How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Here’s how to change your router’s Wi-Fi password, or tweak the password Windows 10 uses to connect to your network.


Need to change your Wi-Fi password? possibly you didn’t change the nonpayment password when you set up your router and want to set it to something more secure. Or possibly you entered the wrong Wi-Fi password on your calculator when you tried to connect to your net earlier.

Whatever your scenario, we’ll show you how to change your Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

How to Change Your Wi-Fi Password Using Windows 10

If you’re looking to change your Wi-Fi password in Windows, you credibly want to accomplish one of two tasks. One is actually changing your router’s Wi-Fi net password that all devices use to connect. The early is changing the Wi-Fi password that Windows has salvage for your network.

We’ll cover these in turn, looking at the erstwhile scenario first.

There are respective commodity reasons for changing your Wi-Fi password. possibly you’ve used a watery password in the by and want to make it something stronger. possibly person you nobelium longer reliance has the password and you don’t want them to entree your network. Whatever the case, it lone takes a few moments to change your Wi-Fi net password.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address

When you want to change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll motivation to log into your router and make the alteration there. To do so, you’ll indigence to know its IP address.

The easiest manner to find this is by right-clicking the Start push_button and choosing Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell. There, type the ipconfig command, and you’ll see a tilt of information.

Your router’s IP savoir-faire is listed following to Default Gateway. It’s normally something like or similar.

Router IP Address Windows CMD

How to Change the Wi-Fi Password on Your Router

Now, enter this IP cover into the savoir-faire barroom in your browser, then you’ll necessitate to log into your router. This router administrator password is unlike than what you use to connect devices to your network. If you haven’t changed it, it’s credibly something generic like password or admin.

A flying Google research for your router’s exemplar act will help you figure out the default_option password. Because of this, you should change the router password immediately in ordering to make your radio net more secure.

Once you’ve logged in, the demand instructions for changing your Wi-Fi password will depend on your router model. Generally, you can look for a part like Wireless or WLAN. This should have the choice to change your net password, among early features.

TP Link Change SSID Password

Note that once you change your Wi-Fi password, you’ll want to enter the fresh password again on all your devices to reconnect them. nothing will connect by_rights until you enter the update password.

While you’re here, why not choose a raw funny_story Wi-Fi appoint (called its SSID) to give your neighbors a laugh? You’ll have to reconnect all your devices using the newfangled net name, but it can be fun if you’ve used the generic nonpayment mention until now.

How to Change the Saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Now we move to the moment scenario: changing the Wi-Fi password that Windows 10 has save for your device. This lets you fix your Wi-Fi password if you mistyped it earlier. Or if you’ve equitable changed your Wi-Fi password and need to enter the modern one, you can do sol by following this method.

One comfortable means to change your Wi-Fi password for Windows in this direction is through the lapp menu that you use to view your Wi-Fi password. By heading to the Network and Sharing Center and viewing your password, you can change what’s save arsenic hanker american_samoa you have admin rights on your computer.

As stated in that guide, changing this battlefield updates the password that Windows uses to connect to your Wi-Fi network. After entering your newly password here, you should be able to connect properly.

Windows Show Network Password

If you don’t want to use this method, you can besides change the save password by removing the net from your calculator and reconnecting with the fresh password. To do this, mind to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi. Click on Manage known networks to show all the Wi-Fi networks that your calculator has connected to.

Now, select the net you want to change the password for and click Forget to erase it from your machine. After this, chink the net picture in your System Tray, choose your net identify again, and reconnect by entering the raw password.

Windows 10 Forget Wi-Fi Network

If everything works out right, your calculator will reconnect to your net with the newfangled password.

Don’t Sweat a Windows Wi-Fi Password Change

Now you know how to change the Wi-Fi password for your stallion network, angstrom good vitamin_a updating the password that your Windows calculator uses to connect to your network. It’s not difficult—just make certain that you record your password in a procure placement thus you don’t lose it.

For more, why not check out some lesser-known Wi-Fi tips for Windows 10?

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