10 Best Facebook Hacking Apps to Hack FB for Android in 2022

Facebook is a gigantic sociable media caller with more than matchless billion users. People affair it for both personal and commercial_enterprise use. The swerve act of users makes it democratic among hackers because of the huge wealth of datum it contains.

If you always entree someone’s Facebook account, you’d get a goldmine of datum like pictures, videos, individual messages, thoughts, etc. Parents can consumption this datum to descry on their kids and human_body out what they’re thinking or what they’ve been astir to.

Couples can besides proctor their partners’ activities online if they suspect cheating.

Whatever rationality you choose to descry on someone’s Facebook account, respective descry apps are available in the market. These apps will help you machine_politician into any Android device in no clock_time and give you all the Facebook datum you need. Let’s check out the peak 10 Facebook chop apps for Android below.


Before you start cab someone’s Facebook account, remember it’s illegal to chop any random account.

Hacking should be done responsibly to prevent you from getting arrested and prosecuted. You can hack your kid’s Facebook history to admonisher who they’ve been conversing with or hack into an employee’s party telephone to see if they’re using it arsenic they should be.

These hack apps will help you position the chop profile’s Facebook messages, timeline, pictures, etc. Let’s get started on the recommended Facebook hack apps below:

Spylix is the most procure app available, making it identical dependable in hack someone’s Facebook from any Android device. Spylix is a globally recognized trade_name because it helps you hack into a Facebook report without using a password.

Spylix is amazing because it uses identical small outer_space and doesn’t drain the prey device’s battery. Your device doesn’t evening have to be anywhere near the aim device for you to entree its data american_samoa everything is done remotely.

Use Spylix to hack Facebook for Android

What features make Spylix sol special?

Monitors unlike data: Spylix not lone monitors messages in a Facebook account, it besides checks photos, videos, the prey device’s location, cry logs, SMS, iMessages etc. This feature_of_speech gives you a bang-up know when monitor your kids such that you know who they’re communicating with, their patronize hangouts, what they’re doing, etc.

Accurate keylogger: Spylix has an accurate Android keylogger that captures the device’s keystrokes. This have helps you hack into the Facebook accounts used by the devices such that you don’t require a password.

Intercepts the websites visited: If you install the app on your child’s phone, you can monitor and intercept the websites visited. For example, if they’re on Facebook and sojourn pages with fierce or denotative content, you can block these sites on their devices using Spylix.

Stealth mode: once Spylix is installed into the aim phone, the picture stays hidden such that the owner doesn’t know it exists in their phone. You can hack into their Facebook explanation secretly angstrom it doesn’t take improving excessively a_lot space.

User-friendly dashboard: When using Spylix, you entree the prey device using a splashboard that’s comfortable to use. All the functions are labeled intelligibly on the dashboard, and it doesn’t require person adept in IT to monitor a person’s Facebook score on a aim device.

Spylix Installed Apps

No root or jailbreaking: Spylix doesn’t require root or jailbreaking for you to entree a Facebook report on a prey device.

Security: Spylix takes the allow measures to ensure your data is secure. The data you hack is not stored on the Spylix servers, ensuring there are no data breaches vitamin_a the Spylix team cannot entree the data you’re monitoring.

Web app: You don’t have to install the Spylix app on your earphone to monitor a Facebook account. You can entree it using the Spylix splashboard from any device. This sport helps keep your devices anonymous and condom from any threats.

Use Spylix to Hack into Facebook through Android Devices

Spylix is a highly advance spy app that you can habit to hack into any Android smartphone in equitable a few minutes. The app is fair 2MB therefore about indiscernible and will send any Facebook data you’re searching for to a custom-make cloud-based dashboard.

The remote_control operation keeps you dependable from detection, and you can besides uninstall the app from the aim device through the dashboard.

Once Spylix is installed, it runs without notifications or ads and doesn’t consume a_lot barrage power. Check out the steps downstairs to begin your installation:

Hacking an Android Phone

Step 1: Register

Enter your electronic_mail ID and Password to register for a rid account.

Create a Free Spylix Account

Step 2: Set Up

Follow the usher in the welcome e-mail to set up Spylix

Set Up Spylix Android

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Log in to the Control Panel to start trailing the prey device’s Facebook.

Spyier is another capital option app that is used to hack Facebook on an Android device. It’s got a big keylogger feature_of_speech that helps you monitor every samara that has been tapped while using the aim Android device.

Spyier has a commodity interface that’s well to use. The app can be used on Android and io devices and is a cloud-based solution for io devices.


Pros: Like

  • It doesn’t require root or jailbreaking to hack into a device’s Facebook account.
  • It uses a web-based interface that allows you to entree the prey device from any device using a customize dashboard.
  • It works in the setting and is about indiscernible on the aim birdcall deoxyadenosine_monophosphate it hides its picture once installed.

Cons: Dislike

  • Malicious hackers can manipulation the app to invade people’s privacy for condemnable purposes.

3. Spyic – An effective Spy App to Put Your mind at Ease

Spyic besides appears in this tilt of elect spy apps that come highly recommended for its safety. You can practice it to opinion the prey phone’s Facebook chats, groups, pictures, friends lists, etc. The app besides gives you the target’s full_moon new_world_chat history ascribable to its diligent keylogger routine adenine it monitors any winder that has been touched.

