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How to Hack Facebook Accounts: 5 Common Vulnerabilities

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Facebook is a rid and democratic sociable net web_site that makes it comfortable for users to connect and parcel posts with their friends and class members. Since Facebook is a democratic sociable media platform, there is an increase sake from cybercriminals to hack Facebook accounts.

This article will talk about the five park vulnerabilities and what you can do to prevent cybercriminals from hacking your Facebook accounts.

Facebook Hacks and Vulnerabilities:

  1. Weak Passwords
  2. Phishing Emails
  3. Man in The Middle (MITM)
  4. Remote Keyloggers
  5. Denial of Service (DoS)

1. weak Passwords


Hackers can well hack Facebook accounts by guessing or performing a beast military_unit fire if the password is easily and normally used such arsenic a nickname, telephone number, partner’s name, darling name, equitable to appoint a few. once the hack has obtained your password, they have the ability to do whatever they want with your account.

How to Protect Against watery Passwords

Users should implement a potent password that combines numbers, symbols, outer_space bars, and lower and capital letters. It is significant that the password they create for their Facebook history is alone and not the lapp password that is used for their early_on sociable media or electronic_mail accounts. 

This would reduce the hazard of your report from being compromised. A park locate to verify that your accounts are condom is HaveIBeenPwned. here you can see if your credentials have been leaked to the public. 

2. Phishing Emails

“Facebook will never ask you for your password in an e-mail or send you a password american_samoa an attachment”


Phishing emails are an slowly manner for attackers to hack Facebook accounts. An attacker can create imposter emails to make it look like they were sent from Facebook. These are some examples of what the emails may look like:

  • Notifications about ally requests, messages, events, photos and videos
  • False claims that you went against their Community Standards 
  • Warnings that something will happen to your explanation if you don’t update it or take a sealed action 
  • Claims or offers that audio excessively commodity to be truthful (such angstrom winning a Facebook lottery)

How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks 

Users should be educated and informed on the characteristics of phishing emails in ordering to keep an center out for them. hera is what you can do: 

  • Do not chink on any links or open any attachments from a leery email 
  • Do not respond to the fishy emails particularly ones that ask for your password, sociable security_system number, or recognition wag information
  • Do no enroll personal data from a pop-up_book blind (note: legit companies would never ask for personal data via a pop_fly screen)
  • Keep an center out for misspellings in the contents of the email 

3. serviceman In The Middle (MITM)

A homo in the center approach may occur when a exploiter unwittingly connects to a juke WiFi connection. This is another proficiency hackers can use to hack Facebook accounts. Most of the clock_time you may not be able to tell which WiFi is real_number or not because it is populace and is convention to bring you to a login foliate where you are asked to figure in your electronic_mail and a password before allow internet access. Again, without you knowing, the attacker has recorded this data and can test out these login credentials on early sociable media platforms. 

How to Protect Against serviceman In The Middle Attacks 

You should never connect your fluid device or laptop to a populace WiFi net because they are not procure and are an comfortable means for hackers to obtain information. If you want to connect to populace WiFi then I would recommend using a VPN with it to make certain that your association is safe. 

4. remote_control Keyloggers

A hack beginning needs to entree your fluid device or laptop to install a part of software to record whatever you character on your device. once installed, anything that is typed (password, login credentials, depository_financial_institution information, etc.) will be recorded and can be viewed by the hacker. This is a hide proficiency for an attacker to hack Facebook accounts. For example, if an attacker has somehow hacked into your laptop and install a keylogger software, then anything you type will be recorded for the attacker. not lone would your Facebook credentials be recorded but besides your savings_bank credentials, e-mail accounts, and whatever early accounts you have. 

How to Protect Against distant Keyloggers

  • Do not use one-third party keyboard applications 
  • Do not open any attachments or suction_stop on links in the electronic_mail message vitamin_a the keylogger may be embedded in the attachment 
  • Install anti-spyware applications to help detect, disable, quarantine software-based keyboard loggers (Norton)

5. Denial of Service (DoS)

A abnegation of military_service assail “is a malicious fire to affect the handiness of a target system, such deoxyadenosine_monophosphate a web_site or application, to legitimate goal users” (AWS). Attackers will typically generate a bombastic bulk of packets or requests to overwhelm Facebook. When this type of fire occurs, users will have issues accessing Facebook and won’t be able to log in.  

How to Protect Against Denial of Service Attacks

  • Monitor the network sol that you are mindful of what convention incoming dealings looks like 
  • Implement web lotion firewall 
  • Understand coarse signs of a defense of avail attacks thus that you can mitigate the approach adenine early ampere possible 

Final Thoughts on Facebook Hacks and How to Prevent Them

These are the five coarse vulnerabilities that hackers use to hack Facebook and how to protect against each vulnerability. There are decidedly many more ways and evening fresh methods that are not publicly known so_far to hack Facebook accounts. 

Hackers are constantly one measure ahead in finding raw techniques where prevention might not be potential at first. Therefore, users and organizations (as the stopping_point vulnerability is targeted towards organizations) should make certain that they do everything they can to ensure that their score and web_site are secure. 

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