful.

The small feminine tattoos should not be thrown out like the ones we highlighted earlier. If you do n’t like combinations and want something simpler, check out below.

There is a small tattoo of a woman.

Small Libra Tattoo 1Small Libra Tattoo 1
Small Libra Tattoo 2Small Libra Tattoo 2
Small Libra Tattoo 3Small Libra Tattoo 3

A lot of people do n’t see themselves carrying a large tattoo. One reason can be the fear of social stigma at work or university, or simply worry about what will the parents or other relatives say. While the stigma is slowly being lifted and these tattoos are more acceptable, we can understand the choice of sticking with a small tattoo.

We focused on the zodiac Libra tattoo as they are small, minimalist, and yet they look and feel beautiful on the skin. If you want to hide the tattoos, you could place them under the knee, under the thigh, or behind the ear. You can play with shapes and colors.

White ink is popular at different tattoo studios and can be used if you prefer your small tattoo to remain hidden. The sky is not enough.

There is a tattoo of a constellation.

Libra Constellation Tattoo 1Libra Constellation Tattoo 1
Libra Constellation Tattoo 2Libra Constellation Tattoo 2
Libra Constellation Tattoo 3Libra Constellation Tattoo 3

Here is to the fans of astronomy and astrology. The naked eye ca n’t see the constellation because it ‘s a little faint. A lot of people drive and retreat to be able to worship these tattoos. That could be what the first tattoo is saying.

We will be able to see the clear night skies if we withdraw far away. It ‘s beautiful because you can observe the night sky while being surrounded by nature. There are other ideas for the constellation tattoo.

If you combine this with some of your ideas, you can come up with a plan for your first Libra tattoo. Add elements like the moon, planets, or comets to your astronomy collection. You can use the watercolor tattoos that are popular.

There is a tattoo of the Zodiac.

Libra Zodiac Tattoo 1Libra Zodiac Tattoo 1
Libra Zodiac Tattoo 2Libra Zodiac Tattoo 2
Libra Zodiac Tattoo 3Libra Zodiac Tattoo 3

It is up to you and your imagination if you want to get a tattoo of the sun setting behind the horizon or the scales. These tattoos are more minimalist than the rest of them.

You can always get creative with your tattoos and see how you can improve them. What you can do is up to you. If you do n’t mind showing them off and exposing them, you can add more elements and patterns and leave them at a more exposed place on the body.

There is a tattoo for males.

Libra Tattoo For Males 1Libra Tattoo For Males 1
Libra Tattoo For Males 2Libra Tattoo For Males 2
Libra Tattoo For Males 3Libra Tattoo For Males 3
Libra Tattoo For Males 4Libra Tattoo For Males 4

Although you can find more feminine tattoos, men do n’t tattoo them. There are some popular tattoos for men.

They are usually inked with a thicker layer of ink, a little more minimalist or rogue, as you can see in some designs that we displayed above. As men place them on their chest, back, and sometimes the biceps, they look bolder and sometimes bigger. There is a majority of the Libra zodiac signs tattooed on men.

Some designs mean that they were thinking out of the box to prepare them to look stunning and appealing no matter how you look at them. It ‘s best to combine bolder tones but do n’t run away from expressing yourself.

Scales the tattoo of a woman.

Scales Libra Tattoo 1Scales Libra Tattoo 1
Scales Libra Tattoo 2Scales Libra Tattoo 2
Scales Libra Tattoo 3Scales Libra Tattoo 3

The scales Libra tattoo is one of the most popular. It gives a more picturesque image to the Libra zodiac but also serves as an asset, a tool that helps those who ink it to express themselves. It helps them show their integrity.

Scales can be used to measure something, but they can also be used to balance things out. If you want to express those qualities within the tattoo, you need to find a tattoo artist that will be able to convey the masterpiece.

A scale tattoo is weighing down between the heart and the mind. At first glance, this balance seems hard to achieve, but with dedication and consistency, you can always get closer to it.

There is a watercolor Libra tattoo.

Watercolor Libra TattooWatercolor Libra Tattoo

Colorful tattoos have been around for a long time. Those looking for more minimalist designs will avoid the color and focus on the black and white aspect of creating tattoos.

If you like colorful, vibrant, and vivid background, you should try adding a bit more charm to your tattoo. It will bring life to it, making it more noticeable and dragging a lot of positive comments from other like-minded tattoo artists.

Art and tattoos are both popular with the use of watercolors. If you talk to your tattoo artist who has experience with them, you will enjoy your tattoo. We found one good idea for this concept, but we are sure you can come up with even better ideas.

A woman has a tattoo.

