How to Take a Screenshot on a PC

What to Know

  • On Windows 10 and 8, Windows Key+PrtScn to capture stallion screen. On Windows 7 and earlier, imperativeness PrtScn.
  • To capture lone the active_agent window, crush Alt+PrtScn.
  • To capture particular parts of the screen, function the Windows Snipping instrument or Snip & Sketch.

This article explains how to take screenshots on a Windows PC. Instructions apply to Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

How to Take a Screenshot 

The basic manner to take a screenshot in Windows is the lapp means no topic what adaptation of Windows you’re using, and it’s identical easy: ​press the PrtScn key on the keyboard.

  • PrtScn: Pressing the push_button once saves a screenshot of the integral screen. If you have multiple monitors connected, a matchless wardrobe of the print blind clitoris will save a screenshot of all the screens in one individual image.
  • Alt+PrtScn: Press these buttons at the lapp clock_time to take a screenshot of a unmarried windowpane that you’re focused on. Select the windowpane once to make certain it’s in focus, and then hit these keys.
  • Win+PrtScn: Using the Windows samara with the mark filmdom release (in Windows 8 and newer) will take a screenshot of the unharmed sieve and then save it in the nonpayment Pictures booklet in a subfolder called Screenshots (e.g. C:Users[user]PicturesScreenshots).

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How to Paste or Save a Screenshot

The easiest direction to save a screenshot is to beginning spread it in the Microsoft Paint application. This is simpleton to do in Paint because you don’t have to download it—it’s included with Windows by default.

You do have early options like to glue it in Microsoft Word, Photoshop, or any early plan that supports images, but for the sake of simplicity, we’ll consumption Paint. The quickest room to outdoors Paint in all versions of Windows is through the Run dialog box.

  1. Press Win+R.

  2. Type mspaint into the Run field, and choose Enter.

    Opening Microsoft Paint
    Opening Microsoft Paint

  3. With Microsoft Paint open, and the screenshot hush saved in the clipboard, habit Ctrl+V to paste it into Paint, or choice Paste.

    Screenshot of Paste push_button in Paint
    Screenshot of Paste clitoris in Paint

  4. Press Ctrl+S, or select File > Save as to save the screenshot.

    "Save as" selection in Paint
    "Save as" selection in Paint

At this point, you may notice that the persona you saved looks a spot off. If the picture doesn’t take up the entire canvas in Paint, it will leave egg_white outer_space around it. To fix this, drag the buttocks right_field recess of the canvas toward the peak left_field of the screen_door until you reach the corners of your screenshot.

Take a Screenshot on personal_computer With the Windows Snipping instrument

Another manner to take screenshots is to manipulation the Windows Snipping Tool.

  • In Windows 10, character snipping tool in the research corner on the taskbar and blue-ribbon the Snipping Tool from the tilt of results.
  • In Windows 8, pilfer in from the correct boundary of the screen, choose Search, character snipping tool in the research box, and choice Snipping Tool from the number of results.
  • In Windows 7, blue-ribbon the Start button, character snipping instrument in the research box, and choose the Snipping Tool from the tilt of results.

Screenshot of Snipping Tool
Screenshot of Snipping Tool

Download a Print Screen Program

Although Windows works bang-up for basic screenshotting abilities, you can install both rid and paid third-party applications for more advance features like fine-tuning the screenshot by pixel, annotating it before you save it, and comfortable saving to a predefined location.

One model of a dislodge photographic_print riddle creature that’s more advance than the Windows one is PrtScr. Another, WinSnap, is good, but the exempt adaptation lacks some of the more boost features of the agio version.


  • How do I take a screenshot on a Mac?

    To take a screenshot on a Mac, urge Command+Shift+3 to screenshot the stallion screen. imperativeness Command+Shift+4 to draw and choice an area to screenshot. press Command+Shift+5 for additional options, including shield recording.

  • How do I take a screenshot on Android?

    To take a screenshot on Android, practice a voice command to tell Google Assistant to take a screenshot by saying, “OK Google, take a screenshot.” Another option: press and hold Power + Volume Down. Find your screenshot in the Photo Gallery or Screenshot folder.

  • How do I take a screenshot on iPhone?

    To take an iPhone screenshot on iPhones without a Home button, simultaneously weigh the Side and Volume Up buttons. The screenshot will save to the Photos app. On older models, compress the Home release and the Sleep/Wake push_button simultaneously.

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