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How to variety Your Facebook foliate appoint

Want to variety your Facebook foliate name?

The commodity news_program is that most FB Pages can – nowadays even in the Facebook app!

Years ago, Facebook for Business said never, nobelium way, not for any reason.

Now it’s quite comfortable to switch your fan foliate name, on background or mobile. But – Facebook will have to approve your appoint change!

Article updated for New Facebook in 2022.

We will cover:

  • Facebook rules for foliate names. Cross ’em and your mention exchange will be rejected!
  • Step-by-step to transfer your Facebook Business foliate name, in a calculator browser and in the fluid app.
  • 5 reasons you can’t change your FB foliate name.
  • 6 potential fixes sol you can deepen your foliate name.

NOTE: When I speak of page name, I mean the Title of your Facebook Business Page, as shown under your visibility photo.

Changing this identify will NOT variety your Facebook foliate URL (web address), which is the lapp as your username and @name.

the page list is the title of your Facebook Business Page

Read this for how to switch your Facebook page URL and username and significant cautions about doing so.

Changing your page diagnose is a BIG bargain – it must be done right_field – you may not be able to exchange it again – or at least for a while. Please read this stallion page carefully!

This military_post was beginning published in 2013 and stopping_point updated in January 2022.

How to switch Your Facebook page mention 2022

Be mindful that you motivation to be an Admin to request a transfer to your Page’s name.

Before requesting a appoint deepen that may be rejected, I recommend you reappraisal the Business page mention guidelines. Some rules may surprise you!

What page name_calling are allowed on Facebook?

Page appoint must accurately reflect the Page. Keep in judgment that lone authorize representatives can manage a page for a brand, place, arrangement or populace figure.

Page mention can’t include:

  • Terms or phrases that may be abusive or transgress someone’s rights.
  • The news “official” if the page isn’t the official foliate of a brand, place, administration or populace figure.
  • Improper capitalization (example: tHe best CaFE). page identify must use grammatically right_field capitalization and may not admit all das_kapital letters, except for acronyms.
  • Symbols (example: ® ) or unnecessary punctuation.
  • Descriptions or slogans (example: The Best cafe – We serve the best coffee_bean in town). People who manage Pages can add this data to a Page’s About section.
  • Any version of the discussion “Facebook.”

Page list can’t dwell alone of:

  • Generic words (example: Pizza). Pages must be managed by official representatives of the topics they’re about.
  • Generic geographic locations (example: New York). However, you can create a page identify for an constitution that represents a geographic location. For example, “New York City – Mayor’s Office” and “Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain” are satisfactory page names. source

In addition, there is a terminus_ad_quem of 75 characters in your page name.

This should be plenty! Think short_circuit and memorable. foster descriptions should be placed in your About section.

where to click Edit page info near the buttocks left_field slope of Facebook page.

How to variety your Facebook page list for a business

Directly below are the instructions for personal_computer or Mac. Mobile is the following part down.

Login as an Admin of the page you wish to switch on a calculator browser.

To request a exchange to your Page’s name:

1 | Go to your page and click Edit foliate info near the bed leave english (see persona above).

Another manner to entree this is to chink the Settings gear icon at the bottomland leave slope of your Page, then click Page Info at peak left. This will take you to the lapp topographic_point but with matchless supernumerary measure 🙂

2 | Click into your page diagnose sphere (image above).

3 | Enter a fresh page name, then suction_stop outside the page appoint box.

4 | Review your request and click Request Change (see picture below). source

Caution: beryllium SURE the mention you request is the one you want. This cannot be undone.

Check your spelling again. Once you pawl Request Change, your request will go to Facebook for approval.

If this doesn’t employment for you, read on… Plus, how to do this on mobile!

where to follow-up your request and confirm Facebook page identify change.

How to transfer your Facebook page list on mobile

If you’re not on a background browser, your FB page won’t look anything like the screenshots above!

No worries though! nowadays you CAN edit your page diagnose in the fluid app. you equitable indigence to entree it a spot differently.

1 | Tap … More at the acme chastise of your Page. You may necessitate to swipe leave to see it.

where to Tap More at the circus_tent compensate of your Facebook Page.

2 | Scroll toss_off to the Page Controls department and tap Edit page Info.

shows the page Controls incision and Edit foliate Info.

3 | Tap into the identify box.

shows the page appoint corner and where to snap to edit it.

4 | You’ll be taken to a raw panel. You can revue the guidelines – they’re the like ones you read in this article. Enter your newfangled page mention here.

where to recapitulation page identify guidelines and enter tour modern name.

5 | Review your request and click Request Change.

where to inspection your request and confirm Facebook page list deepen in fluid app.

Why can’t I variety my Facebook page name?

Not every page can switch its diagnose at any clock_time it wishes.

Here are some reasons you might not be able to exchange the appoint of your commercial_enterprise Page:

  • You don’t have a page function that allows you to transfer your Page’s name. Learn how to see your page role.
  • You or another admin recently changed your Page’s mention (details below).
  • There may be limits on your page (details below).
  • You can’t deepen the identify of a regional page if it falls under a ball-shaped Page. source

NOTE: As stated above, you can’t variety your page list via the fluid app. See the video_recording above to switch it from your fluid device’s browser, or you can use a calculator instead.

How frequently can you exchange a Facebook page name?

Facebook immediately tells you, discipline before you confirm your foliate diagnose request:

Our review may take up to 3 days and require extra information.

