How to Get a Facebook Vanity URL (Personalized Link) for your Page


Wondering how to get a Facebook amour_propre url for your page?

This military_post shows you how to set up a personalized connection & customs url for your Facebook page.

Claiming your Page’s username to get a custom-branded “vanity” URL on Facebook is a no-brainer.

A trade_name Facebook username gives your foliate an easy-to-find & easy-to-share URL that looks master & branded.

For example, which of these URLs would you preferably parcel with electric_potential customers. This one:


Or this one:


Obviously the moment one, right?…. the shorter one!

Shorter URLs are easier to contribution verbally and besides on your print selling materials.

They’re besides easier to communicate and remember!

For example, is a_lot easier to say and remember than a long, confuse URL with random numbers and code in it.

But relief of sharing and remembering is not the lone profit of a custom-made username.

Your Facebook Page’s username (once you claim it) can besides be used in Facebook Messenger to connect with your fans privately. It looks like this:


Beyond these benefits, your overall mark scheme will improve when you get a Facebook foliate username/URL that matches the remainder of your sociable media accounts.

Think about it. You want your sociable media history URLs to look consistent, like this:

This way, your hearing and customers will know where to look and how to identify you on any network.

So you should constantly try to claim your sword appoint on each sociable net in the lapp way.

Then your fans can inquiry for your stigmatize username on any fresh networks that pop up too!

But don’t stress if a sociable net adds a hyphen hera or there, like LinkedIn did with our company foliate (because of the outer_space between Post Planner):

You can hush match your stigmatize using your logo, screen photo, and post messaging. then your customers will distillery know it’s you, evening if you do have a unlike username and conceit URL.

So nowadays that you know WHY you need a dressing_table URL for your Facebook page, here’s how to get one!

How to Get a Facebook Vanity URL (Personalized Link) for your Page

To claim your Facebook Page’s username and amour_propre URL, you need to set up a customs username by pursuit these steps. 

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page’s “About” tab

In your Facebook Page’s left_field sidebar menu, you should see a connection to your About tab.

If you don’t see it, you may need to chink a “See More” link. 


On the About tab, you will see the battlefield where you can create your Facebook foliate username:


Step 2: Create your Facebook page @username

Click the “Create page @username” liaison on your About check to create your Facebook Page’s username.

Your username should be a minimal of five characters and a utmost of 50 characters.

It can contain alphanumeric characters and periods alone — no spaces or early particular characters. 


The “Username” discipline is where you will enter your desire username for your Facebook Vanity URL.

Remember: the username will be the region of the URL that follows “” — sol don’t use spaces, symbols, etc.

As we mentioned earlier, we recommend using something short, trade_name & memorable. Your personal name, commercial_enterprise name, merchandise name, or early post mention would be best.

Step 3: check availability

This is the measure where Facebook tells you whether they’ll accept your username or not.

If your username is being used by another account, isn’t available for another reason, violates Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, or early rules for Facebook page usernames, Facebook will let you know before you submit your name.

Until then, they will disable the “Create Username” button.


Once you enter a username that no matchless else is using and that doesn’t violate any of Facebook’s rules, you should see a park checkmark look in the sphere follow to your username.


The “Create Username” push_button will besides become active_agent when your username choice is a winner! 

Step 4: Create your Facebook page username & conceit URL

Once you see the greens checkmark, double-check your username matchless more clock_time for accuracy.

If you’re certain it looks correct, suction_stop the Create Username button.

You will get the postdate ratification message:


At this point, you’re all done!

You immediately have easy-to-remember usernames and dressing_table URLs for both your Facebook page and your Messenger account.

These URLs are the shorten versions of your full_moon Facebook foliate and Messenger report URLs.

They will redirect to the following:

  • (Your Facebook Page)
  • (Messenger, with an outdoors new_world_chat starting with your Facebook Page)


How do I change my Facebook Page’s username and amour_propre URL?

Want to change your Facebook Page’s username and conceit URL?

In the past, you could merely update your Facebook Page’s username once.

Now, you can update it arsenic needed, with a few days spacing in between changes. 

To do so, you can go rear to your Facebook Page’s “About” yellow_journalism and pawl on the “Edit” radio_link adjacent to your username.


When you snap on the “Edit” link, it will bring up the lightbox where you can edit your username. 

facebook-vanity-url-custom-username-setup-08Things to remember when changing your Facebook page username

If you change your username, it will besides change your Facebook Page’s dressing_table URL.

Since the URL of your Facebook page will change, you will need to update it anywhere you have linked to your Facebook page or Messenger explanation for sales documentation or customer military_service issues. 

This includes your web_site and early sociable profiles that you have linked to your Facebook Page.

It may not include those profiles that are immediately linked to your Facebook page via Facebook authorization. 

Note that any early websites or web_log posts that linked to your erstwhile Facebook page amour_propre URL may be broken unless you get them updated.

If you can think of any of your most democratic occupation visibility listings that besides include a associate to your Facebook Page, those are the ones to get updated first.

Also, keep in judgment that while you can change your Facebook Page’s username american_samoa frequently angstrom you want, you may want to keep your branding reproducible with your early sociable media profiles.

Other sociable networks may not let you change your username vitamin_a much or may not have the lapp username available, thus be certain to do your inquiry before making a large switch. 

KnowEm is a username search instrument you can use to promptly research whether your raw hope username is available across over 500 sociable networks.

In accession to the peak sociable networks, it can give you some ideas about recess sociable networks that you can join once you’ve dominated Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 


KnowEm besides checks sphere identify handiness and trademarks.

It is a valuable resource for startups and anyone who wants to get their clientele mark started the right_field way.

If you claim your brand’s trademark, world list across multiple knowledge_domain extensions, and username on the majority of sociable networks, this is a bang-up go-to resource.

Update your fans with your newfangled FB username and conceit URL changes

Changing your Facebook Page’s username and dressing_table URL is a capital apology to let your fans on early sociable networks know about your Facebook Page.

Make announcements on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. to let people know what your modern Facebook username is then they can reach you on Facebook and early networks!

In this example, you can see this sword has matching usernames on Twitter, Facebook, Mixer, and Twitch.

This way, their fans can find them everywhere that counts. 


Not entirely will this remind their stream Facebook fans to check out their Facebook page again, but it might help them gain some newly fans too!

Remember to plowshare frequently on early sociable networks therefore you can catch all of your fans that are on-line at unlike times of the sidereal_day too!

Final thoughts on claiming a Facebook page username

If you want to present a potent stigmatize persona online, take advantage of Facebook’s custom-made username feature_of_speech to get your Facebook Page’s amour_propre URL.

Once you’ve done that, look for the option to do the like on the respite of your sociable networks.

This includes every personal visibility and commercial_enterprise foliate you own. 

After you’ve claimed your customer usernames and conceit URLs for all of your profiles and pages on all of your sociable networks, update your web_site with your fresh links.

And most importantly: update your fans across every sociable net with your raw links.

Then prepare for newfangled fans on your Facebook Page!

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