How to Verify a Facebook Page in 6 Easy Steps

Are you wondering how to become one of those reasonably small blue_sky checkmarks pursuit to your brand’s appoint on Facebook? You’re in the right_field place.

For both emerging or established brands, getting verify on Facebook is a bombastic deal. It proves you’re person authoritative adequate to receive the verification, as the bluing check_mark isn’t handed out to equitable anyone.

Many populace figures and companies with a ample pursuit who want to receive control on Facebook never actually do, sol getting that coveted amobarbital_sodium checkmark bumps you astir to an elect condition that customers are sealed to appreciate.

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Keep interpretation to find out how to arrive your Facebook foliate verified, why confirmation is thus important, and how to increase your chances of getting and staying verified.

What is Facebook verification?

Facebook confirmation is the procedure of getting your Facebook foliate verified. The verify gloomy badge on a foliate means that Facebook has confirmed that the visibility does, in fact, belong_to to a detail populace figure, creator, or trade_name — preferably than a sports_fan or impersonator.

Verified badges on Facebook (and Instagram) appear adjacent to the foliate or account’s name, both on the visibility foliate and in search.

For instance, not to brag, but we have our Facebook foliate affirm with the blasphemous badge.

AdEspresso Facebook foliate with aristocratic confirmation badge

The Facebook confirmation team meticulously reviews all requests to decide whether an history is eligible to bring the highly sought checkmark.

Why verify your Facebook Page?

If you or your commercial_enterprise have achieved a senior_high_school degree of determine and authority, the real_number doubt is: why not verify your Page?

The beginning and obvious rationality for getting verify on Facebook is the prestige and credibility associated with it. Seeing that blue_sky checkmark future to your account, people will consciously or subconsciously acknowledge that you’re person established adequate to be verified.

The confirmation badge proves that many people know about you, expression for you, and might evening attempt to impersonate you with imposter accounts.

Hootsuite Facebook page with bluing confirmation checkmark follow to visibility name

In early_on words, the checkmark works as immediately visible sociable proof.

The confirmation badge besides lets your prospects and customers well find and follow your actual page and experience up-to-date, accurate data about your brand.

Without the badge, it can be challenging to know whether a Facebook page is authentic. sol the ability to differentiate your official report from winnow accounts, similarly-named brands, and imposter accounts is crucial.

But there are more reasons why the Facebook confirmation badge is a_lot more than a nice-to-have.

For example, Hootsuite and AdEspresso have a few Facebook groups for recess purposes like documentation and learning. sol it’s helpful for our Facebook hearing to find the more general, official Pages individually at the peak of research results when searching “Hootsuite” or “AdEspresso.”

AdEspresso official foliate with amobarbital_sodium checkmark in research results, above AdEspresso university Facebook Group without checkmark

Finally, Facebook confirmation gains you early entree to some fresh Facebook features that aren’t so_far available to all accounts. thus you can have an boundary over your competitors who may not have the lapp access.

How to verify your Facebook Page

The summons of getting control on Facebook is unlike for occupation Pages and personal profiles.

Note that you motivation to fill out the lapp kind linked below if you wish to verify a personal visibility (as a populace human_body or celebrity). Additionally, you’ll be asked to upload a transcript of your official government-issued photograph designation such as a pass or driving license.

Here we describe the steps to verify a Facebook Business Page.

Step 1: head over to the confirmation request page

To pay_back considered for Facebook verification, you’ll indigence to fill out and submit this request form.

Facebook confirmation request shape screen 1

Source: Facebook

As this is for a clientele Page, choose Page under Verification type.

Next, chink the Select page to verify drop-down to find your commercial_enterprise page on the list. note that you necessitate to sign in as an admin of the Business Manager explanation to submit this form.

Step 2: Select the correct class for your account

Categorizing your score correctly is significant because it helps Facebook establish if you have relevant charm in a sealed diligence to warrant verification. then trade_name certain to choice the correct class and the state your occupation operates out of.