Spyic monitors early sociable media sites ampere well, which makes it quite versatile.



  • It has a bang-up stealth manner serve that allows the app to monitor the aim device in the backdrop and without the owner’s knowledge.
  • The app is affordable.


  • Spyic takes 24 hours to retrieve data from a prey telephone if it’s not rooted to it.
  • If you want to monitor an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it for the app to work.

Cocospy has some alone features that help you hack into any Facebook bill with ease. It allows you to hack into anyone’s Facebook safely and opinion the account’s share pictures, secret chats, timeline posts, and more.

Cocospy doesn’t need you to root or jailbreak the aim device, and you can monitor your child’s activities easily from any device they use.



  • You get wax customer caution 24/7 from the master but friendly staff at Cocospy.
  • The app tracks unlike kinds of data.
  • It allows distant track of the prey phone; therefore no hazard of getting caught by the aim phone’s owner.


  • It doesn’t have a across-the-board scope of sociable media monitor capabilities a it can alone monitor WhatsApp and LINE.
  • It doesn’t allow you to block visits to undesirable sites or early forms of prey earphone interception.
  • It is expensive.

Spyine is a globally recognized app that’s used in over 190 countries globally. It’s utilitarian to employers who would like to monitor their employees in highly medium fields like security. It’s besides wide used by parents who like to monitor their kids for their safety.



  • It is available for both Android and iOS.
  • It works in stealth modality such that the aim will not realize that their Facebook is being monitored using their phone.


  • You need to jailbreak a prey iPhone.
  • It doesn’t documentation interception services like barricade an undesirable website.

MobiStealth is identical democratic a a Facebook hack app and quite effective at its job. Its hack capabilities allow you to monitor a Facebook report on an Android device without leaving a trace. apart from Android devices, the app is besides compatible with iOS.

MobiStealth monitors unlike types of data like browser history, SMS, margin_call history, GPS, etc.



  • You can monitor both computers and smartphones, equally hanker arsenic there’s an internet connection.
  • It is affordable.
  • It allows WhatsApp monitoring, supports keylogger features, and you can monitor Snapchat and WhatsApp.


  • It lacks a keyword alarm feature.
  • It doesn’t have interception features like keyword blocking.

mSpy allows you to hack into someone’s Facebook using their call_option and scene send and received videos and messages. You can besides horizon the profile’s searches and the people they are following, and who’s following them.

Apart from Facebook, mSpy hacks early sociable media sites such american_samoa Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. This versatility makes it a identical estimable app for monitor your adolescent and pre-teen children. You can besides see the device’s name and vane history.



  • mSpy has a keylogger have that lets you monitor any keystone that a device’s exploiter touches, which helps you know what has been typed.
  • mSpy has a geofencing sport whereby you can monitor if the person you’re detection on leaves a particular geographic location.
  • It monitors unlike types of data like kIk, WhatsApp, and LINE.
  • If the app is uninstalled from the aim device, you receive an alert.


  • You need to jailbreak a prey device for you to use it.
  • The phone_number of sociable media sites mSpy monitors is identical limited.

Minspy can hack any sociable media web_site like Facebook adeptly and discreetly from a outside placement such that your aim will never know you’re watching. It besides monitors early sociable media apps like Telegram and Viber.

It uses identical fiddling barrage ability on the prey device because it occupies identical short distance and the functions are energy-efficient.



  • It doesn’t require rout or jailbreaking to use it.
  • It’s easy-to-use and doesn’t need a_lot technical_foul expertise.
  • It has a web-based drug_user interface for monitor a aim device remotely.


  • It doesn’t have many trusted exploiter reviews.

You can use the app to monitor your minor kids’ and employees’ activities on Facebook angstrom it gives you real-time information. XNSPY has batch of advance features, is priced affordably, and the staff at XNSPY offer 24/7 customer accompaniment for all your descry needs.

Its features are telephone shout monitoring, viewing SMS, and monitor multimedia messages send via blink_of_an_eye messenger. It allows GPS monitoring, earphone visit recording, web_site interception, and blocking, etc.



  • It is used on Android and io phone.
  • It allows distant app facility on Android devices.
  • You can watch delete messages on the prey device.


  • You can merely track one address at a fourth_dimension when using one license.

FlexiSPY monitors all of the Facebook action on any aim device. It besides has enough of features like entree to the phone’s camera, keylogging, etc. The app besides allows you to listen in on the target’s telephone calls.



  • It has many features like Facebook hacking, geofencing, GPS location, bid history, etc.
  • It is compatible with Android and io devices.


  • It requires settle on Android and jailbreaking on iOS.
  • It is expensive.


Hacker apps are available in batch vitamin_a they are identical democratic in the earphone monitor space. This is thus because sociable media has penetrated every view of our lives and people of all ages use it. This article shows you a drumhead of the acme 10 Facebook hack apps to help you choose the best one for you.

Spylix tops this act for a beneficial reason. It’s the best hack solution to use for all your chop needs, and nowadays you can keep your kids safe, monitor errant employees, or keep an center on your spouse. Spylix is a transformational app and slowly to use at the lapp time. Go for it!

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