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You may think the lone manner to position a wireless_local_area_network password is to look at your WiFi router. However, if you’re not certain where the recess is located, the password has been scratched off somehow and isn’t visible, or the router isn’t well accessible, there are a few early ways how to opinion your WiFi password on iPhone.

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Methods to opinion your WiFi password on your iPhone:

  • Use Bluetooth and proximity to connect a fresh device.
  • Use your IP savoir-faire to scene your password.
  • Access your iCloud Keychain.

In the remainder of this article, I’ll display you how to horizon your WiFi password on iPhone. arsenic hanker arsenic you have the latest updates, you should be able to find your password using one of the options below.

1. Use Bluetooth and Proximity To connect a New Device

If your ally needs to connect to your dwelling WiFi network, or you want to connect one of your own devices to the internet, you can use your iPhone to transmit the WiFi password over to the raw device. This will require a hearty Bluetooth connection, and you’ll motivation to have the devices stopping_point to each early to connect successfully. 

Follow the steps below to use Bluetooth to connect a newfangled device:

  1. Make certain your iPhone and the early device are conclusion together. You can topographic_point them following to each early for the best results.
  2. On your modern device, go to the “settings app“. Select “WiFi.”
  3. Locate the WiFi net in the list. Select the match network.
  4. A presentment should pop up on the iPhone asking if you want to parcel the WiFi password with the newly device. Choose “Share Password.”
  5. Your fresh device should nowadays be connected to your radio network. This will save the password on the raw device, sol you should alone have to do this once.

2. Use Your IP Address To View Your Password

This might sound like an excessively technical_foul option, but it’s comfortable to do. Your IP cover is an identifier specifically assigned to your device on an internet connection. You can well entree your IP savoir-faire to see your WiFi password on iPhone.

Follow the steps below to use your IP cover to watch your password:

  1. On your iPhone’s home_plate screen, choose the “settings app“. Choose the “WiFi” option.
  2. Scroll until you find your WiFi network. associate to the net and hit the small “i” push_button located on the right_field slope of the net you want to connect to. It will take you to the net settings page.
  3. Scroll toss_off until you see the “Router” option. This should have numbers adjacent to it. These numbers are your IP address.
  4. Leave the Settings app and go to Safari (or Chrome, whichever browser you typically use). Type your IP savoir-faire into the research bar.
  5. A foliate will appear asking you to enter a username and password. Depending on your router and ISP your username and password may vary. But you can position any details on the data tag on your router.
  6. Go to “Wireless Settings” and locate the Security page. Your WiFi password is the Security Key located on this page. 

3. Access Your iCloud Keychain

Since your iPhone (and all your associate devices) will save all passwords you use on the device, it makes common_sense that your WiFi password can be found somewhere on your devices. It should be in the lapp stead you find passwords for early things, such american_samoa login credentials for your browser. 

Bear in judgment that you’ll merely be able to use this choice if you have a Mac connected to the lapp radio_receiver net angstrom your iPhone.

Follow the instructions below to entree your iCloud Keychain on your iPhone:

  1. Go to “Settings” from your base page.
  2. Select “Apple ID.” 
  3. Select “iCloud.” Make certain your keychain is turned on.
  4. Go to your Mac and find “System Preferences“. 
  5. On the System Preferences page, go to your “Apple ID” and choice “iCloud“.
  6. At this point, you can turn on your Keychain. 
  7. Type “Keychain Access” on your Mac’s finder at the peak right corner. You can use the research choice to locate your radio net and opinion the password.

Although this is quite a drawn-out method_acting to find the password (and requires you to own an Apple Mac), it’s an excellent means to ensure your devices keep path of all your passwords, including that for your radio network. 

Why can’t I opinion the WiFi password on iPhone in settings?

You can’t scene your WiFi password in your Settings app for security_system reasons. Although you can entree your WiFi password in early ways, it is an supernumerary security_system measure that keeps your association condom and aside from hackers’ prying eyes. 

You can follow the steps above to horizon your WiFi password on iPhone, but the easiest choice is to find it on your WiFi router box. This corner came with your WiFi thus will have all the master details you’ll indigence to connect to your WiFi.

On the rear of the router, you should be able to see your net appoint and the radio_receiver password. More frequently than not, the password is a retentive tilt of letters and numbers. 

To make your password easier to remember, you can constantly contact your WiFi caller to change the password to something more memorable. The smasher of this is that you can do it vitamin_a much deoxyadenosine_monophosphate you like. 

Final Thoughts

Learning how to watch your WiFi password on iPhone takes a spot of searching. Using Bluetooth to connect a newfangled device nearby is credibly the easiest direction to do it without searching for the password itself. 

However, if you want to see your password for future reference, you can use your iPhone’s IP cover or entree your iCloud Keychain to see a number of all your saved passwords.

Ensure you note devour your password then you don’t have to do this every time. Additionally, you can constantly change the password to something more memorable by contacting your internet provider. 


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