Facebook confirmation request human_body - category list

Source: Facebook

Step 3: attach identifying documents

Facebook needs rock-solid validation that you are precisely who you say you are. therefore the adjacent measure is to upload pictures of identifying documents.

Facebook confirmation request shape — attaching documents

Source: Facebook

As you can see above, for a clientele page verification, you’ll want to attach a imitate of your company’s telephone or utility_program bill, security of formation, articles of incorporation, or tax exemption documents.

Step 4: explain why you’re pursuing verification

This is a critical footstep in receiving the gloomy confirmation badge from Facebook. You must provide a compel cause for why you’re seeking verification.

Facebook confirmation request phase - providing a argue for verification

Source: Facebook

Here are some sample_distribution reasons why your commercial_enterprise motivation to have verify on Facebook:

  • We have a big follow across multiple platforms, and there are many sports_fan accounts. We indigence our consultation to immediately know that this is the official report then there’s no confusion.
  • As a celebrated occupation publication, we’ve been featured in respective media outlets and considered an adept in our niche. Verifying our Facebook circular will help us maintain credibility and help our hearing find us easily.
  • We’re a big pot with many franchise branches and verifying the kernel mark report will help our customers view it as the cardinal beginning of trade_name information.

To boost your odds of getting verified, be detail about how the blasphemous badge could benefit both your clientele and Facebook’s users.

Step 5: List your early sociable media accounts and add comments

Link to your early sociable media accounts. possibly your commercial_enterprise is affirm on Twitter, therefore you can leverage that confirmation on Facebook, too.

Facebook confirmation request class - listing early accounts

Source: Facebook

Feel rid to add any extra comments that you’d like Facebook to consider at this point.

Step 6: Send the request and delay for a decision

Finally, reappraisal all the data you’ve entered, and when you’re ready, suction_stop Send.

Then, you wait. Facebook says: “Once we follow-up your request, you’ll receive a presentment letting you know if your history has been verify or not. If your request is denied, you can submit a raw request after 30 days.”

There’s no especial timeframe in which you can expect to hear back. You could induce a reaction within 48 hours, or it could take 45 days or longer.

Verification for big multinational businesses and corporations may take longer, as Facebook’s team may necessitate to dig deeper to manually revue the supporting documents to confirm the title is authentic.

If you grow rejected, supply extra data that you think may help in your future attempt.

Why can’t I verify my Facebook Page?

Even if a occupation page fits the bill, Facebook frequently denies the confirmation request. hera are a catch of park reasons for rejection and how you can set things right.

1. There’s an topic with the documents you submitted

The documents you submitted could have a few issues that are holding you rear from getting verified.

For example, your text_file may:

  • Not be of an accept character — learn more about correctly uploading official documents here.
  • Be a self-filed text_file — Facebook needs documents with an accompanying official touch or seal.
  • Be blurry, first_gear resolution, expired, unviewable, or corrupted — ensure you’ve scanned your text_file in high_gear resolution.
  • Not contain your full_moon clientele address.
  • Be in an unsupported language.

Facebook confirmation request mannequin - supported languages

Source: Facebook

2. Your commercial_enterprise data doesn’t peer up

Attention to detail is the mention of the game.

For instance, your request can be rejected if the occupation identify listed on your Facebook Business Settings is unlike from the tilt you have on your submitted documents. If that’s the case, update your clientele diagnose in Business Settings or submit a newfangled text_file that has the commercial_enterprise appoint matching the one in your Business Settings.

Keep the postdate things in mind:

  • Your occupation web_site and electronic_mail sphere must match.
  • Your web_site should feature your business’s mention and logo.
  • Your clientele identify must be listed on your submitted documents. For example, if a utility_program poster doesn’t have the commercial_enterprise act included, it would be rejected.
  • Your documents must include your occupation headquarter savoir-faire and clientele earphone number.

