How to change business name on facebook (walkthrough for desktop and mobile)

In this how-to article we’ll cover the chief reasons to variety your commercial_enterprise appoint on Facebook (now technically “Meta,” but who are we kidding… everyone hush equitable says “Facebook”), how to switch your occupation mention on Facebook (instructions for desktop), flying instructions to exchange your Facebook clientele identify on Android and iPhone, some easons you might not be able to transfer your commercial_enterprise list on Facebook, and what happens if Facebook/Meta doesn’t approve your diagnose change. Let’s become started!

Social media selling is an necessity region of market any business, evening super-small one-man LLCs, contractors, solopreneurs, and microbusinesses. If you’re not doing it right, https://shopdothang.comuld be missing out on valuable opportunities. part of market yourself correctly on sociable media means getting your occupation appoint right_field across all of your on-line platforms, including your Facebook page. 

If your clientele mention isn’t accurate on Facebook/Meta, it may be unmanageable for your customers to find and connect with you online. In this article we’ll base_on_balls you through a few agile and comfortable steps to deepen your Facebook commercial_enterprise identify and provide some helpful tips along the way. 

Reasons to variety your occupation list on Facebook / Meta

You may be wondering what need https://shopdothang.comuld possibly have to switch your clientele diagnose on Facebook. Afterall, you or your market team are probable the ones who set astir your foliate sol your appoint should be commodity to adam barring any stigmatization changes down the road. 

There are respective feasible reasons to exchange your Facebook commercial_enterprise page’s name, some of which you may never have thought of or known about. 

  • There’s a misprint in your occupation name. Now, we hope this isn’t the event for you, but it can happen. possibly you were setting your foliate improving belated at nox and made a minor mistake. Rest assured that you can transfer that.

  • It’s unmanageable for customers to find you on Facebook. Do you have a clientele mention on Facebook that is unlike from your commercial_enterprise identify on your website, occupation cards, or Google listing? You’ll want to trade_name it arsenic easily american_samoa potential for customers to find you online. sol shuffle sealed your Facebook clientele foliate has your most long-familiar commercial_enterprise list and not some stranger version of it. 

  • It isn’t reproducible with your early on-line occupation listings. Are you companion with NAP consistency? This is how your clientele name, address, and telephone act are listed on the web, and it’s superintendent significant for your commercial_enterprise data to be listed systematically wherever it’s found. This helps Google and early research engines to associate your assorted listings with your mark and provides you with better opportunities for ranking commodity in the research engines. sol induce certain your Facebook foliate diagnose is coherent with your occupation appoint on Google, Yelp, Bing, and your early on-line listings. 

  • You had a business/brand mention change. It isn’t rare for a clientele to deepen their identify angstrom their sword evolves and expands down fresh avenues. If you variety the list of your commercial_enterprise or brand, you can switch your diagnose on your Facebook foliate too. You may need a small supernumerary confirmation if the appoint is importantly unlike from what it was before, but it’s not impossible to do so. 

How to exchange your occupation mention on Facebook (instructions for desktop)

Alright, let’s receive down to it. Follow these steps to transfer your clientele identify on Facebook. 

Step 1: Log into your Facebook history and crack to your page. 

To arrive to your Facebook page, travel to the left_field menu on your blind and chink “Pages” and then suction_stop on the Facebook foliate that you wish to change. It may besides be available in the “Shortcuts” part if you update you actively manage your page.

Important note: You must have admin entree to your Facebook foliate in ordering to deepen your commercial_enterprise name. 


Step 2: Go to “Edit Page Info”

Step 2: Go to “Edit Page Info”

In the leave menu, scroll down until you see “Edit Page Info”. chink on that to bring into the settings for https://shopdothang.comntact data and occupation name. 


Step 3: Update your foliate name

Step 3: Update your foliate name

In the “Name” field, you can variety your foliate name. 


Step 4: Confirm your foliate list request

Step 4: Confirm your foliate diagnose request

Once you’ve typed in your raw foliate appoint and pawl out of that box, you’ll experience a popup notification https://shopdothang.comnfirm the change. If everything looks good, snap “Request Change.” It may take up to three days for Facebook to approve the mention change, thus be affected_role until that has gone through. 

See below for reasons your identify switch may not be accepted or what to do if it isn’t approved. 


Quick instructions to exchange your Facebook clientele list on a fluid device

If you’re on the become and don’t have clock_time to hop on a calculator to transfer your commercial_enterprise name, then try doing it from your phone. note that the fluid app isn’t perfective and doesn’t constantly employment for this though (so you may end up needing to use the calculator anyway). 

Follow these steps to update your Facebook foliate diagnose on a fluid device:

  1. Open the Facebook app

  2. Tap your visibility picture in the peak correct corner

  3. Tap the “pages” option

  4. Go to the foliate you want to update

  5. Select the gearing picture in the acme right

  6. Select “Page Info”

  7. Tap on the battlefield with your occupation appoint and pat “Continue”

  8. Tap “Request Change”

Reasons you might not be able to deepen your clientele mention on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t yield you the ability to fair variety your commercial_enterprise identify whenever you’d like. There are certain policies to follow and limitations to changing your name. hera are some of the reasons you may not be able to switch your list or that it might not pay_back approved:

  • You don’t have the correct foliate function to edit your foliate diagnose (typically, you must be an admin of the foliate for around 14 days before getting the ability to exchange your foliate name)

  • If you’ve try changing your occupation appoint in the stopping_point 7 days or transfer it excessively frequently

  • Your foliate may have limits on it. See Facebook’s reasons for limits here

  • The foliate goes against Facebook’s foliate mention policy

    • Uses abusive terms or phrases or violates someone’s rights

    • Uses the news “official” without being the official foliate of a stigmatize or populace figure

    • Improper capitalization (example: tHe BEsT pAgE)

    • Uses symbols or unnecessary punctuation (even hallmark and register symbols are not allowed)

    • Descriptions and slogans can’t be in the name

    • Any magnetic_declination of the discussion “Facebook” cannot be used in your name

    • Page names besides can’t dwell lone of generic words or cosmopolitan geographic locations (example: Pizza or New York)

What happens if Facebook doesn’t approve my identify change?

If Facebook doesn’t approve your foliate list change, I’d beginning expression to see if your diagnose is following all of Facebook’s guidelines. You won’t be able to deepen your appoint if it doesn’t. 

Barring any policy mishaps, there’s truly alone one choice if you should be able to variety your Facebook mention but Facebook won’t let you to or won’t approve the change: report_card a problem. 

To composition a trouble with your page:

  1. Click on the dropdown arrow on the circus_tent correct of your screen.

  2. Click “Help & Support”

  3. Click “Report a Problem”

  4. Then choose “Something went wrong” or “Help us improve the newfangled Facebook” (either is fine) and follow the prompts to enter in the details of the issues you are having with your page





Stay on exceed of your on-line reviews https://shopdothang.comurage modern and duplicate business

Outside of making certain all of your Facebook foliate data is accurate, another crucial view of sociable media commercialize is getting reviews and recommendations on all your on-line clientele pages and review web_site profiles. This helps provide sociable validation that early people have used and enjoyed your products or services. 

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