7 Easy Steps to Change Your WiFi Password (2022)

Wi-Fi gets you connected online. It is significant to constantly keep your Wi-Fi password procure because your personal data might be at risk.

You must keep your password protected and change it to protect your net and your data.

Just follow these comfortable steps to change your Wi-Fi password:

1. open router’s shape page

Use a vane browser on a calculator connected to your network. You can besides use an Ethernet cable_television to connect your calculator immediately to the router.

*Open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows samara + R and entering cmd. Once the Command Prompt opens, character ipconfig and imperativeness Enter. Look for your active_agent association in the tilt and find the Default Gateway address. This is your router address.

If this doesn’t work, you can crush and hold the Reset push_button on your router for about 30 seconds to revert it to factory nonpayment settings.

2. Enter your router’s username and password

Username and password are required before you can entree the router. If you’ve changed the login in the by and since forget it, or received the router as a hand-me-down, you’ll motivation to wardrobe and hold the Reset clitoris on the router for about 30 seconds.

This will reset the settings to default, allowing you to log in with the default_option username and password.

3. outdoors the Wireless section

Try to find the Wireless part of the shape page. The demand appoint changes from manufacturer to manufacturer, but generally, you are looking for a “Wireless” or “Wireless Settings/Setup” check or button.

You indigence to open the Wireless Security foliate if your router has multiple subsections.

4. Change the password

The corner for “Password”, “Passphrase” or “Shared Key” is where you will enter your fresh password into. They will ask you type the password again and ensure you entered it correctly.

Create a potent password that would be unmanageable if not impossible to guess. Numbers, random cases, and particular characters such as “!”, “$” and “#” must be used. A potent password is normally at least 8 characters long.

5. Check out your security_system type

The WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are three types of fasten connections. For the most guarantee network, you should be using WPA2. Selecting WEP is NOT recommended, as WEP encoding is identical easily to break.

6. Change your net name

You can besides change your net name. This shouldn’t include any personal data since this is a publicly broadcasted name.

It will help to avoid people from trying to break into your WI-Fi. Routers with nonpayment names are seen as easier hacking targets.

7. Save your settings

After entering your raw password, click the Apply or Save button. The placement may differ for every router, but most of the time, it is located in peak or bottom.

Any device connected will mechanically be disconnected and you can re-enter your newfangled Wi-Fi password on your device.

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