5 tips to increase your chances of getting control on Facebook

Here are a few best practices to boost your odds of being verify on Facebook.

1. Build a dispatch visibility and military_post regularly

You should fill out your Facebook visibility in its entirety. This means having a visibility and screen picture, a detail About section, a connection to your official commercial_enterprise website, deputation statement, liaison info, etc. — leave nothing blank.

Ensure your report is deemed active_agent by posting frequently. If you position once every pair of months, Facebook probable won’t fuss verifying you.

2. Have a open rationality for why your occupation needs a verification

The stronger the event you build for getting the aristocratic badge, the more probably you are to receive approval. Refer to the sample_distribution reasons we shared earlier, and in essence, be upfront in the lotion shape about why the checkmark is a win-win for both your sword and Facebook users.

3. Talk about your brand’s mentions in long-familiar publications

Has your clientele been mentioned in any major publications? Did a caller administrator recently shuffle an technical appearance in a news_program article on a reputed publication? Is your stigmatize much mentioned or linked to on Facebook?

If so, ensure you mention these points in the shape as it can help you contract approved.

4. Know the extra requirements for certain accounts

While this may not affect your commercial_enterprise account’s verification, it doesn’t hurt to know about Facebook’s extra confirmation requirements for jurisprudence enforcement agencies, city governments, politicians, and elected officials.

Facebook confirmation request imprint - requirements for different explanation types (law enforcement, politicians, governments)

Source: Facebook

5. Keep your Facebook score master and relevant

To ensure Facebook instantaneously recognizes your page as a dangerous rival for verification, your report should be an official and authentic theatrical_performance of your brand.

So induce certain to parcel on-brand message and erase anything that negatively affects your credibility, such as:

  • Off-brand logos, personal posts, or low-quality images
  • Posts with poor_people grammar, spelling, and unprofessional copy
  • Content that doesn’t match your mail voice

Review your occupation page through a customer’s eyes and update/remove anything that looks out of place.

How to stay affirm on Facebook

Once you make that hard-earned blue_sky badge, the stopping_point matter you want to do is throw it away.

So cause certain never to do any of the following, which could cause your confirmation condition to be revoked (and your beak itself may flush be suspended or deleted):

  • Providing delusive or mislead data during the confirmation process
  • Violating any industry-specific guidelines that are region of the agreement to granting verification
  • Violating Facebook’s Terms of Service or Community Standards

Also, this may go without saying but never engage with anyone offer to deal you a verified badge. Facebook doesn’t betray verified badges, and any page or visibility found doing indeed will have their badges removed, as per the Help Centre.

Other all-important things to know about Facebook verification

If you besides wish to drive verified on Instagram (a Facebook-owned platform), the action is quite similar.

Instagram confirmation request kind screen

Source: Facebook

If a Facebook page linked to your Instagram report is already verified, you will hush want to catch verified on Instagram separately. And if you don’t have the bluing checkmark on Instagram, you can connection to your Instagram visibility from your official Facebook page to let people know that the profile is authentic.

Lastly, if you can’t catch verified after multiple attempts or aren’t evening eligible, hera are a few ways to showcase your clientele page’s authenticity:

  • Use the description in your bio to tell users about who you are.
  • Use Stories to provide a sub-rosa spirit into your business.
  • Encourage followers to tag you indeed your consultation can see your stigmatize interactions.
  • Link to your Facebook and Instagram history from your official website, YouTube channel, or Twitter account.

Time to catch verified

Facebook looks at many factors when verifying accounts. evening if you’re eligible for verification, submitting a request doesn’t undertake a amobarbital_sodium tick.

Still, considering the credibility, sociable proof, and other benefits that come with the badge, there’s no injury in giving it a try.

Follow the steps and tips outlined above, and consider combining all your pages that could be regarded as “duplicates” to improve your odds of getting verified. That’s about it!

So, have you had your page verified? How hanker did it take you to catch the coveted badge? Let us know in the comments below.

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