How to Unlink your twitter account from pubg mobile

Worried about privacy and Want to Remove chirrup Account from Pubg Mobile? Well, concern not, it’s potential and quite comfortable to do actually. PUBG Mobile is credibly the most play android plot out there with millions of players. many people have besides become addicted to Pubg Mobile, and some are equitable concerned about their privacy and do not want their datum to be sent to stranger countries. sol hera is a usher on how to unlink your chitter history from PUBG Mobile.

How to Unlink your chirrup report from Pubg Mobile

To unlink your chitter explanation from PUBG Mobile, wholly you have to do is remove the entree of PUBG Mobile from your chirrup visibility from the apps section. not many people know how to use this. sol we will show you precisely how you can do it. We will see both methods on how to unlink a chitter score from Pubg fluid on personal_computer and the Twitter app. 

Note: If you don’t want to lose your bet_on advancement than make certain to link your report with some early sociable media accounts like Facebook or Google play games.

How to remove Twitter entree PUBG Mobile by using Twitter App

Many people use their Twitter bill to play PUBG Mobile. Removing your Twitter report from PUBG Mobile is identical easily to do. thus without foster ado, let’s begin:

Step 1: Open the Twitter app

Step 2: Now, Tap on Your visibility then that you can see all the options arsenic shown below:

Step 3: coil and chink on settings and privacy

Step 4: Now, suction_stop on the privacy and guard option, american_samoa shown below:

Step 5: scroll down, and you will find an choice to see chirrup history data. Tap on this option.

Unlink chitter report pubg mobile

Step 6: nowadays select the apps devices and data section, angstrom shown below:

Unlink twitter explanation pubg mobile

Step 7: Select the connect apps option, vitamin_a shown below:

Unlink twitter score pubg mobile

Step 8: You will immediately see a tilt of games. chink on the Pubg Mobile crippled on the list.

Unlink twitter report pubg mobile

Step 9: You will see a revoke entree choice when you select pubg mobile, deoxyadenosine_monophosphate shown below. Tap on the revoke entree choice and Pubg fluid will not be able to entree your Twitter data.

Unlink twitter bill pubg mobile

You have successfully deleted your Pubg report from your Twitter account. I hope it worked for you adenine expected. If not you can try the surrogate method

How To Remove Twitter history from PUBG Mobile using your PC:

Step 1: First, open your Twitter dwelling page.

Step 2: On the left_field of your profile, you will see a “more” section, ampere shown below:

remove twitter report pubg mobile

Step 3: Click on the more option, and a fresh number will appear. In the raw list, find ‘Settings and Privacy’ and pawl on it.

remove twitter explanation pubg mobile

Step 4: Now go to the Data and sessions part on the lower right_field recess of the page, a shown below:

Step 5: Now snap on the apps and sessions section. here you will find the tilt of games that have entree to your Twitter account.

remove twitter score pubg mobile

Step 6: suction_stop on ‘PUBG Mobile’ and then ‘Revoke Session’ will appear a shown in the persona below.

remove twitter report pubg mobile

Step 7: pawl on the ‘Revoke Session’ choice to remove your Twitter bill from PUBG mobile. Voila, you’re done.

You have successfully unlinked your Twitter report from Pubg Mobile.

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Pubg Mobile is a bang-up plot for people to enjoy however if you constantly need to remove your Twitter history from Pubg Mobile you nowadays know how to do that. Hopefully, you were able to do it successfully.

Do note you can constantly relink your Twitter account. Your advance is not deleted when you use this method. lone the entree is blocked therefore that Pubg cannot entree your account. You can besides unlink all early accounts like Facebook and Google from Pubg equally well. I hope this guidebook has been enlightening for you and I thank you for reading.

See you in-game.

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