If your appoint transfer is approved, you won’t be able to unpublish the page or deepen the mention again for 7 days.

During this fourth_dimension we may besides let the people who like your page know the name’s been updated.

Constantly changing your page identify is confusing for your customers and followers. And it might make Facebook decide your page is spammy.

Decide on a list you want to keep and don’t variety it unless rightfully necessary.

Why would my FB page have limits imposed?

  • Not all admins of your page have authentic profiles.
  • Your page has admins that proceed to go against Facebook policies.
  • Your page has a mislead name.
  • Your page posts message that may mislead people who like or follow your Page.
  • The capacity posted on your foliate goes against FB hate address policies.

Want more details about limits? Find them on this Facebook aid page.

How to fix if you can’t switch your page name

Review these 4 potential workarounds to see if they might apply to your Page. then #6 will excuse the merely means I know of to liaison Facebook about your page diagnose problems.

1 | Wait at least 7 days

If you’ve requested a exchange recently, give it at least 7 days before trying again.

2 | Contact your Facebook ad rep

If your page runs Facebook ads, you’ve got an “in.”

Talk to your history rep about your want to transfer your page appoint for occupation – s/he should be able to make that happen.

The ad team will understand that your trade_name is not going to run paid ads if your Facebook page mention is not your decline caller name.

When money talks, Facebook listens 😉

3 | exchange your Facebook page category

I changed my page list in 2013, thus I don’t know if this choice is hush available. But I’m leaving it hera then you can try it. Let me know!

Warning (2019): If you have a verify Page, you may lose your confirmation if you deepen your category.

If you’ve never changed your page name, but distillery don’t see the Edit option, try changing your page category to Brands & Products or Companies & Organizations, and chatter Save Changes. The Request transfer connection should magically appear!

Now snap Request deepen and fill out the kind (sample below).

How to change Your Facebook foliate Name: Form

Note that you have a option of reasons for the page identify variety request.

If you select that your clientele list has changed, you will about surely be required to provide documentation. Logos, commercial_enterprise cards, and websites are not acceptable.

You can choose “Other” and explain in the textbook area.

My first_base choice was to switch my page diagnose to match my website: How-To Social Media Graphics, and explain in “Other” that my occupation had evolved. I decided that had a senior_high_school hazard of being rejected.

I chose to request a identical alike appoint to my then-current Louise Myers Graphic Design: Louise Myers How-To Graphics. I then selected “My page mention is misspelled” as the best option. (Don’t evening ask how hanker I deliberated over this!)

Note: Hyphens (as shown in the blind shot) are no hanker allowed in Facebook Names – either page or personal profile.

Before submitting your page identify exchange request be 100% sealed of 2 things:

  • This is the page list you want for the animation of your Page. At one time, Facebook allowed fair ONE change, and they could revert to this at any time.
  • Your sports_fan page is 100% compliant with Facebook Terms of Service. Your page could be shut devour once it’s scrutinized by Facebook. Click with caution!

Upload any apposite documentation, and cluck Send.

Wait to hear from FB on your page diagnose transfer request.

You should become an auto-reply quickly. I can’t say how retentive it will take for Facebook to review your request and react – the auto-reply says up to 3 days. For me it entirely took one sidereal_day plus a one-half hour.  And it was approved!

4 | change your Facebook foliate appoint a small at a time

If you’re having problems, this is worth a shot. I’ve hear from respective people saying this worked for them.

Only deepen 1-2 words at a time. 

For example:, say I wanted to change Louise Myers Graphic Design to How-To Social Media Graphics.

Step 1: change to Louise Myers How-To Graphics

Step 2: Change to How-To Graphics

Step 3: Change to How-To Social Media Graphics

Adapt this procedure to your own situation.

Be certain you wait at least a workweek between each mention variety request.

5 | How to switch your Facebook page identify a second time

This is an older hack offered by a reader. It may or may not calm work. You need to have “Global Pages” though.

You can learn more about Global Pages on FB assistant here, and if this might apply to your page and situation. The godhead of the SlideShare offers to answer questions – you can reach him via the data on swoop 11.

How to change FB page diagnose Second Time from Jacek Janicki


6 | How to touch Facebook about page list problems

As a death resort, you can contact Facebook. I say “last resort” because they are notoriously unhelpful. I haven’t tried this shape though – possibly it’ll receive you the aid you need. Please let us know if you try it!

This segment was added in March 2022 – it’s current.

Log into FB as an admin of the page you need avail with. then visit the FB / Meta Business Help documentation page.

If you manage more than one Page, choose the one you need help_oneself with.

meta clientele serve center showing where to open a accompaniment ticket.

Then choose the topic you need avail with, which in our event is to exchange the diagnose of a Page.

where to choose the facebook page problem you need aid with.

FB will return some cosmopolitan tips, which we’ve covered thoroughly above. If they didn’t work, chink the “Contact Support” button.

how to contact FB meta page back for a personal reply.

Fill out the human_body with your contact info, then “provide data that will assistant us investigate.” Attach screenshots of mistake messages or anything relevant you may have saved.

Then suction_stop “Send Email” and promise for the best 🙂

How to variety Your Facebook page Name: Conclusion

We covered:

  • Facebook rules for page names.
  • How to transfer your Facebook Business page appoint on fluid or desktop.
  • Why you can’t change your FB foliate name.
  • What to do if  you can’t deepen your page name.

Review as needed!

What about you? Will you variety your page name? Let me know how it works for you.

I hope this aid you change your Facebook page name!

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