Libra Woman Tattoo 1Libra Woman Tattoo 1
Libra Woman Tattoo 2Libra Woman Tattoo 2
Libra Woman Tattoo 3Libra Woman Tattoo 3

The scales were inspired by Greek and Roman mythology. The Goddess of justice holds the scale in one hand to show the justice is satisfied and the balance is achieved.

Like many other zodiac signs, modern horoscope illustrations show the Libra figure as a woman. Adding a woman representation of libra to a back tattoo or a tattoo sleeve is a great idea.

We hope the designs listed inspire you to make a design of your own. Many women use their pictures as inspiration for their tattoos. You only have to dare to use a lot of the ideas that you can come up with.

There is a floral tattoo.

Floral Libra Tattoo 1Floral Libra Tattoo 1
Floral Libra Tattoo 2Floral Libra Tattoo 2

The shape of the tattoo looks better with flowers. The sign of delicacy, innocent, spring, positive energy, and pretty much everything beautiful is the flowers. It is said that Libras are strong and passionate. It is possible to highlight and describe the nature-oriented and romantic side of flowers.

There are a lot of meanings behind the flowers. In the spring and summer, you can always find roses, lilies, and other delicate flowers.

The compassionate and gentler side of your tattoo can be seen. Some tattoo designs for the Libra constellation consisted of floral patterns instead of stars. Some of the designs were listed. Check them out to see if that works with your style.

The tattoo is minimalist.

Minimalist Libra Tattoo 1Minimalist Libra Tattoo 1
Minimalist Libra Tattoo 2Minimalist Libra Tattoo 2

There is a lifestyle called minimalist. Everything is comprised of pure simplicity and spareness. In tattoos, that means using gentler and fainter ink, focusing on simpler patterns and designs and other aspects that will make the tattoo glow with simplicity. Many people want their tattoos to be large and have many different patterns and symbols.

That does n’t work for everyone. Some people prefer smaller and simpler designs for their tattoos. A few more options that could be given the same trait were added. A tattoo that wo n’t stick out is what you are looking for. It ‘s a good option to try.

There is a tattoo on the back of the neck.

Libra Back Tattoo 1Libra Back Tattoo 1
Libra Back Tattoo 2Libra Back Tattoo 2

Larger tattoos look like canvases of art on the back of most men. When it comes to making a large painting-like tattoo design on your back, it ‘s important to understand that one symbol usually wo n’t suffice. There are many different ideas. Some prefer to mix multiple zodiac signs from their card, using planets like Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.

To be precise, some like to detail Libra as a woman or Goddess. There are also conjugates present. They are joined by different shapes like shooting stars, comets, planets, and other heavenly bodies that are too far from us to reach.

There is a tattoo on the wrist.

Libra Wrist Tattoo 1Libra Wrist Tattoo 1
Libra Wrist Tattoo 2Libra Wrist Tattoo 2

We are wrapping this list with a small tattoo design, which is small as a button and can easily fit into the wrist, or some other area that you will find fit. People who do n’t like their tattoos sticking out usually look into ways to place them on the wrist. Even with precautions, it can make someone see them and get you into trouble. The wrist can be used for tattoos.

It is worth noting that using thin patterns and even white ink could be more helpful in obscuring the tattoo from others.

There are more questions about Libra Tattoo.

People who want to get the libra tattoo are usually creative in how they want it to look and represent them. We may have the right answer if there are questions about the tattooing process.

Which is the best position to work in ?

It is quite popular among women. We can see it on the calves, ankle, wrist, forearm, and sometimes even neck and behind the ear. Many people stand out from their comfort zone and make larger and more prominent designs on their shoulders, face, chest, hands, and sometimes even palm.

If you are looking for a larger design, then getting the Libra tattoo on your back is a great idea.

Does getting a tattoo hurt ?

Getting a tattoo will hurt. Sometimes more and sometimes less. It depends on where you get your tattoo. It can be related to your pain tolerance and other emotions. Before and during the inking process, you should talk to your tattoo artists about ways to relieve pain. We have a detailed guide about tattoo pain management.

Is it possible for guys to also get a tattoo ?

Although women are more likely to get a Libra tattoo, it is n’t limited by their biological sex. As long as it is a safe and regulated facility, you can get your own Libra tattoo whenever and wherever you want. If you are worried about it looking feminine, you can add some elements from your everyday life, such as hobbies or the name of your loved ones. The possibilities are endless.

What is the cost of a small tattoo ?

If you want a more difficult tattoo design, you can get one for as little as $ 30 to $ 50 in the budget-friendly range. Large back tattoos of a more abstract character could cost more than $ 1,000 in more popular tattoo studios.

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