What is your Korean birth flower? Hopefully it sounds better than Jimin’s from BTS

Jimin from BTS

The name of Jimin ‘s birth flower sounded a bit rude, so he suffered a bit of embarrassment.

Many cultures assign flowers to specific calendar dates, which carry their own meaning and often convey messages and emotions.

Each culture assigns a flower to each month. Daisies are associated with the month of April.

In Korean culture, if you were born on a certain day, that is your own personal birth flower.

The symbolism of every flower is supposed to reveal something about your character.

If you are celebrating your birthday on April 8, you are represented by Anemone-Red, which means “ Love you. ”

Jimin has a flower that sounds rude.

Jimin, the leader of the group known as the Bangtan Boys, who celebrates his birthday on October 13, has a birth flower that means “ neat love. ”

The problem is that in the Korean language, Spirea sounds rude. The other band members were laughing.

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Jimin told the other guys not to laugh because it would make the situation weird. Jimin, it ‘s too late.

The other band members joked that he is quite neat after hearing the meaning ofneat love.

38 seconds of the boys laughing at Jimin ‘s flower and she got flustered and told them not to laugh. You can follow it on twitter. com/vWphE8dC9I

April 7, 2020

What is your birth flower ?

Follow these two simple steps to find your Korean birth flower. First of all, remember which day you were born, and second, click on one of the various websites that give you the full year with its flower and symbolic meaning.

The website is available in both English and Korean.

One person on the social networking site laid out the whole calender with pictures of the flowers. Below are the months of January to April.

What is your birth flower ?

I have tulipa. pic You can follow it on twitter. com/kfzQucAGBh

April 8, 2020

The rest of the year is below.

The Korean Birth Flower picture was taken in September and December. You can follow it on twitter. com/UXV6b3Yqmg

April 8, 2020

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WINNER just released a track called Hold from Remember, their upcoming third studio album.

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