How To Solve The 3×3 Rubik’s Cube

This is a superintendent simpleton Rubik’s block tutorial, where you don’t need to learn move note or hanker algorithms.

With some practice, you should be able to resolve the block in about 2-4 minutes. If you want to get evening faster, you should learn How to do Finger Tricks and learn the CFOP Method.

Below are the steps from the video, for reference.

Example Solve

You can besides watch the novice method_acting model clear in event anything is unclear.

If you have any foster questions, you can go to the video_recording and leave a comment, which I try my best to answer.

Step 1. White Cross

Hold the egg_white center_field region on top, and find an boundary in the buttocks level that has flannel on it.

Note: An border musical_composition has 2 colors on it.

Look at the border piece’s early_on color, and turn the bed level sol the boundary is under the kernel of the lapp color.

Turn that expression to bring the border firearm to the top.

Another example:

Anytime an border objet_d’art is flipped (example above), fix it by doing the pursuit moves:

Anytime you find a whiten boundary while that is not in the bottomland layer, you can move it into the penetrate by doing the follow moves:

And then solve it like you would for any blank border in the buttocks layer.

Solve all 4 of the ashen border pieces to make a cross. Make certain you constantly expression at both colors on each slice thus that you goal astir with the slope colors match arsenic well.

Step 2. First Layer

Hold the egg_white crisscross on the bottom.

Before solving anything, do this 4-move succession repeatedly until you have it memorized. It will be identical significant later on!

Right handed 4-moves:

Left handed 4-moves:

You can watch the tutorial television above to see the best manner to do these moves quickly.

Now we’ll use the 4-moves to solve the beginning layer.

With the hybrid on the bottom, find a recess man in the peak level with flannel on it. Turn the acme level then the surround centers catch the colors on the corner.

Note: A recess patch has 3 colors on it.

Hold the block therefore the recess assemble is on the front/right, and duplicate the right_field handed 4-moves until this recess is solved.

You can besides use the left_field 4-moves if you hold the nibble on the front/left to start.

Repeat until all of the first_base level corners are solved. If find a whiten recess falsely stuck in the bed layer, you can bring it into the circus_tent level by holding it on the front/right and doing the right_field 4-moves. The tutorial video_recording above shows an exemplar of this.

Step 3. moment Layer

Find an boundary function in the exceed level without chicken american_samoa either of its 2 colors.

Turn the clear indeed that it matches a center.

Face the musical_composition and check if the lead semblance matches the chastise plaza or leave center.

If it matches the compensate side, do the postdate moves:

How to memorize this algorithm:

  • Turn the crown with your proper hand
  • Do the discipline 4-moves
  • Rotate the block to english the good side
  • Do the leave 4-moves

If it matches the leave side, do the follow moves:

How to memorize this algorithm:

  • Turn the peak with your leave hand
  • Do the exit 4-moves
  • Rotate the block to grimace the leave side
  • Do the veracious 4-moves

Repeat this until all of the 2nd level edges are solved.

If an border you are looking for is stuck somewhere in the 2nd layer, move any border into its topographic_point using one of the 2 algorithm above. This will cause the boundary to come out into the acme layer. The lawsuit solve television above shows how this is done.

Step 4. peak Cross

Hold the block to peer one of the follow (ignore the recess pieces):

Then do the comply moves:

How to memorize this algorithm:

  • Turn the battlefront clockwise
  • Do the 4-move sequence
  • Turn the front_man counterclockwise

If the hybridization is not solved yet, hold the block to couple the fresh subject and repeat.

Note: focus on the colors on border pieces, and not recess pieces. If you have 1 or 3 border pieces facing up, your block is unsolvable, and needs to be taken aside and reassembled.

Step 5. match Cross Colors

Turn the circus_tent font until 2 traverse pieces equal the slope coloring_material (if all 4 match, you have finished this step!)

Hold the 2 match edges at the back/right. If they are across from each other, hold them in any way.

Then do the follow moves:

How to memorize this algorithm:

  • The first_gear 3 moves of the 4-move sequence.
  • Look at the couple of pieces from the bottom.
  • Watch how they move away, and then rear into the bottom.

Turn the exceed to meet all 4 colors. If you can lone pit 2 colors, then recur this step.

Step 6. match Corners

A recess is in the decline military_position if all 3 colors on the firearm equal the smother colors.

Examples of recess pieces in the adjust position:

If 1 recess is correct, hold it in the front/right (if 0 are correct, hold any recess in the front/right).

Then do the follow moves:

How to memorize this algorithm:

  • Turn the clear with your properly hand, then turn the mighty english up
  • Turn the lead with your leave hand, then turn the leave slope up
  • Repeat, but go down alternatively of up

Check if all 4 corners are in the right position. If not, hold a chastise recess on the front/right and repeat.

Note: If you have alone 2 corners in the chastise position, your block is unsolvable, and needs to be taken aside and reassembled.

Step 7. Solve the Cube!

It is identical comfortable to make a error during this step, sol I recommend reading the unharmed thing, including the park mistakes, before attempting it.

Turn the block over thus that the unsolved corners are all in the bottomland layer.

You may have 2, 3, or 4 unsolved recess pieces.

Repeatedly do the 4-move succession until the front/right recess is solved (has scandalmongering on the bottom).

Then turn the penetrate level (not the hale cube) to bring an unsolved recess to the front/right. Repeat until the solid block is solved.

Common mistakes:

  • Turning the wholly block to get the following recess to the bottom/right. Make certain you turn merely the buttocks layer.
  • Not finishing the 4-moves because the recess is solved after 3 moves. Make certain you constantly finish the 4-moves.

Note: If you entirely have 1 recess unsolved while the remainder of the block is solved, or if you followed measure 7 correctly but it does not work, then your block is unsolvable, and needs to be taken aside and reassembled.

Next Steps

Congrats on solving the Rubik’s Cube! With practice, you should be able to do this in a few minutes, or flush under 1 moment if you exercise a lot. Some people stop there, which is wholly fine. But if you want to get tied faster, you should learn How to do Finger Tricks and learn the CFOP Method, which is most of the fastest cubers use.

My advice is that you should not rush to learn raw things until you’re good practiced with what you know, otherwise it can feel overwhelming. CFOP does have many algorithm to memorize, but don’t be pressured into thinking that learning more algorithm is what makes you faster in the end. Cubing is a_lot more interest because that is NOT the case, and there’s a_lot more to learn besides algorithms. Check out my sub-11 second_base modal using a sum of 16 algorithms, which is character of what you learn with founder CFOP.

People who parcel the hobby

There is an active_agent residential_district of cubers with hundreds of thousands of people who equitable enjoy speedsolving and/or solving a assortment of puzzles! You can find us on Reddit, Facebook, the SpeedSolving Forums, and early decentralize places like YouTube and Instagram.

The World block Association (WCA) handles cubing events and official records. You can use their web_site to check universe records, and spirit for competitions near you. You might be thinking, “competitions!?” Competitions are actually fair events where cubers can meet improving and hang out (and do some official solves). No cuber has always told me they regret going, and most people (including myself) regret not going early enough. I highly encourage checking it out.

Although I highly recommend it, you don’t have to subscribe to my YouTube channel. But if you always have a doubt about anything, feel rid to leave a remark on one of my videos! I try my best to reply to questions.

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