A Facebook name change could be a great idea — or a terrible one. Just look at Google, Apple and more

For about two decades, Facebook’s appoint has been about synonymous with sociable media. That might not be sol commodity for the technical_school behemoth anymore.

Facebook is changing its bodied mention to Meta, CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed on Thursday. The motion comes more than a workweek after The Verge reported on a electric_potential rebranding that reflects the company’s increase stress on building a virtual world, known as a metaverse. The variety besides means that the company’s assorted sociable media apps, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, will become subsidiaries.

Zuckerberg and Facebook are both facing more examination than always before over the company’s gap of misinformation and hate speech, and its probable to be harmful for teenagers and children. And Facebook wouldn’t be the beginning commercial_enterprise to switch its identify or rebrand in a clock_time of crisis.

Sometimes, it works. sometimes it doesn’t. These seven companies are validation of both:

Google becomes Alphabet

If Facebook’s rebranding sounds familiar, it’s because google did something identical alike in 2015, forming its rear caller Alphabet.

Google’s populace rationale was to help emphasize Google’s non-search occupation interests, like artificial intelligence, autonomous cars and speculation das_kapital investing. But at the time, google was besides under heightened examination from politics regulators, including antimonopoly inquiries over concerns that the company’s clientele stifled competition.

This is what Apple's Macintosh calculator looked like in 1983

The rebrand probably did minor to shift populace opinion: The party is hush frequently referred to as Google, and Alphabet distillery faces antimonopoly examination today. But from a fiscal standpoint, it’s difficult to call it a flop. Alphabet’s stock_certificate monetary_value has about quintupled since the change, and the ship’s_company nowadays boasts a grocery_store prize of $1.9 trillion.

Plus, a playfulness fact: This wasn’t Google’s first_base rebrand. Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin changed the company’s list to Google in 1998, after primitively calling it BackRub.

Apple’s little but meaning diagnose change

Even bantam changes can have huge ramifications.

In 2007, Apple Computer dropped the moment news from its appoint — the lapp class as it released the first_gear iPhone. At the time, co-founder Steve Jobs explained that Apple had evolved beyond being equitable a computer company. The mention exchange was a contemplation of Apple’s increase concentrate on its early merchandise lines.

Since the identify transfer and iPhone launch, Apple’s evaluation has soared. Its store monetary_value has increase by about 1,200% in the by decade, giving Apple a evaluation of more than $2.4 trillion — and the iPhone is the company’s best-selling device.

In changing its name, Apple altered its identity while making a large stake on the future. That’s basically what Facebook is hoping to do now.

Dunkin’ drops Donuts

In 2018, Dunkin’ Donuts announced a like move, dropping the discussion “Donuts” from its branding. The finish was to emphasize its menu of beverage and piquant food options, in the expression of increase contest from chains like Starbucks.

At the time, the caller said, customers reacted positively to the shortened name. stopping_point year, though, its sales dipped as the coronavirus pandemic collision and animal_foot dealings disappeared. And in October 2020, Dunkin’ and baby trade_name Baskin-Robbins were acquired by Inspire Brands, which owns Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings, for $11.3 billion.

KFC: Forget ‘Fried’

Kentucky Fried Chicken similarly shortened its list to KFC in 1991. On the one hand, it wasn’t a_lot of a change: People had been calling the mark “KFC” for years.

But KFC executives admitted that they wanted to cultivate a healthier and more “contemporary” persona for the company. Kyle Craig, the then-president of KFC U.S., put it this way: “Fried is not a contemporaneous image.”

The deepen surely didn’t scare away any customers. Today, KFC is one of the world’s largest fast-food chains. It’s owned by Yum! Brands, which besides owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, and its annual gross grew to more than $26.2 billion stopping_point year, astir from approximately $6 billion in 1991.

Philip Morris goes improving in smoke

In 2001, Philip Morris, the manufacturer behind iconic cigarette sword Marlboro, changed the diagnose of its rear party to the Altria Group.

The motion came three years after Philip Morris and early bad tobacco companies reached a $200 billion colony with the U.S. government, over health costs related to smoking. Company executives admitted that the appoint variety represented something of a clean_and_jerk slate for the ship’s_company and its early holdings, which at the fourth_dimension included majority stakes in Kraft Foods and Miller Brewing.

Results have been mixed. Altria finally spun off Miller and Kraft in offprint deals. It calm owns Marlboro manufacturer Philip Morris USA, along with stakes in beverage caller ABInBev, cannabis party Cronos Group and e-cigarette inauguration Juul.

In 2008, the ship’s_company was dropped from the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Its lineage monetary_value has dipped by more than 24% over the by five years, leading to its stream marketplace evaluation of $89 billion.

Weight Watchers becomes an acronym

In 2018, a caller once synonymous with shedding pounds changed its picture to reflect changing attitudes toward system_of_weights personnel_casualty and health.

Weight Watchers’ membership declined in the mid-2010s, as more people decided they wanted to eat healthier without focusing specifically on losing weight. So the party rebranded as WW International, aiming to become more of a life_style and health brand.

The results have besides been mixed. The ship’s_company ended 2020 with 4.4 million subscribers, an all-time high. But WW’s tax_income and net_income dipped death year, and its breed monetary_value is toss_off to $18.34 per share, as of Thursday good_afternoon — compared to more than $66 per parcel when the rebrand was announced.

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