How to change your name on Facebook

In sealed situations, you may find yourself wanting to variety your appoint on your Facebook profile. This may be because of a switch in marital status, legal mention change, or evening a simpleton typo. But changing your identify on either the Facebook app or background adaptation isn’t precisely the most square process. If you’re not sealed how to go about it, don’t perspiration it. We’ve set up a elementary bit-by-bit usher for you. Read on to learn more.

About Changing Your Facebook Name

You can exchange your name, sure, but there are certain rules and regulations. Your list transfer cannot go against Facebook’s residential_district and diagnose standards. Additionally, you can lone deepen your appoint once every 60 days. There’s besides a terminus_ad_quem to how many times you can variety your name, though the restrict isn’t stated publicly.

If you’re having fuss changing your name, you can fill out this kind to request aid from Support. note that you may be asked to show photograph confirmation of an ID that contains your name.

Change Your appoint on the Facebook App

To switch your mention in the Facebook app for Android or iOS, launch the app, logarithm in to your account, and then pat the Menu push_button on the bottom-right recess of the screen.

Tap menu button

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Scroll toss_off and rap “Settings & Privacy,” and then choose “Settings” from the sub-menu that appears.

Tap settings options

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At the peak of the following screen, water_faucet “Personal and Account Information.”

Tap personal and history info

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On the adjacent screen, wiretap “Name.”

Tap name

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Tap the textbook boxes future to first, middle, and stopping_point name, and then enter the text. You can besides add a dub by utilizing the choice at the buttocks of the screen. Next, exploit “Review Changes.”

Tap review changes

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Finally, choice the manner you’d like your identify to be displayed, enter your password, and then wiretap “Save Changes.”

Tap save changes

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Your list is nowadays changed.

Change Your mention on Facebook for Desktop

To exchange your diagnose on desktop, launch the browser of your choice, go to Facebook’s official website, and logarithm in. once logged in, chink the clitoris with the devour arrow in the top-right recess of the screen.

Click polish arrow

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A drop-down menu will appear. Click “Settings and Privacy.”

Click settings and privacy

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In the sub-menu, suction_stop “Settings.”

Click settings

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You’ll immediately be on your General Account Settings page. Click the blue_sky “Edit” textbook following to the “Name” option.

Click Edit

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The identify part will expand. Enter your details in the textbook boxes adjacent to “First,” “Middle,” and “Last.” You can besides pawl “Add early names” if you want to add a nickname. Otherwise, blue-ribbon “Review Changes.”

Enter new name

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The preview windowpane will appear. Select how you’d like your appoint to be displayed, enter your password, and then snap “Save Changes.”

Select mention and save changes

IDG / Marshall Gunnell

Your identify is nowadays changed.

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