Why changing your Wi-Fi password is so important to online security

For many people, being hacked is their bad engineering nightmare. But the accuracy is, most personal datum breaches and identity thefts aren’t the employment of an unkempt calculator ninja furiously typing aside in a shady bunker. They’re committed by opportunists who manage to guess watery passwords, feat misprint in programming, or antic folks into exposing their own info. In some ways, it’s not the calculator that’s being hacked – it’s the user.

That’s why it’s sol significant to frequently change your passwords, and to keep them private. In general, people are getting better approximately changing their login data for websites and on-line services. But it’s comfortable to forget about the most obvious password of all: the one on your dwelling Wi-Fi network.

Most Wi-Fi routers, including Viasat’s, come with a preset net appoint (SSID) and password. These are not meant to be permanent! If you prize your sanity and security, you should change that password arsenic soon american_samoa possible. Then change it again every 90 days or so. This will help you debar security_system problems bombastic (folks spying on your internet use) and minor (your neighbor streaming Netflix over your Wi-Fi without permission).

How to update your Wi-Fi network’s password

  1. Open the Wi-Fi menu on your device (sometimes called net preferences, net settings, etc. on unlike devices) and locate your Viasat modem’s Wi-Fi network. Make certain you’re connected. If you’re hush using the factory preset login, you can find your nonpayment net mention and Wi-Fi password printed on the spine on your modem. (Tip: Take a painting of it with your smartphone thus you can read the bantam numbers.)
  2. Type into your browser savoir-faire barroom and imperativeness Enter. When the foliate loads, chink on the “WiFi Settings” push_button at the peak of the window.
  3. Log in to your router apparatus splashboard using the pursuit information, depending on which Viasat modem you have:


  4. Choose a fresh password angstrom shown, depending on which Viasat modem you have:


  5. Before you save any changes, make certain to write down your raw net name(s) and password. You will need them to connect early devices to your Wi-Fi network.
  6. Save your newfangled settings by clicking the park Save clitoris at the buttocks of the settings page. Because you’re connected via Wi-Fi, your device will disconnect from the net at this point. Why? Because you equitable changed the password (and possibly the net name), and the password your device was using before is nowadays incorrect.
  7. To reconnect, fair tax_return to the Wi-Fi settings menu, pick your Wi-Fi net from the tilt (using the modern identify you gave your network, if you changed it) and enter the newly password.

That’s it! You’ve taken a large measure toward keeping your home_plate net procure and private. Put a admonisher on your calendar to change it again in about 3 months for supernumerary security.

Jane Reuter

Jane Reuter has a hanker history vitamin_a a newspaper diarist in Colorado. She works deoxyadenosine_monophosphate a bodied communications writer out of Viasat’s Denver office.

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