How to Change Facebook Page Name – Change Page Name in FB

You’re impression reasonably commodity about your bearing on Facebook. You’ve stage_set up a foliate for your business, organization, or group. You’ve promoted it sufficiently and evening have a following. then you notice that you misspelled your name. Or didn’t capitalize it properly. Or it’s been a match of months and you’re nowadays presenting your caller appoint differently for trade_name purposes, such as dropping the “LLC” or “Inc.”

Is there any manner to change your Facebook foliate name? It wasn’t identical hanker ago that Facebook restricted any attack to change a Page’s name. Over time, though, they’ve relaxed their grip, and in 2020 it’s easier than ever.

The Before Times

Just for a small historic perspective, at one clock_time Facebook had unlike instructions for pages based on its act of followers. If you had over 200 likes, you had a unlike bent of rules to follow for changing the mention of your foliate than those with under 200.

Thankfully, all that has changed and everybody follows the lapp basic operation now.

Changing Your Facebook foliate Name in 2020

First and foremost, you must be an admin of the foliate you’re changing. not sealed if you’re the administrator? Check out the foliate Roles part of the settings section.

a screenshot of the foliate Roles department of Facebook Settings

While you’re looking at your page, you’ll motivation to chink About and then Edit following to your Page’s name. You’ll enter a fresh identify and suction_stop Continue. If you’re satisfy with what your foliate will be called, you can pawl “Request Change.” Facebook will let you know how retentive it should take for them to review your request (typically less than 7 days).

Because you’re sending a request, actual Facebook employees will be making the decisiveness on whether the raw foliate phone_number you are requesting is stopping_point adequate to the foliate you have. arsenic farseeing as you represent your foliate accurately in the request name, you’ll be fine.

Having said that, there are certain rules you’ll have to follow.

As with everything on Facebook, make certain you’re pursuit the Community Standards.

Additionally, your page’s list cannot include these:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or transgress someone’s rights
  • The news “official,” unless it actually is the official foliate (and if it is the official page, and Facebook gives you a verify badge, they don’t want you to say “official” anymore)
  • Grammatically wrong capitalization — follow the convention rules of grammar, not the strange capitalization you might use in branding
  • Descriptions or slogans — keep it simple, and don’t try to editorialize: you might have the best military_service in town, but you can’t say that in your foliate title
  • Any version of the discussion Facebook — anybody visiting your foliate knows what website they’re on, and you’re not representing Facebook, the company

Your page’s diagnose can’t lone dwell of generic words and proper nouns. You can have the parole “coffee” in your foliate appoint if you provide coffee, but you can’t equitable be “coffee” as your title. The lapp goes for topographic_point names, like the city you’re in. It’s tempt to be the Plumber of Pittsburgh, but there is more than one plumber in Pittsburgh.

It’s not Working!

You might run into problems if you fit a few criteria. If you’re not an administrator, you won’t be able to make the request. If your foliate recently changed its name, you have to wait a fiddling while before you can request it again. Finally, your foliate might presently have limits placed on it, for activities that make Facebook uncomfortable (like a mislead mention or misinform content).

Changing Your Facebook URL

Keep in judgment that your Facebook foliate identify – the championship that appears in boldface at the peak of your foliate and what people would type in to tag you – is offprint from your page’s URL (which Facebook calls your “username”), or the that shows up in the URL bowed_stringed_instrument of the savoir-faire bar. When you beginning hardening up your page, Facebook will create something by default. If you want to change this to an easy-to-remember address, snap hera for bit-by-bit instructions.

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