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If you’re a Jio user, you’ll know about the JioFi 4G Hotspot. This device along with a Jio SIM lets you entree 4G internet speeds on much any device, be a fluid phone, tablet, laptop or a ache TV. If you haven’t already subscribed, here’s where you get a Jio connection, and you can evening buy a JioFi device right_field now.

If you’re already using a JioFi, hera are a few things you should do to secure it. If you’re sharing your association with others, you might want to change the password every nowadays and then. We’ll besides show you how to customize the appoint of the network. These steps are particular to the JioFi 3, and may vary slenderly depending on the device you’re using.

Switch on your JioFi device
The beginning matter is to ability on the device by holding down the button. If you haven’t noted down the mention of the JioFi’s WiFi net and its password, you can find it on the rear of the packaged box, or under the barrage at the spinal_column of the device.

Connect your telephone or a laptop to the JioFi device

Connect your devices to the JioFi. This is done by going to the Wireless settings on your device. Use the details found in the former step.

Access the shape interface on a vane browser

Access the URL http://jiofi.local.html or using a net browser. This will take you the foliate where you can manage the JioFi’s settings.

Login to the interface

Now login with the credentials, username as administrator and password as administrator and pat on the login button. You might be prompted to change the nonpayment administrator password. You can do this by clicking on OK.

Change the WiFi password

To change the WiFi password, chink on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration > Secure samara (in some models).

Choose a password and salvage Settings

Change the password to your wish and suction_stop on the Apply button.

That should help secure the device, but you can besides customize things foster by changing the identify of your network. Typically, it’s a building_complex exemplar number, but you can give it your list or something you fancy.

Changing the JioFi’s net diagnose (SSID)

Click on Network > Wi-Fi Configuration. Make changes to the Network Name (SSID) field. Change the appoint to your like and pawl on Save. You might need to reconnect to the JioFi device after a while, in event it doesn’t connect.

Changing the JioFi’s login ID and password

To promote secure the device, and if you weren’t prompted to change the password earlier, you can do this by clicking on User Management > Account Management. Enter a fresh username and password, then confirm it. Click on the Save push_button when you’re done. If you haven’t purchased a device for yourself, you can buy one on-line correct now.


Note: For app or military_service associate queries, charitable contact the Jio Customer Care at

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