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How to See Wi-Fi Password on Android

Like about everyone across the globe, you credibly have connected to a countless act of Wi-Fi networks over the years, 99% of which you can’t remember their passwords. But thanks to the android OS for remembering these networks and connecting you mechanically when in range. However, things go beyond that. sometimes you may motivation to connect another device to the network. Or perhaps, give a ally the login details. So… what would you do in those cases? That’s where our usher on how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android comes in!

Finding and sharing your Wi-Fi net on Android requires no extraordinary tactics. just follow our bit-by-bit guidebook below to learn how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android nowadays and forever.  

How to See Wi-Fi Password on Android

Before we walk you through how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android devices, let’s inform you this template isn’t a “hacking” arrangement that’ll concession you unauthorized entree to Wi-Fi networks near you. It’ll lone help you fetch the Wi-Fi password of the networks you’ve always connected to on your Android device.

With that out of the way, we’re besides glad to tell you determination and sharing your passwords on devices running Android 10 and late is about effortless. It alone requires a few clicks. 

On the early hand, find and sharing a Wi-Fi password on Android 9 and below can be tedious, as it requires digging into the organization files via beginning access. Either way, you’ll hush get to see and parcel the Wi-Fi password.

How to see your Wi-Fi password on Android 10 and up

“Wi-Fi Share” was one of the luminary features Google introduced on Android 10. Since then, Android folks could contribution their Wi-Fi networks with early Android users without typing and retyping pathetic passwords. By introducing QR codes instead, sharing Wi-Fi passwords gets a batch better.

The lapp goes for detect Wi-Fi passwords, too, since the QR codes don’t introduce any kind of end-to-end encryption.

So, if you’ve got a telephone running Android 10, 11, 12, or later, here’s how to view salvage Wi-Fi passwords.

  • Navigate to the Wi-Fi section in your phone’s Settings app. (Usually by going to Settings → Network & Internet → Wi-Fi or Connection Wi-Fi on some devices)
  • You’ll see the net you’re presently connected to at the peak of the list. If not, tap “Saved Networks” to see all the Wi-Fi networks you’ve always used.
  • Right there, select a net you wish to view its password.
  • Find the “Share” button (with QR code icon) on the foliate and tap it.
  • Verify your identity with biometrics or enter your pin.
  • When verified, the network’s password will show as a QR code on your screen.

On stock_certificate Android devices, you may see the password underneath the QR code. But on most devices, you’ll indigence to scan the QR code beginning to fetch the password.

Usually, I would take a screenshot of the QR code, then scan it using Google Lens on my Android phone.

Better still, you can ask your acquaintance (or the person trying to connect) to scan the QR code on their earphone to connect instantly.

How to find Wi-Fi passwords on Android 9 and older phones

Finding and sharing a Wi-Fi password on Android 9 Pie and older devices is slippery and, sometimes, impossible for most people. The rationality is you have to solution your call to get started.

If you have a rooted Android phone, then that should be reasonably simple. many apps on the Play Store can help you fetch your Wi-Fi password from the ancestor folders. Or, if you’re tech-inclined and want to sort out things on your own, you can entree the etymon folders manually to fetch the Wi-Fi keys.

Once again, being rooted doesn’t mean you’d be able to get or hack into Wi-Fi networks without proper authorization. These steps will merely help you view save Wi-Fi passwords on your telephone in event you necessitate it.

That said, you can get any Wi-Fi Password Viewer app on the Play Store and try it on your rooted phone. Otherwise, you can voyage to /data/misc/wifi from your rout charge internet_explorer to view the Wi-Fi password.

However, if you’ve not rooted your phone, you shouldn’t do sol because of respective consequences that might follow. First, you may end astir turning your earphone into a part of useless brick since you don’t know how beginning works.

How to view Wi-Fi password on another device

If you’re trying to connect to a friend’s Mobile Hotspot, but he doesn’t know its password, you can get it effortlessly. All you’ll want is to dig into the hot_spot settings on his call and fetch the password manually.

Here’s how to do it on an Android phone:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Go to the Hotspot & Tethering (Usually Network Internet → Mobile Hotspot or something similar)
  • Click on Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Select Hotspot settings
  • Click on Hotspot password
  • You’ll see a textbook corner containing the hot_spot password.
  • You can immediately join the net on your telephone using the keys.

If you’re using a Wi-Fi router instead, you can check its admin foliate to entree the password and early information. many Wi-Fi routers have mobile apps you can use to check these details on your phone. If you’re mindful of such an app, you can use it to get the network’s details. equitable open your router Android app and navigate to Settings → Wi-Fi Security to fetch the password.

If that distillery didn’t work, check our comprehensive_examination scout on “How to Share Wi-Fi Passwords” to find the password for your save net on Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC.

Should you try Android Wi-Fi password uncover apps?

As said earlier, there are many “Wi-Fi Password Viewer” apps on the Google Play Store boast to help you on how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android. But can you trust them entirely?

The major downside of these apps is their motivation for settle access. Usually, that shouldn’t be a trouble if you’ve rooted your phone. If it’s the early manner round, then it’s not recommended to get them.

And before you evening install any of them, keep in judgment that these apps can’t help you fetch the password for Wi-Fi networks you’ve never connected to and may introduce some security_system concerns.

Still can’t recover the Wi-Fi password?

If you own the Wi-Fi network, you should break no perspiration in learning how to see Wi-Fi passwords on Android. And if your earphone is running Android 10 and later, you already know that find and sharing Wi-Fi passwords is one of the simplest things. You can do it in minutes.

If you’re so_far to find the Wi-Fi password and you have no entree to the router itself, the best you can do is to ask the owner. Otherwise, there’s credibly nothing you can do anymore.

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